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Farmer Wants A Wife – Season’s Four Twist is…..

Channel 9 as there want is pushing out two seasons of the high rating Farmer Wants A Wife this year, and as it is season four of the show they have got a new hook this series.

It is a father and son both looking for love, and both living in the same house, so that should bring some very interesting dynamics.

The TV Week had an article in the latest edition gives us more details on this father and son farmers looking for love:

Gavin (dad) and Steven (son) are fourth and fifth generation farmers living on a property in Norwell, Queensland.  “I don’t know any different,” Steven says, “and I don’t want to do anything else.”

At 27, Steven is the oldest of Gavin’s five children, and Gavin says they’ve always been close. “As a baby, he was in the tractor with me,” he recalls.

Gavin’s marriage ended in divorce eight years ago. “the break-up was very emotional but we made the decision to be there for the children. We can’t be together, but we don’t punish our children for that. We chat about the kids as we’re still raising them.”

The 49 year old hasn’t had a “real serious relationship” since his divorce. “When you tell people you’re a farmer, they tend to look at you a bit differently, and when you tell them you’ve got five kids, that tends to scare a lot of women off,” he admits.

But he says he’s ready to “let somebody into my life” and that his children are supporting his quest to find love on the show. “They’re ecstatic about it. They want their mum and dad to be happy.”

Gavin’s looking for a woman around his age who already has kids. “A woman with children, to me , makes her more attractive,” he says. Steven, meanwhile, would like to get married and have children himself soon. “Bringing a little kid into the world would be pretty unreal, I reckon.”

When the applications came in – 30-odd for Gavin and over 80 for Steven – they looked at each other’s as well as their own. “I didn’t choose his girls for him and he didn’t choose mine, but we sat and looked at them together, ” Gavin says. “If he chooses a girl, she’s part of my life, like it or not, same as one of my girls would be part of his. I do like his opinion because he’s a grown man now and a great mate.”

After the dates, Gavin and Steven will go on a group date, each bringing their five favourite girls. Then they’ll return to the pairs  farmhouse with their top three. “There’ll be my dad’s older three and my younger three. That’ll be interesting!” Steve admits.

So what would happen if Steven was interested in one of his dad’s girls, or vice versa?

“I don’t think there’s any chance of that happening. Bit bloody weird if it did! Steven replies.

The season premiere of Farmer Wants A Wife will be at 8.30pm Monday 3 August on Channel Nine. There will be a recap posted on Reality Ravings.

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