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Dance Your Arse Off – Almost Laugh Your Tits Off

Dance Your Arse Off premiered tonight on Channel 9 and it is was much better than I expected. Now I don’t know if my brain has completely rotted due to a steady diet of reality TV, however I thought the cast and contestants had potential.

The host Marissa Jaret Winokur has warmth and enthusiasm. She is not slim herself but she still looks great. I am sure the former The Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester would love a role like hers, now she is looking for work in LA.

The judges who looked plastic also were natural, semi-articulate, and genuine.

Why is the show watchable? Well there is the human side of the stories of these overweight people and how they  are desperate to lose it. They appeared to have picked a good mix of contestants. What is it with black women and rhythm they were far superior to those white girls shaking their booty on the dance floor. And there was some amazing flexibility shown.

The other side is the humour of seeing these obese people dance in tight lycra outfits, but because they seemed to be really enjoying it, I did not feel I was laughing at them.  In fact there were more good routines than bad. Pinky, Shayla, Mara and Trice were fabulous. In fact I thought the most boring routine of the night was Angela’s for two reasons – she had no rhythm and she was not fat enough.

I thought I was only going to watch it once but I may go back for another viewing next week. It will be interesting to see if the MasterChef Australia Twitterati become compulsive tweeters when this show is on.

Here is a clip of one of the best routines of the night – Shayla dancing to Proud Mary.




1 seepi { 07.22.09 at 3:04 am }

it seemed promising. i think i was just hugely relieved that it wasn’t as tacky as the name suggests.

2 Injera { 07.22.09 at 8:10 am }

Count me as surprised that it was watchable! The host was great – I think she was channelling Ricky Lake in her Hairspray days.

Angela – was she the former model? The “ex model” looked the most self-conscious and didn’t seem to be able to get into the dance as a result.

Tuesday nights have always been my night for utter guilty viewing, so this could well fit the bill!

3 Culinary Boner { 07.22.09 at 1:04 pm }

Show proved the old adage that white boys (and gals) got no rhythm. I am certain the novelty value of this one-dimensional show will wear off pretty quickly and the ratings will disappoint Nine to the point of having to re-schedule it.

4 onadrought { 07.22.09 at 7:38 pm }

I agree, that you laugh, but you’re not laughing at them. Most of them are great dancers so they didn’t make a fool of themselves, exception, the thinner chick that danced the jive, the attempt at the cartwheel was hilarious, though I’ve got to admit I can’t do one. Can imagine the show will get a bit boring, dance, then weigh-in, that’s it, however the talent there is better than what’s on Dancing With The Stars.

5 Anonymous { 07.28.09 at 11:56 am }

i just watched this again and I think they were crazy to pull it so soon. hysterical in a good way.

6 Reality Raver { 07.28.09 at 12:01 pm }

Anon so agree with you. TV Week in this week’s edition gave it the thumbs up, SMH on Saturaday gave it a great review. Watercooler chatter in offices it is all everyone is talking about. Heaps of people were going to watch it this week, who did not last week. Major blunder by Nine AGAIN