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MasterChef Australia – The Elimination Challenge – We Have A Final Six

I was surprised that after Andre got away with not having to specify the type of oil in the Sri Lankan curry, that Chris didn’t just say meat to see if he could get away with a generic choice as well.

Tonight’s elimination challenge was between Andre and Chris and it was a taste test. Considering a place in the final week was at stake it really should have been a cook off. Yes there was suspense tonight but it is unfair that one wrong choice could have sent a better cook home.

The dish tonight was a Sri Lankan Curry with 24 ingredients in it.  Andre admitted he was at a disadavantage, as he said he cannot cook a curry. It appears all Andre cooks is Italian and he is inconsistent with that.

It did feel like a bit of chess game tonight with Chris starting with a bold move with his first choice of coriander. Andre was shaky from the start by naming  oil, in other taste tests the contestants have had to  specific in the type that was used.

Judge George Colambaris was trying to build suspense by asking Andre why he picked cinnamon, Andre looked at him like he had had a lobotomy and said “because I see a stick of it”.

I thought Andre was trying it on when he tried to change his pick from curry leaves to cardamon. Luckily Gary made him stick with it, and he was safe. Chris cunningly took away Andre’s next choice by saying cardamon.

It was not long after that, when Andre either had a brain explosion or actually had no idea, when he picked curry powder. What did he think all the spices and herbs they were naming  were doing in the dish, if he thought a generic powder mix was being used? Unsurprising Gary said no there was no curry powder in the dish. In fact he was probably insulted that Andre thought he had used a pre-made ingredient….

Why he did not go salt and pepper is beyond me.

The judges seemed sad to see him go with Gary saying Andre was one of his favourites, and George saying he was sure he was one of the contestants that would definitely become a chef. I won’t be going to his restaurant, he has cooked about three good dishes in three months. Even I have a better success rate than that.

Anyway Chris deservedly got through to the final week as he has been a much stronger competitor than Andre.

Andre has been offered a great opportunity of a job with Emmanuel Stroobert in Singapore, it will be interesting to see if he takes it.

They are building the suspense for the final week. The first elimination will be on Monday night, and only two of the contestants will make it to the Grand Final next Sunday.


1 Injera { 07.09.09 at 10:26 pm }

It’s so aggravating: they can identify “oil” or “stock”, so why not “curry powder”?! I would have loved it had Andre said to Gary “I mean that as the combination of the spices you would have personally ground and blended in your mortar and pestle, Gary – of course I’m not implying you have a tin of Clive’s in the pantry”. I agree that it’s likely Chris was prompted for the type of chilli.

Would’ve loved it if there had been cassia, not cinnamon!

Andre’s final highlights reel was… short of highlights.
1. Chopping onions in the top 50.
2. Cooking against Emmanuel.
3. Serving up a funny looking suckling pig (that, contrary to appearance, tasted good).

I’m not convinced he’s got a job offer in Singapore. As mentioned on the open thread, I think Ten’s giving the “if you’re ever in the area, drop by” farewell a fairly flexible interpretation.

2 sourkraut { 07.09.09 at 11:06 pm }

youve capture my raves to a tee great critique!
Andre wot a burke, curry powder. Just goes to show what i said about him b4. He is a 1 dimensional chef, only good at Italian food (even that wasn’t great at times (chuck lasagne)

and whichever one of the Gs said SIRI Lankan? Wake up and show some cultural respect. at least pronounce it correctly, Its SRI Lankan. I have 5 Sri Lankan workmates who are not going to be amused. What if we said Geek cooking?
Actually felt sorry for Andre when Gary quizzed him about the Kari leaves. What if they had not been there (highly unlikely in any sub continental meat dish). What were the rules? Was it like touch chess? Had Andre and Chris had this explained to them?Wot if wot if wot if aaarrrrshaddap!
And I did not much like the look of Gary’s curry In all modesty i bet mine are better, and i dont use star anise but i do use fennel powder and fenugreek. This is obviously why neither of the Gs have demonstrated how to cook a curry, come to think of it I have not seen Thai or Malay or Indonesian etc. guess they are only fancy pantsy Nouvelle french chefs!
Chris you were a bit lucky. If it had come down to meat, lamb is the main sub- continental meat BUT goat does taste better BUT you would have been able to see the little bones.
Well I was b….y well wrong AGAIN in my prediction. I guess our french friend wound me up, flushed my chain and sent me off on a tangent. I still predict Chris will not be allowed to win.
I apologise for my rant on the post 2 previous to this. I woz a bit hypocritical about judging people on looks especially as i like perving on the vita wheat woman. sorry bout that I shouldn’t get sucked in by these silly shows to such an extent!
Poh my ……..s bleed for you!
cmon ozzie cmon cmon! Come back Shane all is forgiven!

3 TDK { 07.10.09 at 10:44 am }

LOL – good rants, enjoyed it all.

4 kate { 07.10.09 at 2:40 pm }

There are only three possible explanations for Andre’s brain melt:

1. He really didn’t have a clue about curry, in which case he should have been weeded out mcuh earlier – maybe they should have done some generla cooking knowledge quizzes as elims in the earlier weeks
2. He wilted under pressure. Well certainly some evidence for that theory in his performances.
3. He was instructed to throw the test.

Personally, I’m inclined to 3….

I actually like Chris, and the outcome was definitely the right result, but it just seems a little too coincidental that the two weakest performers finally finally got eliminated on a test that amounts to not much more than chance.

5 seepi { 07.10.09 at 2:56 pm }

hehe – ya think if Chris had’ve said Curry Powder they would’ve smiled and said ‘ah yes – a dash of Keens for old time sake’ and kept him in!

6 sourkraut { 07.10.09 at 7:36 pm }

he still would have got the boot. It was really Clive of India and he would be expected to name the brand
option 3 Yagottabkiddin! I don’t think he new curry from pink champagne risotto!!!!!!!!!!!!!