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Australia’s Next Top Model – Best Ratings Ever

antm final

Fox 8 and Foxtel came into its own last night with the highest ever ratings for a television series with the Australian Next Top Model Final. 680,000 subscriber viewed the show hosted with aplomb by the fabulous Sarah Murdoch.

Tahnee Atkinson took out the title by gaining most of the viewing publics vote. She wins a multitude of prizes including a year’s contract with modelling agency Priscillas.

Considering the main show’s sponsors Priscillas’ and Harpers Bazaar cast their vote for Cassi Van Den Dungen and they are not lumbered with the other girl, I wonder if they will be so keen to sign up next year.

Article from where Tahnee talks about her nose bleed.

Still searching for interviews with Cassi and Tahnee, hopefully they will  be on line later today.

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1 CG { 07.08.09 at 8:15 pm }

I fell asleep 30 mins before the end of the show…it was dragging on… so Rupert isn’t the only Murdoch who feels comfortable using his money and power to influence the masses and make themselves look good. Sarah’s campaigning for Tahnee and against Cassi got pretty blatant in the end. Tahnee’s win suits Sarah’s role and profile on the body image council or whatever it is called. BTW the photo above is the worst photo I’ve ever seen of Sarah. She never takes a bad photo. She looks 20 years older in the above image.