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MasterChef Australia – Julie Crowned The Winner – Surprised?


Seriously can the first winner of MasterChef Australia be someone who could not identify a french shallot, and called it an onion? Look I really like Julie Goodwin, but I must confess tonight I was a tad disappointed when she won to become the series one winner of MasterChef Australia.

Now I know on reality TV shows the best person does not always necessarily win, but considering it was being judged by ‘professionals’ and not voted for the public, it would have been great to see the best cook win.

The issue I have with Julie, is I think she is probably a great cook, in fact I will definitely eat in her cafe, however she was not inventive.

Poh tonight I thought her Hainan chicken looked so delicious and beautifully presented. Whereas Julie was just trying to copy what she learnt in her Adrian Richardson challenge. That is the spinach dumpling, and the potato galette. And when she changed the shape of the galette by trying to turn it into triangles she stuffed it up.

Was Julie a more palatable winner being a suburban mother? Did they think she would be much more appealing than Poh? Or maybe they think Julie will be a more malleable person regarding the cookbook? Who knows. But it will probably have a lot of wannabe chefs trying out for next year’s series.

The first challenge was a taste test, which was a Gary Mehigan Beef bourguignon. What was amazing was no one identified carrots even though they were visible to the eye. Also that Julie thought the french shallots were onions, and they both stacked it on port. I will give props to Julie for picking vinegar. At this stage Julie was one point ahead of Poh.

The next challenge was an invention test and the main ingredient was whole chicken. Poh did a delicious looking hainese chicken which was beautifully presented, and Julie did an up market roast which looked like it had been plated in a nouvelle cuisine restaurant. I would not be happy to have that served to me. However apparently the judges thought it was the better dish and she went into the third challenge two points ahead.

The highlight of round two was when George Calombaris said to Poh “It is good to see a bit of you served up on a plate!”

Round three was a Matt Moran (briefly seen unfortunately) dish of a plate of chocolate. Poh did come across as a bit arrogant when the judges came around to chat to her, and she put her chocolate in the fridge which was not something you should do. At this stage I still thought Poh was going to take the ‘surprise’ win, but oh no Julie whipped her comprehensively by beating her by seven points.  I was shocked.

Julie wins the cookbook deal, the $100,000 and the chance to work with some of Australia’s best chefs. Curtis Stone offered Poh a food styling job on his next photo shoot, which she seemed pretty pleased about.

The families were bought in tears were shed, and Gary Mehigan wrapped it up with these parting words which makes me think he has read The Secret 

“When you change the universe there is a small corner that you start from and that’s yourself. You’ve changed me Julie. You started with yourself and you changed us. You’re on an upward journey. You are Australia’s first ever MasterChef.”


1 M Rea { 07.20.09 at 8:36 pm }

I also thought it was unfair for Curtis to advise Julie about her ice cream(during the competition) as it was one of the reasons I suspect that they didn’t give Poh’s entry a better score. Plus, it is strange that Curtis asked Poh is she would like to join him & his team in LA for a shoot? Did he deliberately give Poh a low score so she could join him? Just asking?


How can Julie be a Master Chef, she couldn’t even identify a shallot from an onion, plus she named the dish made by Gary – beef burgundy while Poh named it accurately!

2 sourkraut { 07.20.09 at 8:57 pm }

Bloody addictive this posting! Swore after final I’d give up. Must be like eating century eggs
davy 9
Chris should have been in the final
davy 17
I suggested a female judge to eliminate the sexist bias towards titties on show. trouble was we got a warm and cuddly d…… b…
anon 28
there should have been far more asian style food contests, but i still dont think that would have helped the drama queen as she was too arrogant to stick to recipes and written instructions and even advice from the almighty Gs
Kate 26
agree para one
davy 28
davy 32
re chris spot on
Reality tv 33
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Pity it did not happen
Laura 34
the only reason justine went so well was the prepoh nderance of french cooking. ( course her mum would never have taught her anything at home) Guys get your minds above your navels. You too mr jarq 10 outta 10 ho ho
leslie 36
re chris right.
He should change his name to Smith or Jablonski
kyvyvny 39
your combos are right but would need a non perving judge to decide winner
rob 40
your 2nd last para was good
Aussie H C 42
“poh stuck with ingredients she did not choose BOO HOO . She got enough of tht advantage in the previous 2 nights
Anthony 48
as they say in the life of Brian, you’re just a naughty boy. shame! Don’t diss your mum (even in jest)
anon perth 49
poh got two second chances!
Jacky 52
i barracked for julie right up to when the tub in high heels gave chris the boot
Barry Lyndon 53
agree comment re the jedges.
Peter Sellers would have said this show is a berm!
davy 56
correct on justine, just because shes half french does not mean the sun shines out etc
Chefette 60
did 10 count the 3.7 million viewers? how do they know there was not 3. 56783456Million give or take 1 or 2
Steph 62
Self righteous diet… oh boy that’s worth an award. love it
luvmyspots 98
agree para 1, partially agree re Chris but he was still robbed. Id rather eat offal than century egg any day
Anonymous 95
Megs 93
matt m so full of himself wants window dressing for his cafe
domenic 92
Your comment on the so called judges reminds me of the gandhi lottery joke. For those who just arrived fro Mars:
lottery winner goes to collect the prize-
tod that first prize is cake baked by Mrs Gandhi
lottery winner F@#K mrs gandhi-
lottery organiser… Thats second prize.
Yep well done 10

3 MustardChef { 07.20.09 at 9:03 pm }

Julie Goodwin the winner of Master Sweat Australia

4 sourkraut { 07.20.09 at 9:11 pm }

Mustard chef
No sweat!

5 Mediocre Chef 2009 { 07.20.09 at 9:45 pm }

Why are you good looking people so mean?

I tried my best but the pots and pans were too hot.
I had trouble killing the poor fish in Honkers Kongers, it made me cry.
I am the best of the rest.

Dont you understand? I am a true Australian.
You must love me cause my 3 boys and my husband love my al dente foods.
I had problems keeping up cause my fat gets in the way, you see I have a gluttony problem and its tough being a mum and an IT consultant. I consult about it which is me.

Anyway, I won the 100 Grand and its my Donna book and I will get to cook with some fancy Chefs in some fancy restaurants. So why cant yous be happy for me?
Yous are making me cry.
I am going to complain to George.
Gary will get yous all with ‘The Secret’, so watch your back you perfect peoples.
Plus Matt, will come to yours houses and eat yous all for food tasting! Whos gonna cry then? Yeah.

I have a new friend and she signed my cookbooks. I love Donna… she was great on 90210…

6 Warez_Ballarat { 07.20.09 at 9:52 pm }

An average ‘straylian, why dont you go back to Nazi Germany, you racist whackjob… Better still cook yourself a years supply of chops on your barbie doll with lard… and choke…
Better still, go spread your racist sentiments in an Aboriginal community… and they’ll sort you out… scumbag.

7 melissa k. { 07.20.09 at 10:01 pm }

no suprises. just as we expected. the cooking airhead was so far up the judges and donna hays rear endings that the malay golden child had no chance.
the cooking airhead won and $100OOO will get her liposuction and a private tuition in cooking and surgical correction to her sweat glands. there is no remedy for her poor cooking skills and she will always be a crybaby and a sook. jellybelly the prize winning cheat…

8 Barry Lyndon { 07.20.09 at 10:08 pm }

Barry is back.

I originally stumbled across this Blog by chance…
8 hours ago was my last comment and the anger plus hate is still spewing forth. I can only imagine what the aftermath of MC Aus 2010 will be like… the winner will have to be a professional Chef with a very appealing charisma to please all…

9 Fools Wake Up!!! { 07.20.09 at 10:12 pm }

Get over it you fools. Its only a TV show FFS!

If you dont like Lardass winning then forget her and dream about Justine or Josh or whoever turns you on in your kitchen rolling out the pastry!

Get over it!!!!

10 Anon { 07.20.09 at 10:15 pm }

Poh should have won”¦ not fatso.

11 Well done Julie { 07.20.09 at 10:16 pm }

Congratulations! Forget all those that will try to spoil your special win. You deserve it.

12 Barry Lyndon { 07.20.09 at 10:37 pm }

Fools Wake Up!!!, comment 110, I totally share your viewpoint.

I am now dreaming of being alone in my new super gleaming kitchen with Julie and Poh.

Together, we three will compliment each other with a sexy entree, main and dessert. Yummy… mmmh…
We do the dishes in the morning… Nice.

Good Night… Rudd Bless You all…

13 Kitt { 07.20.09 at 11:23 pm }

This forum is more entertaining than the show itself! Julie is obviously a lovely person but I can’t help thinking that there wouldn’t be so much furore if Poh had one. Maybe then we all wouldn’t feel like Ch10 had made us feel like a bunch of doosh bags for believing this show had any semblance of credibility. Or perhaps I’m the lone doosh..

14 Josh { 07.21.09 at 4:29 pm }

dude your right, julies a crappy cook and wuldve loved to seen chris win but sum shit made up got him kicked off

15 Anonymous { 07.21.09 at 11:03 pm }

i should join that show, julie showed everyone u dont have be a good cook to win, u can just cry and sob to the judges .

16 Foodlover { 07.21.09 at 11:11 pm }

Well, what can I say, am still fuming from the ostensibly rigged final results!!!! No more wasting precious time watching a programme like Masterchef where the judges have no right to judge if they don’t have a clue on any infamous Asian dish other than plain normal home cooked food anyone can try to dish out at home!!!

I am a Singaporean chinese, who lives in UK 10 years so yes, have tasted all the amazing cuisines I can get my hands on having being brought up in a food paradise and am a passionate cook myself. I am very fussy, a perfectionist so presenting of a dish is equally as important as how it taste.

Julie, whose dishes are just plain boring, same old meat with poultry and potato malarky!!! I even mentioned jokingly what she was going to cook before she told the judges and surprise surprise, she has described exactly what I have said!!!! It’s unfair enough the judges chose to the whole chicken as core ingredients. Knowing Julie is great with whole chicken/meat theme whereas Poh finds that hard but still managed to produce such beautiful Hainanese chicken dish. I am appalled, as with the rest of my Asian friends, who knows not anyone can make a real proper Hainanese chicken dish! Instead, stupid judges who has complained about the smell of century egg and have no idea such delicacies existed, went on to say they thought Poh would have presented a more complex dish. Halllloooooo???!! Anyone there”¦.if you are Asian and have sophisticated taste and are good enough to be a judge, you should know that Julie’s dish is 10 times easier than a Hainanese chicken dish cooked well, especially the rice and the 3 exotic sauces accompanying it. Poh also included the soup and one of our fav Pandan cake!!!!! Can’t believe the judges were making fun about the “green”- cake!! How uncalled for, totally disgusting! I haven’t found any good cuisines worth telling my friends about in Perth, whereas there’s so many I’ve lost count in Singapore and UK so judges, please don’t embarrass yourselves any further, quit your jobs, you aren’t good enough!!

The normal chicken dish Julie dished out, I’ve cooked so many times when I have guests over and I can assure you it’s easy peasy”¦.with her potatoes again, which indeed she did burn again but I didn’t. She’s always so jittery, irritatingly annoying to watch when she sobs all the time whereas for Poh, like Chris’ said, very sleek, polish, so cool and calm and focused. Julie was nearly eliminated so many times and all those times, everyone thought she should go. But no”¦she’s still there and even when she didn’t complete her awlful looking dish, she still managed to beat Chris, so what’s the point of having a competition with allocated time? Surely a Masterchef should be able to tell a shallot from an onion in the finals??????!!!!! Julie should have been taken out there and then, no more points for her!!

As for the dessert, come on”¦ many times the judges go round to Poh telling her how weird and smelly her dishes looked but when they’re at Julie’s, they always make sure she gets their point, pointing out how her Thai looking dish isn’t Malaysian and how her sorbet is grainy!!! Where’s the advice for Poh??!!! I know she mess up on her sorbet (no judge gave her any advice at all) and the other chocolate stuff but her choc tart was perfect, that alone takes skills and a few steps to make and we can all see it! Look at Julie’s choc tart, no comparison, every judge did mention it’s not good enough, too much pastry and yet, they can overlook this and give her a much higher score??!! How does that work, you all tell me??!!! Julie’s nothing but a fraud and fake and fluke!!!! Poh will go on to be a more successful cook, I’ll bet on it!!

It’s such a let down I was fuming after that and all my friends agreed no point watching such a let down programme when obviously to us all, it’s rigged! Bring on Hainanese chicken rice and that Pandan cake anytime Poh, love all your creative dishes, so different even though they are Asian!
And Jacky, you seem to be so backward with food, the most exquisite authentic Paella dish has got black squid ink in it!!! Go figure!

17 Foodlover { 07.21.09 at 11:28 pm }

Oh Steph, FYI…..I am known for eating more than anyone else as I am very passionate about GOOD food and have a ferocious appetite, but I am not fat, I am slim cos you know why? I work my ar&& off at the gym and stay active, not eating only greens you stereotyper!! I am happy looking fit and healthy and look great but eat what I like!!!

18 Trancer { 07.22.09 at 12:19 am }

I agree with Kathy Cornish { 07.20.09 at 12:08 am }
and Foodlover { 07.21.09 at 11:11 pm }
AND I agree with all the strong believers that Julie was evidently biased. Julie needs to up her cooking game, she’d be in trouble in real restaurants with real criticisms. Just read all the above comments, and the majority of the comments proves something at the least.

Mainly, as many others have said, the final pressure test, they should serve with using plate 1 and plate 2 tags for biasing reasons. Judges should give scores with secrecy from other judges.

OH wait, it’s TV, it’s reality game show, it’s a game, and its drama gets viewers. Who cares about who’s better at cooking or who deserves winning. $$$ > GOOD COOKS. They wanted an aussie to win and represent Masterchef Australia. Pretty obvious, but then again I did enjoy the program, not the unfairness.

19 Davy { 07.22.09 at 1:29 am }

I have to agree with Foodlover that Hainanese chicken is NOT easy to make as some who haven’t ever cook this dish seemed to be asserting here and at other forums. The art of and skill in Hainanese chicken is in (a) the tenderness and sweetness of the chook (especially smoothness of the chook skin), (b) the sauce (traditional has 3 sauces, chillie-young ginger-garlic-vinegar-sugar-salt, a green equivalent using spring onions 😉 sorry, that ‘onion’ word makes me smile, & oyster sauce combined with a couple types of soya sauce (there are zillion soya sauce types – OK, I may exagerate a bit here), (c) the soup which requires radish, carrots, potatoes, coriander, champignon, etc (varies form chef to chef), and most important of all, the rice (again, if I may exaggerate a bit, there’s a zillion ingredients in the rice – the basic are good chicken stock, garlic, ginger (very very important – I think Poh didn’t stress enough on this), some spice (secret with most chef – I know only a few of the spice), chicken fat (butter may be a substiutute) – then the rice needs to be prepared (dry fried with all the ingredients except for the chook stock) before steaming. The way the chook is cut up is also important.

20 usaf { 07.22.09 at 1:42 am }

If gary, george and matt lose thier jobs for the rought they done on master chef they are quilified now to get there riggers tickets

21 Cole { 07.22.09 at 8:21 am }

Masterchef conned me. Now that the final is over and I reflect over all the episodes, I realise my stupidity. I was stupid and naive to believe and hope for a plausible championship and a credible champion.

Channel 10, the Producers of MasterChef Australia and all three judges invited me to assist in inflating viewer ratings. I and many other reality TV pundits voluntarily obliged. We willingly sat on our bottoms and with glee hoped that our favourite or favourites would survive onwards toward the final, even obtain the ultimate title.

Near the end, as I salivated while watching the elimination episodes it suddenly became apparent that something wasnt quite right. The contestants that showed much aptitude, promise and culinary skills were steadily eliminated.

I thought: How is this possible?
First, my wife suggested conspiracy theories.
Second, I sought to identify the obviously glaring faults and failures of those eliminated.
Third, I began to replay taped upon taped episode and I began to critically appreciate the judges comments and decisions.
Fourth, I identified the challengers who hadnt performed well and/or had been allowed to return to the competition.
Fifth, I identified the challengers who had failed repetitively and still progressed further.

Now, just before the final, both the wife and I predicted that Julie would win.
We were not impressed, but we still tuned in to 10 to watch the much hyped up finale and the unsurprising result.

Poh, was given two chances. She first failed the audition and shouldnt have been allowed to go back home and return to cook a second Asian dish to wow the dodgy judges! Yes, they are dodgy for only allowing one person to re audition. Dodgy!

Poh was receiving a lot of sanctimonious praises from the judges… just before tasting her food… one could sense that the super special praises were ready for the onslaught… too much/insincere…

Julie was not coping well with challenges and playing a popularity angle… not coping with time limits, panicing, crying, talking about her family which isnt relevant to the competition, protraying herself as the mumsy friendly fellow competitor, not finishing dishes, becoming confused and a total sawdust-like airhead…

Julie, began stuffing up earlier on and at one stage I believed she was Sams mother or sister! Julie deserved to have been judged inadequate and much earlier, dumped!

Poh was kept on MasterChef because her continued presence would attract the Asian viewers onboard, Asian bottoms on seats… the Great Asian Hope… Dreams…

Julie was kept on the contest for the final since she was profiled as a plausible reflection of the average suburban Aussie battler, lower to middle class, blue/white collar, jobless/employed, male/female, cook/couldnt, etc…

Yes, the average Aussie – a great majority – who are apathetic and reactive, can complain and cry when things dont go according to plan because they fail to be proactive, believe in a Fair Go, meaning everyone should be levelled with no fancy grandstanding unless promoting oneself to accept the proletariat kudos via rub shoulders and accolades normally received by high-achievers and genuine brilliant go-getters.

Meaning we want to be the best and get the rewards, but it is hard work to get there, so any short cuts and get-success-quick schemes or white-lies or backstabbing is okay and easier than the proper, honest, hardworking, way…

I was conned. I conned myself.

As the MasterChef Average Award winner, Julie should realise her true achievement. By all means, Julie should keep the $100,000. What julie should not keep is the conscious belief and conviction that she is the rightful winner.

Julie should at least make the other maligned and more deserving contestants as well the conned viewers a simple gesture, to right the wrong of her dodgy win.
Julie should wipe her mouth, tears and sweat with toilet paper…

22 Anonymous { 07.22.09 at 9:44 am }

What were the chances of Australia’s first MasterChef being a talented asian rather than a home-spun true blue? It would only alienate most of the audience if a ‘Tetsuya’ was chosen over a ‘Donna Hay’ – it just wouldn’t be white!

23 Davy { 07.22.09 at 7:15 pm }

In defence of Poh, her first chance was not unique to her – others had that 2nd chance as well; however, when she was chopped for misidentifying farrow for barley in a tasting test (though Julie wasn’t for misidentifying a shallot for an onion 😉 ), she should NOT have been brought back. That was the unfair part.

But the real reason for Poh’s resurrection in the competition was not because the producers or judges favoured her, but she and Tom were recalled to mask the real intent of the producers, which was to bring back the top rated favourite, hottie Justine. The judges made a mistake in allowing popular Justine to be eliminated. To bring Justine back alone would be too obviously biased, so Poh and Tom (alas, his resurrection was short lived) benefitted from Justine’s recall.

But no one expected bizarre quirky Poh to bloom and flourish in her second competition ‘life’ and go on into the finals. She was like someone released from a genie’s bottle – you couldn’t put her back into the bottle (or out of the competition) because she unexpectedly became a hot favourite as well (so bye bye Justine – the show unexpectedly found an equally hot substitute).

A sense of justice for the rest who weren’t at that time eliminated would have been to eliminate Justine, Poh, and Tom at judicious intervals once Justine (or Poh) had the show’s ratings soaring again. But that’s like telling the producers to commit sepukku.

As for the connection of Asian bottoms for Poh, how many Asians are there in Oz compared to Anglo-Celtics or other European groups? Donna Hay had aindirectly provided the answer to this question.

24 Unreality TV { 07.22.09 at 7:33 pm }

There is no real point in analysing the show to death. Apart from flashes of brilliance, the quality of the candidates were never adequate to have a true ‘Masterchef’ competition. If watching Ramsay’s UK kitchen nightmares or My Restaurant Rules is anything to go by, it takes a unique combination of talent and skill to open and successfully run a restaurant. It is amazing to see how some owners who are confident about what they are doing simply have no idea. Pick any eating strip in your local town and watch how many really last the distance.

25 Anonymous { 07.22.09 at 9:01 pm }

why did julie win wat about poh or chris or justine. campbell and lachlan are gay

26 sourkraut { 07.22.09 at 11:05 pm }

I dont think the fact that Poh was Asian stopped her winning, it was more because she was such an unbelievably aggravating actress who had been given, over the average length of the show, more help than most, and more get out of gaol free cards than anyone else. that tends to annoy the believers in a fair go for all.
Next comp I would love to see several Asian contestant cooks, especially an Indian or other sub- continental, cause I ADORE their food, and likewise a Lebanese cook/chef who could demonstrate how to PROPERLY cook some of their yummy food as well.
But we know it wont happen cause it’ll show up the so-called judges who dont know how to cook it. (Geo even admitted it himself)

27 Minority report { 07.22.09 at 11:33 pm }

Sourkraut – considering the background of the winner of MC and some of the ignorant comments from some of the judges and guest judges, why would any person of ethnic origin want to put their national cuisines on display.

28 Mrs Moulinex { 07.23.09 at 3:25 pm }

Kathy you stole my ideas! Nope, Im only seeking the sympathy sentiment.
Your comment 1 is so spot on and exactly how I felt after watching the last bogus episodes of this mediocrity.

Julie Goodwin reminds me of someone recently sacked where I work at. Management, workers, myself included wanted no more pity me, poor performance, emotional blackmail and game playing. We refused to carry the shirkers mistakes and crap performance no further.
MediocreChef Australia indeed.

29 sourkraut { 07.23.09 at 9:55 pm }

Minority report
EASY…. Just get an Asian Chef (or two) as one of the judges/demonstrators. There must be stacks of them out there that could do it. preferably one man and one woman.
Then make sure that when the same dishes are cooked in any competition, the tasting is “blind”, and take turns in whose dish goes out first (if it is hot food). Also no judges waddling around during the cooking giving hints etc
As to the cooking demonstrations, i am sure lots of people would love to see how to prepare Asian food, SO LONG AS ITS NOT TOO weird, (even for me there’s a limit of what i’d be prepared to have a go at)
Well 10 are you gonna lift yer game? are ya? huh are ya? Give it a go
Nothing wrong with being ethnic or with being Australian, so lets all be fair dinkum

30 Tisha { 07.24.09 at 3:11 am }

Four days later and it appears that Julie still has her detractors here & out there trying to gun her down; When Julie feels like crying, at least she can go emotional shopping with her winners loot to make herself feel better$$$$$

Pohs riding out any waves/// of runner up fame and hopefully this will help sell her weird art@#$%!!!!

As for Chris and the other official losers?!?! Maybe they should audition for any future MasterChef UK. Then they may succeed on skill alone…. stranger things have happened with reality _____!

31 Davy { 07.24.09 at 3:49 pm }

It’s a bit sad that in Australia, of all places, the controversy of who should be a worthy winner in Masterchef has taken on a racial taste (pun intended). Keep a steady eye on the ball – the controversy arose chiefly because of:

(a) rules being changed to accommodate the alleged favourite – eg. unfinished dishes were strangely deemed as not vital to the competition with the emphasis on judging shifted solely to ‘taste’ (only known to Donna Hay and the TV series judges) – that was the 1st injustice, to Chris, and we all know there’s no justified excuse to disregard Julie’s inability to complete her dishes as announced (I believe Gary Mehigan did even make the remark she should then ‘go home’)

eg 2. OK, on taste it should be then, but Julie was again let off the hook when she by sheer luck gained a point for misidentifying shallot for onions and more crucially, went on to gain another 10, just because there was onions in the pot which she was completely clueless about – the ‘taste/identification’ of ingredients test was diminished into a ‘lucky guess’ test – a 2nd injustice, to Poh as Poh would have beaten Julie by 9 points in the taste test if the latter was stopped at the ‘onion’ which was a shallot. But then, I suppose Julie might have received a score of 10/10 in her 2nd and final test 😉

(b) Julie was provided with crucial advice during the final test, in an area (the sorbet) which was subsequently used to criticise Poh – that’s the 3rd and cruel injustice, to Poh

(c) disconnect between judge’s comments and the scores – Guest judge Curtis made it plain that in the final test, Poh’s choc dish was far superior to Julie’s, yet Poh scored 8 while Julie inexplicably scored 9 – that’s the 4th justice, to Poh

Having said that, I don’t believe Poh or Justine or Tom should have been brought back after having exited the competition but alas, the ratings demand Justine be recalled, with Poh benefitting from her role in making the return of hottie Justine (the real recall) less obvious.

Despite Poh subsequently blossoming in her cooking competency and excelling during her second life in the competition I believe the worthy finalists should be Julia, Lucas (both showed they could beat real life chefs) and Chris, the most consistent of them all.

The changing rules (or those not observed when it suited one favourite), inconsistency in scoring, and perceived influence of a certain judge have irritated, and perhaps even disgusted viewers.

Julie also didn’t help her standing by crying and whimpering in front of the judges – these regular features provided the perception she was resorting to emotional blackmail, not that she needed to, given that she was a sure winner when her book vision was deemed the most marketable, and not one for the ‘niche’ market.

32 sadaf { 07.27.09 at 2:20 pm }

i thnk from the begining they were tryng to cncntrate on julie and may b theyve already decided no mttr wat julie is going to b winner every 1 knows chris nd poh and justine were the best chef on tht show but may b they dnt know how to cry n cnvence the judge so every 1 learn from smothers experiances nd mistakes. Wat I learn,To win u must cry on tv for ur family, trust me” gives u extra 7 points”I dnt thnk I m going to spend my money on that kind of FISH who taste like salmon BUT lk like JELLY FISH b/c first impression is the last …

33 heather cooper { 04.09.10 at 7:28 am }

from england watched it all.was a fast from the beginning.people were out that shouldnt of been,the judges had favourites which became obvious.elininations were directed at who should go not who was right to go.people went then got back in.look its a competetion,if your out your out.end of.i dont beleive the winner was in the last was a con.and what about the 2 people that won there place by beating true chefs,they hadnt a hope in hell they were out anyway to 2 people that were bought back,but those 2 people lost out the competetion.they shouldnt of even been there.did any of the other 14 contestants get bought back or another chance? no.y justine and poh did y?if this was a competetion it wasnt done give 1 person 2 chances ie poh give it to everyone else or else its not a fair competetion.end

34 trihina { 09.02.10 at 9:25 am }

who cares?there were two contestants in the had to win.there was no mediocrity in julie’s cookin.i wouldn’t be able to stomach half the food that poh served and neither were the judges…everyone who’s naggin about julie actually showin motions-could u pull off what she did with a big smile on ur face happy as the duracell bunny-just goin til ur energy runs out?
it’s bad enough that average joe thinks they are entitled to judge people’s ability to it better or just be quiet,will ya.stay awake all nite to serve a great cake.take on the challenges urself and then say what u have to say.goodness.if it were up to me,food critics would be out of a job as we speak.and just one more thing-if the show was rigged-why bother watching?everything is soo easy from the safety of ur sofa and slaggin sumone off while munching on ur take aways-bit of the green eyed monster there?

35 eden { 10.27.10 at 9:49 pm }

to all readres: i am not to argue any one but POH CAN NOT COOK not vote because of their looks dats same of food it may look good but no taste .

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It is not a waste of time to spend some times playing these cooking games together with your kids, as through the games kids are able to learn more.