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MasterChef Australia – Wrap Up

The only story in town is MasterChef Australia and here is a wrap up of what is being said and where:

Firstly I will spruik my own article on The Punch called Six Things I Learnt Watching MasterChef Australia. That is the advantage of being editor of my own blog!

Next the Editor of The Punch, David Penberthy has an article called MasterChef Australia – Best TV Show Ever has an article with Julie and Matt Preston saying MasterChef is NOT rigged, and that Julie won fair and square on the night. Also an article in the SMH where it is revealed Julie will write a monthly column for the Women’s Weekly.

TV Tonight also reveals that Poh has also got an offer to work with Luke Mangan in his restaurants in Japan and San Francisco.

Speaking of Poh, she is also in this  Daily Telegraph article about her posing nude for an artist. Actually it is a fantastic portrait. Lucky girl. She says she is quite happy to have the pictures made public.

Woman’s Day hints that Julie is the Susan Boyle of the competition, because she did not want to be famous and had a near panic attack during a challenge on the show.

The SMH give their thoughts on why MasterChef Australia was so successful.

Ratings bonanza 3.74 million viewed the show and it peaked at 4.11 million said TV Tonight. 

Channel Ten has reaped the reward of producing an unknown show and now have increased their clout in a tough advertising market says

This is not a conclusive list I will continue to add to it. I also will continue to follow the careers of the contestants now the show has finished.


1 sourkraut { 07.21.09 at 12:22 am }

injera open post finale post 252
choke sob gasp you remembered! does that mean all is forgiven?
Where can i find an application form for channel 10 to replace my nuked tv set. If i dont get 1 soon i wont be able to watch any more high quality highly credible unbiassed channel 10 reality ? shows
OMG THe Chef and the COOK are stopping. bugger bugger bollocks. Now where am i going to learn to cook gooder

2 kate { 07.21.09 at 4:54 pm }

The Matt Preston interview was pretty interesting. The editing of the Show really did seem to be problematic all along, and he really made it clear just how distorted it was.

If you look at the final night for example, we saw Poh ignoring the recipe for the chocolate and the judges snapping Julie’s chococate pipe to show she got it right, but didn’t really see much negative from the judge’s on Poh’s results – and what we got was strongly diluted by the stuff on how beautifully plated it was. I guess they wanted to maintain the tension (grrr) but really, according to Matt, Poh’s stuff was crap.

Even more fundamental, if you look at the recipes for the two dishes on the Masterchef site, you see that Poh’s doesn’t amount to much more than making a nice stock and steaming her chicken, whereas Julie’s involved both roasting and the ‘sous-vide’ technique they’ve demoed a few times, and a lot more. Yet we hardly saw any of that, just the negative on her attempt at a potato galette. They could have made that a lot clearer.

Similarly Matt pointed out that the earlier eliminations, with julie’s ‘puddle pie’ for example really had a lot more basis than was made clear in the few minutes they showed out of the 45 mins odd spent doing the judging. I particularly liked the story that Luke Mangan had taken Julie’s puddle pie off to eat, it was so delicious.

Deliberate attempt to generate and maintain the controversy on Seven’s part? I would have thought it was a dangerous tactic if so, viewers really aren’t that forgiving of this kind of thing.

But perhaps it was just ineptitude…

3 seepi { 07.21.09 at 10:10 pm }

Daily Tele had a great blog on Masterchef – Joe Hildebrand? I will try to find a link – it was really funny.

here tis:

4 sourkraut { 07.22.09 at 12:16 am }

MANY thanks for that link. The intercepts just so perfectly summed up my thoughts and feelings on this so called reality merde show