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George The Love God And Other MasterChef Australia News

george the love god

On there is an article about MasterChef Australia judge George Calombaris and how he is officially a sex symbol. But calm down girls as he has a girlfriend called Natalie.

Funny I don’t get it, I much prefer the other two judges, but then George’s over the top sentences do crack me up.

For Sydneysiders who want to taste his food, he is considering opening a restaurant here.

Also the Sun Herald has an article about MasterChef Australia has seen had increase in knife injuries as well as an increase in cookware sales.

Also the article  says Channel 9 is going with it’s own reality TV cooking show called The Great Aussie Cook-Off  where families compete against each other. Stifling my yawn now.

Also regular contributor Injera has found an article on Think Feast Blog about MasterChef Australia’s beer dude Chris Badenoch writing beer matching notes for a cookbook. The author said his palate and enthusiasm for food is top notch. Probably why he is in the final six of the competition.

Also I just found this it is a bit old but from a blogger called Foraging Otaku who managed to be at the Martini Bar catering challenge. He said the red team’s food was tastier, and also the dessert though simple appeared to go down well. Also the martini’s sounded delicious.


1 Wurstsemmel { 06.28.09 at 4:39 pm }

Love the title. George , a sex thimble, who’d have thought it. I’d actually rather get my paella crust stroked by Matt or Gary but maybe it’s a fellow Brit thing.

Now Manu? Down, girl, down.

2 Reality Raver { 06.28.09 at 4:57 pm }

Wurstsemmel – I am booked in to Manu’s restaurant for lunch at the end of July. Very much looking forward to it. LOL Sex thimble describes him to a tee.

3 sourkraut { 06.28.09 at 6:52 pm }

Words fail me (almost)
Just proves its all for the thimple minded!
Reminds me a bit the old adage that a nation gets the politicians it deserves………..maybe that goes double for reality show judges

4 Bugmum { 06.28.09 at 8:33 pm }

I love George but…sex symbol? Not to my taste…

5 Wurstsemmel { 06.28.09 at 10:21 pm }

One word, RR. Envy.

6 onadrought { 06.29.09 at 7:19 pm }

Yes, well I wonder who suggested Manu’s restaurant to you, RR for your end of July feast.

George as a sex symbol?? Visualising him naked does not make me salivate, it would be hard to find the frankfurter beneath the gut.

Matt Preston was very funny on Rove last night, giving examples of how George, mangles the English language.

In bed, would George ask for a “blow work?”. Would he suggest a 96?

7 lexie99 { 07.01.09 at 7:55 pm }

Please tell tracy off a current afair that i still have an entry nbut it’s not done yet and if she doesn’t wait she’ll smash my dreams and i will be very sad.