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MasterChef Australia – Chris Is The Bad Guy This Week


Has Chris walked under a ladder or past a black cat, or did not walk a little old lady across the road, as karma appears to be biting him on his not insubstantial butt this week.

His once positive media has turned negative. Are the Channel Ten producers doing this so we the audience won’t be upset if he does not win?

Firstly there was the NW article which I posted about here.

And now in there is an article whipping up accusations that he has had previous cooking experience. Apparently online bloggers have been stirring the pot AGAIN. This time it is not me.

After a quick search I could not find out where these stories were coming from. I did find one comment on the official forums where it said he had been considering opening a catering company.

In the article he denies the claims saying:

“It’s absolutely not true, I’ve never worked in a professional kitchen,” Badenoch, 41, said yesterday.

“Before the show I was self-taught, that’s why I have so many books. Lots of my books aren’t just recipes with pretty pictures, they are all about technique and honing your skills.”

After all this negative publicity I am starting to think red hot favourite Chris is not going to take out the title. If he is shagging a 23 year old this would not have endeared him to the powers that be, I would have thought that someone who has been so focused throughout would not have made such a wrong move at this stage. But then boys will be boys.

Also the Daily Telegraph TV Guide it reveals his company Beer Masons has seen business increase since his time on the show, and that his business partner is currently looking for a restaurant site.


1 saffronlie { 07.08.09 at 1:38 pm }

Oh the Aussie media, so classy! Since when are things people say anonymously on the internet news? Or sources for news articles? What a beat-up.

2 Mary Halstead { 07.08.09 at 9:33 pm }

Presentation,imagination and salutations for the realization that women in unification will not face elimination! Well done Julie & Justine.