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Project Runway Australia – Season 2 – Episode 3 – The Hardware Challenge

“There is a fine line between avant-garde and ugly.” was Henry Roth’s mantra throughout the whole episode where the challenge was to to create an avant-garde design made entirely from hardware materials. 

I have to confess I am a bit like Kellie-Anne I am a bit confused about what avant-garde actually is. Also I have realised I really am going to have to work out what fashion forward means, as that phrase seems to be dropped in every episode as well.

Michael Finch said “The aim of the game is to hit the brief on the head, if you don’t your out.” And soon he said that I knew he was potentially in trouble.

Who did Kristy’s Hinzes hair as it looked like she had flown in from Octoberfest, she look liked  a German beer wench.

Henry Roth took the contestants on a field trip to Mitre 10 the hardware store where they had $85 and 15 minutes to get their materials. I wondered if Yope was at a disadvantage here as she cannot move as fast as the others because of her crutches.

The designers had a total of 13 hours to get their outfits done. The type of materials the designers had grabbed, were brooms, chicken wire, plastic carpet protector, picnic rugs and nuts and bolts.

Anthony is avante guarde  style and started designing a corset made with the plastic carpet protector.

Claudia Chabo was having a disaster with her picnic blanket  which must have looked such a good idea at the time and she gave us this sage piece of advice “Never make a garmet out of a picnic blanket”.  However she did not hesitate in taking a swipe at Ryan’s hideous outfit by saying  “Surprised Ryan has not been in the bottom three yet…” I totally agree, I think he should have been the one eliminated last week.

Ryan’s plastic and chicken wire ensembled was attracting derision from the other designers as well. “Ryan’s looks like Count Dracula mixed with Chicken Run,”  said Michael Finch who is called Tresemme by the other contestant due to his constant obsessing about his hair.

Kellie-Anne  who was clearly nervous since she was bottom two last week described her mini dress as  “Zen garden warrior style.” She was also putting up with major flack because she did not know what avant-garde was. Some of the other designers, like Ryan were questioning whether she should even be at “the Whitehouse”.

Lauren Vierya’s outfit initially attracted criticism and it did look like at one stage her model would be traipsing down the runway in nothing more then an oversized necklace. “Is Ryan’s bad taste rubbing off on Lauren?” queried William Lazootin who was stress free because he had won the previous week’s challenge to gain immunity.

The nice facade of the designers were starting to crack as Yopie called Michael’s dress a banana split, he in turn thought hers was too Halloween. Everyone was bitching about Claudia Chabo, for the crime of not being social enough and being too focused on her garment.

Amber Renae whose sole reason for being on the show is to increase her profile will not be pleased with the limited amount of air time she got in this episode. Having said that her design was very good, and she deserved to be safe.

The top three were Lauren, Kellie-Anne, and Anthony. The bottom three were Michael, Claudia and Ryan.

Ryan was told by Jayson Brundson “I find it a little bit lazy… needed to push it a little bit further.”

Madison magazine editor Paula Joye thought Lauren’s outfit was fantastic. She said “You made it feminine… and you made it fashion.”

Michael’s was described as a little predictable by  Sarah Gale.

Anthony’s was “Like Mad Max like Alice of Wonderland”  and Paula Joye loved it, however I thought his outfit was something you could never wear out the door as it was see-through, except maybe to Mardi Gras, but all the judges thought it was great.

Kellie Ann was told hers was “Quite fantastic” by Jayson Brundson, and  Paula said “Incredible you did it in 13 hours, but the back looks like it should be standing on a street corner.”

Claudia was criticised for “Flogging an old Vivienne Westwood design that has been hanging around for the last 20 years.” Her only redemption was the ruffle which Paula said the ” Ironing board ruffle the best part of the dress and is extremely clever.”  Jayson called it a “Highland fling on acid,” and  “Not new not innovative, not avant-garde.”

All the judges loved Lauren, and it was given the ultimate complement of being called fashion forward.

Host Kristy Hinze cracked me up with her impression of Michael when she said “When you say avant-garde to him he just says glamour, when you say lingerie to him – he says glamour.”

Top three were Anthony, Kelly-Anne, and Lauren. The winner was Lauren.

Bottom 2 were Ryan and Claudia. And Claudia was out. So unfair Ryan should have gone his was a mess. But it looked like Claudia was not popular at all, as when she came back after her elimination very few contestants got up to spontaneously hug her. Normally they are all over them.

By the way did anyone else notice they must pre record the packing up the work desk scenes as Claudia was wearing a different outfit from the one she had been wearing at the challenges.


1 Gabriel { 07.24.09 at 3:06 pm }

Kristy’s hair did look awful but it’s no worse than the delivery of her lines. Watching re-runs of Project Runway US in the morning doesn’t help make her look any better either. God I hate the “so are we all agreed/happy with our decision” it’s so forced and unnecessary. why don’t they just go straight to: let’s bring out the contestants. we can make the leap that they made their decision but they edited it so that we wouldn’t see it till the contestants do. we are modern tv watchers. and it’s not exactly a stretch. it drives me nuts.

2 Meat Fuhrer { 07.24.09 at 3:31 pm }

Vat’s wrong with German beer wenches….

…*sets timer awaiting sourkraut’s latest lame objection to the Fuhrer’s presence on this Blog*

3 Injera { 07.24.09 at 6:23 pm }

+1 on Kristy’s hair – makes her look like a particularly daft Afghan hound. She’ll be disappointed that Claudia’s gone; her flat affect made Kristy look positively bubbly! I can’t believe that Claudia wasn’t caned more for such a lame Harajuku goth outfit. When Gwen Stefani’s used and moved past the look, it’s not even in the same hemisphere as avant garde.

BTW, I laughed when Anthony wrote “avante garde” on the blackboard. All episode he was “I’m SOOOOO avant garde” and then he wrote it incorrectly. Pedantic, I know…

I really hope Ryan goes next week. He’s hanging by a thread.

As for Tresemme, his over-enunciated “she irritates the shit out of me” leaves me picturing a Neighbours himbo auditioning for the RSC using a Kath and Kim script as his monologue.

4 Reality Raver { 07.24.09 at 9:40 pm }

Gabriel – I think your criticism could be applicable to a lot of reality TV shows. Does Heidi say that in the US show “So are we happy with the decision?” I find that the script used in the Aust version is pretty similar to Heidi’s.

Injera – I thought Ryan’s outfit was far worse. I may be fashion backward but at least I would be seen outside the house in it. I hope they are not keeping Ryan in because he is the only straight guy. Because he is sooo not hot.
LOL re: Tresemme comment oh so true, if he was not such a bitchy queen he would be dumped by now as well.

Classic about the spelling I didn’t notice which any regular reader of this blog would not be surprised at.

5 Sunshine { 07.24.09 at 11:03 pm }

I noticed the different outfit in the packing up scene as well, but they can’t pre-record it, because the losing outfit is on the mannequin.
I think they just record that the day after, the whole runway recording probably leaves them finished late late in the evening.

6 Gabriel { 07.27.09 at 11:41 pm }

I’ve been watching Season 1 on Arena and have realised that they do the same thing. But Heidi’s delivery in general is more natural so even at times when something could seem set-up she can pull it off. Kristy doesn’t have the same knack. Can we get Sarah away from Aust. NTM?

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