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Project Runway Australia – Episode 2 – The Peter Alexander Challenge

In a house full of designers where superficiality can be the norm, stylist, Amber Renae takes out the title of queen of fake. She is obviously putting on a performance for the camera in the hope of getting a job on TV post Project Runway Australia. But the question is will she succeed?

She is attractive, slim and well-presented, however she somehow missed out on the nice gene and if you are going to be bitchy you have to be witty. Something she is not. I am just not sure she is gaining any sort of fan-base. Also deluded she said “I am the best designer in the house,”. Honey I have yet to see any sign of that.

Anyway the challenge in this episode was one all the designers wanted to win, and considering it was only the second episode the prize it was a cracker. The winning garment was to be manufactured and sold in Peter Alexander stores throughout Australia.

Yes it was a sleepwear/lingerie challenge where the designers had to make a piece that was within his mood wall. It was to be pink, sexy and french inspired, and possibly be able to be worn outside the house. Also Peter Alexander wanted a little surprise as well.

They had $70 and 8 hours to complete it, and only 15 minutes in Rathdowne Fabrics.

William Lazootin when describing his outfit said “You cannot have beaver go down the runway,” as he was telling about others about his panties. Michael Finch the Fabio junior went a little pale at the mention of a female body part.

Mark Neighbour surprise in his jumpsuit was going to be a bum flap. Is this a gay guys take on what women want in pyjamas? Maybe it is something he wants in his own PJ”s. Henry and Peter could not get their head around the bum flap and thankfully he removed it.

Ryan who is the only straight guy in the house also had strange ideas on what was sexy as he  said he was going to have handcuffs hanging off his bloomers. He reckons every “straight guy in Australia will rush out to buy them.” Well I can tell you my my partner won’t be. Also Ryan deserved to be bottom three just because of the hideous pink feather boa his model came out with.

Kellyanne Russell probably the most down to earth person in the house with Claudia Chabo was having issues with her vintage design it was a bit beige. But it did not have a surprise element that Peter wanted.  She said she does not do surprises nor does she do cool. Amber Renae was scathing about this and said ” there are a lot of fashion forward people in the house,”. But obviously Amber is still warming up to being bitchy to her face, as she then said to her in the sewing room, “Great outfit.”

Ivana’s outfit was not deemed to be sexy enough by the other designers as she had a cami top, and a pant. “My ideas of sexy is a little bit different, so the judges might need a style update”.

William’s moulin rouge inspired design looked like something the Pussycat Dolls would wear, but Peter liked the design, but he gave him a slap that he had gone of the colour palate and added navy. He was told to add more pink. At this stage William was saying “Peter works hard for his money and I would happy to not have to do this work again”.

It was catwalk time and there were some nice outfits.  Lauren Vierya, Anthony Capon, and Claudia Chabo deserve a special shout out. And Ambers nightie with a cape was surprisingly good.

The top three were WilliamLazootin, Yopie Stafurik, and Michael Neighbour.

Yopie was praised for her clever embroidery on her knickers which spelt out ‘I slept with Peter Alexander’.  But could you you wear it out? Mark’s romper suit with lovely knickers underneath was praised by the judges, but I was surprised it was top three.

Williams’s design was a cami on top “it could be worn out” with a sheer top underneath with a Eiffel Tower design on it. Personally I thought it was something you would see in the playboy mansion and  I was surprised it won as I had always thought Peter Alexander PJ’s was smart good design, with great wearability. I thought this one would not be bought by anyone over size 12.

Just a quick snap poll – Will you be buying it?

Bottom three were Michael Finch ’70’s pants and top. The judges said “You both look like you are going to a revival to Godspell,”.  I doubt he knew what Godspell was. The funny thing was when asked about what his surprise was he said diamantes. Ugh tasteless. What is it with these guys from Mackay?

Peter said “I would not hang it up in my store” .

Kellyanne’s design was praised for being well made, but was called “safe boring and she looks like cappucino,” (Sarah Gale)”that key hole very unnecessary” (Jayson Brundson). “The anti-christ of Peter Alexander stores” said Peter as he put in the killer blow.

Ivana Stopic’s design was “Not quite there”,  “Great for Peter Alexander, but not sexy enough,” PA”, and  “worst fitting crutch I have seen”.

I must confess I was slightly surprised when Ivana got punted, as I thought her design was quite nice and innovative. I would have eliminated Michael as stick on a big straw hat and it looked like something you would see in a ’70’s porn flick.

William had the last word and fired off a salvo to the other designers  with “work a little harder bitches.


1 Sooty { 07.17.09 at 10:51 am }

I wouldn’t wear William’s contraption – being a true sex kitten I wear men’s flanellette pjs to bed. But I thought it was one of the best.

Really surprised to see that Amber can design, after that hideous number last week.

Mark’s stuff gives me the creeps. It looks like he gets his inspiration from enema bags or his grandmother’s undies, there is something really offputting I can’t put my finger on aside from the droopy 1930s English girl’s boarding school vibe.

2 Colls Bolls { 07.17.09 at 2:21 pm }

I wouldn’t be wearing William’s outfit either. With my shape, the outline of the eiffel tower would look more like a sketch of an equilateral or isosceles triangle. 😉

3 Injera { 07.20.09 at 6:21 pm }

Thanks for this recap! After all the Masterchef madness, I set aside some time to watch my recorded PR and… I recorded a repeat of the US show. Grr. Need to be more vigilant with my guide-checking!

I’m disappointed Amber produced something that sounded as though it worked. It sounds as though she’s continuing the attitude she started with, and that’s only going to lose its allure if she can actually design! It would be a longer-term entertainment prospect if her arrogance was completely misplaced…