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MasterChef Australia – Andre v Emmanuel Stroobant

“I knew he was hard core and when he was standing next to me, I felt him draining my power.”  No this was not a comment from a 4 year old boy to friend whilst pretending to be super heroes, but Andre talking about the Chef he was about to compete against, Emmanuel Stroobant from Singapore restaurant Saint Pierre.

Andre does have a boy like quality about him, which means he tends to be treated with kid gloves by the judges and tonight that was no exception.

He had to cook an Emmanuel Stroobant signature dish of Scampi with Pine Mushrooms and Potato. It was a classic highly technical french dish. He looked like he was about to have a anxiety attack as he was tasting it. Also I thought the producer’s were continuing with the mindfuck by only giving Andre a 15 minute head start. In fact all up he only had 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete it.

One task forAndre was to make a potato tuilleout of potato juice, which every second foodie in Australia will now be making on the weekend. His first attempt was a disaster and he had to do it again. But the time finished before he could get the tuille and the sauce on the plate. He was then given an extra 30 seconds to plate up. I thought that was unfair. I mean it is at the serious end of the competition this cossetting should not happen.

Emmanuel’s was plate one. The judges thought he was a bit scabby with the sauce but gushed over the execution and technique.

If the execution of plate one did not give away whose plate two was the fact that Andre left the intestinal tract in the scampi in one of George’s would have alerted whose it was.

But Gary gave Andre  8/10 points he said he added in points for effort – what is that all about? Did he give points for effort for Julie’s difficult pigeon dish in Hong Kong? I mean seriously I thought this was a cooking competition – not a place to build someone’s self esteem. Speaking of cooking, it was great to see Emmanuel’s smoking hot knife skills in action.

Oh and by the way Andre did not win the challenge.


1 Injera { 06.30.09 at 10:52 pm }

Ha! We already eat “potato tuilles” in this house. We call them Pringles.

Giving Andre an extra 30 seconds was booshit. He burnt his ‘ittle hand when he had about 1.2 Gary seconds (that’s 7 seconds in real time) to go [good to see that Sarah has been taking the tutorials on slow-time-counting on board. Who says this show’s not educational?] so the additional 30 seconds was rubbish. Particularly, as you say, at the pointy end of the so-called competition.

And, particularly, since he specifically requested, and received, help from the peanut gallery. Let’s not forget the extra potato juice…

A booshit episode, all round. Next time I’m going to skip the telecast and just read the recap. Much more fun!

2 Wurstsemmel { 06.30.09 at 11:35 pm }

Look. I think Andre is good vale. You always get that little extra…a fish bone, a piece of shell, an intestinal tract. … Matt may not stroke but there’s a high chance he might choke.

Cut off time should be exactly that and the incomplete plate marked accordingly. Marks for effort? Are we in culinary preschool?

3 sourkraut { 06.30.09 at 11:47 pm }

Yep potato chips’

Able to recognise tall buildings from 50 paces
more powerful than a steaming cabbage
faster than a speeding snail into a pot of garlic sauce
up in the MC kitchen
is it a bird? is it a plane?
NO its semi-super Andre with cheffing powers beyond those of mere aahhh shit I’m bored with this one!
Anyway some kryptonite sauce drained his powers and turned him back into captain slow’
I did actually feel a little sorry for him as his opponent as a 3 star chef was probably the best one so far. Make me wonder how easy Julia’s was and we already know Lucas’ was easy. Why? you cynically quiz
Scampi… I’m having trouble finding it in wiki it says Norwegian lobster. It looked like a sort of overgrown prawn. can anyone assist me out of my ignorance?
Again the meal looked yummy but as Matt said….classic modern cooking ie give em bugger all on the plate and sauce it up and charge the earth. Well off to greasy joe’s after, for a midnight lamb/garlic sandwich.
End of time 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7, etc plus 30!!!!1
Now to the tasting. Swap the plates don’t tell the judges>…
plate 1 not enough soss and had more fines sorry finnesse. so guess whose it was Geo.
NOw a SERIOUS question……… In all the eps I’ve sat through I have not once heard the Einstein judges speak about the dishes olfactory appeal Yes Matt that thing just below and between your eyes is called a nose. Its for smelling which is more important to taste than the visuals…………
ONward bravely to the judging… Sarah “I’ll go tally the votes” Me ” you do that and I’ll count the bu….ers” (oops wrong reality farce) It’s all down to POH faced sorry POKER faced George. Willy wont e willy wont e willy join the dance? Drum roll for 30 seconds or more and at last 6. Wot horror wot shock says the TV rags.. wot a surprise……….. Iron Chef win again.
FINALLY who can get me some of the burn cream Andre must have used as his hand clapping and hand shake APPEARED to give no discomfort
OK aNdre NOT A BAD EFFORT I gave you a 7

4 Jacqui { 07.01.09 at 9:59 am }

This episode was really boring! Hoping tonights episode makes up for it! Andre should not have been given more time to cook, or potato juice from Emmanuel. Agree with your pringles comment Injera!

5 Sooty { 07.01.09 at 10:11 am }

Jeez! Give the boy a break. I burnt my fingers last week and it took four hours (not ten minutes under running water) to finally ease the pain. He had a sizable burn. It was the competing chef who graciously offered the 30secs. Plus Andre was not childish to talk of power draining out of him, he was sensitive in the psychic sense. He might giggle when he’s excited but at least he’s human enough to react and show his pleasure and passion and respect for the competing chef— who in turn showed him genuine kindness and respect in so many ways, and telling him several times to do come by when in Singapore only cemented that.

Only a day or less until evil blusher queen Poh returns and the beam of collective hatred and contempt can focus on her instead!

6 Culinary Boner { 07.01.09 at 10:58 am }

Let’s take a reality check here. Did Andre manage to plate up the complete dish – no. Therefore, he failed. Sure, The Stroobot said he could have 30secs more, but is the role of the celeb chefs to bend the rules? What would have happened if he’d won? Which is always a possibility on this show because of the judges penchant for focussing on one aspect of the dish – in this case the sauce – and not the entirety of what’s in front of them. I’m sure Chris would have had something to say if Andre got the Wonka ticket to the final. Highlight of this episode was watching The Stroobot show us the clinical skills of a seriously high-quality chef.

7 Sooty { 07.01.09 at 11:27 am }

Is it the role of the celeb chefs to bend the rules?!!! For feck’s fecking sake. Maybe it is. I mean, let’s take a reality check, we are after all watching reality tv.

8 Coldfish { 07.03.09 at 10:48 am }

This whole judging thing looks very suss to me. Have you noticed how they pull the judge’s slip out of a wallet thing? What evidence is there that they don’t have a few (i.e., more than two) slips in there and they take one out to make the result the one they had planned, that is, that the celeb chef wins over the dud, and they don’t end up with egg on their faces because they couldn’t tell whose the dish really was! Or am I being naive here?

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