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Australia’s Next Top Model – Tahnee Win’s

The best bit about tonight’s final of Australia’s Next Top Modelfinal was when Charlotte Dawson was about to cast her vote, gave Cassi Van Den Dungen a lecture about how so many girls had stuffed their careers up for a bloke.

She said “You appear to want to just get married with you man and live in Sunbury,” I hope Cassi realises that getting married at 17 would be the worse thing to do, and that also the semi-ped (as CG one of my readers calls him) proposed probably to try and keep her from moving away.

Did anyone notice him in the audience? There was one camera shot to a guy when Cassi came on early in the show but I saw no others. Also Grazia Mag are tweeting that all the model’s are at the after party except Cassi. Has she had a dummy spit about not winning.

I felt it was kind of predictable that Tahnee this year’s Australia’s Next Top Model. Sarah was pushing the healthy body all season and Tahnee was the poster girl. The vote came down to the viewers, and since we had been given such a negative slant of Cassi of course the majority were going to vote for Tahnee.

As Alex Perry has said it is not Australia’s Next Top Role Model, the best model should win. In that case Cassi or Clare should have won. I note the people you need to impress voted for Cassi – the model agent, the magazine editor, and the designer. All the ones that hire.

Also the smoking thing is a furphy, most model’s smoke.

It was great Clare won fan favourite, as she certainly deserved the $5,000 prize. 

Sarah O’Hare was fantastic as host, she did not show any nerves, and did appear to adlib throughout.

Lastly poor Tahnee for having a bleeding nose at the end of the show, that must have been highly embarassing, Alex Perry was probably wondering if he could get the stains out.


1 Anonymous { 07.08.09 at 3:04 am }

LOL, a predictable result. Sarah has successfully turned this show into America’s Next Top Model. Really now, suddenly the public vote is worth more than a single vote from the judges and industry professionals? Hilarious, she’d do anything to get her precious “healthy” model win. She’s as corrupt as Tyra.

2 Anonymous { 07.18.09 at 3:21 am }

Better than that filth cassie winning….moron