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Project Runway Season 2 – Episode 4 – The Double Elimination

If you had not realised Anthony Capon was gay he confirmed it by saying “I don’t dress men, I undress them,” as he mistakenly thought they might be designing for some AFL footballers.

However, they were headed towards Melbourne Zoo where the challenge was to work in teams of three to design a cohesive collection inspired by an animal they had been given. Each designer in each team must take ownership of an outfit. And the clanger? Two people were going to get eliminated one from each losing team.

They were able to pick their own teams. When this happens in these reality TV show you wonder if that old school anxiety of whether you were going to get chosen last would occur. Well hopefuly Ryan has none of these  memories, as no one wanted him. Ryan was trying to get in the William/ Anthony group. But like school boys they grabbed Mark and turfed Ryan to Kelly-Anne and Yopie’s team. They were not thrilled to have him either.

The teams had eight hours to complete the challenge. Michael aka tresemme said the most intelligent thing he has said all series when he said “Fuck off. Eight hours to design three cohesive outfits.” They also  only had 15 mins to purchase materials and $70 each.

Team William were allocated the lions. There vision was high fashion.

Team Michael went to the Butterfly enclosure, and  their vision was the lifecycle of the butterfly.

Team Kellie-Anne had zebra’s. And they had no vision or none that I could see except for the colour’s of black and white.

Kellie-Anne and Ryan were at loggerheads. Ryan thought it was the Kellie-Anne show, and did not like being dismissed by her. But seriously his designs over the past two weeks have been below par.

Yopie thought the fabrics Ryan was picking were cheap, but I am not sure she told him that. I find Yopie talks big and tough to the camera, but was not saying much when it came to giving opinions to her team.

Though she did get snarky with Michael when he took “her ” mannequin. 

Kellie-A nne has perfect managerial skills – dictatorial, did not listen, and when it was all going pear-shaped started laying the blame elsewhere.  She also changed her design without consulting her team members. Henry Roth, the mentor, when he came around for a preview of the designs told her she was being passive-aggressive (another great managerial trait), because she kept on muttering that as everyone is responsible for one design she did not want to make a decision that may impact on someone to going home .

Henry told them to get it together and get some theme running through the team. Ryan who kept on saying he was a team player changed his pants for a skirt which resulted in him having time issues. 

After this the other contestant’s were teasing Ryan by saying he was Kellie’ Ann’s bitch.

Arthur Galan was the guest judge for this week’s runway show, and here are my thoughts on the pointy end of the episode:

  • Michael has got to throw out all his mother’s Harold Robbins books as his design’s always look like they stepped out of one of his novels.
  • I loved the design’s of the lion team, particularly Mark’s, but I hated the beige  colour of the team.
  • In team Zebra to me Yopie’s was the only one that fulfilled the brief in my opinion. Ryan’s looked like officewear which was sold at Portmans, and  Kellie-Ann’s eveing dress was just dull and unoriginal.

For team Michael the judges like the idea of the butterfly’s life cycle, but Arthur Galen said Michael could have had the dress as an explosion of the second outfit.

Sarah did not like the execution of Amber’s dress nor the knee length. Jayson Brundson thought it was two dresses in one.

The lion team Jayson loved he said “this looks like fashion” . The only criticism was the hood of William’s jumpsuit.

The zebra group were told it was not cohesive, and came in for a large amount of criticism. The fact that Kellie-Ann had grey on her dress and a lot of it and the others didn’t was queried. Ryan started singing like a budgie and  backgrounded the judges about the whole group dysfunctional dynamics.  Kellie Ann just kept repeating her mantra how everyone was to take responsibility for their own outfit, when she was asked about her leadership skills.

Unsurprisingly William’s team won, and Anthony won the challenge overall so he will have immunity next week. Personally I preferred Mark’s short skirt and jacket.

Sarah Gale was scathing of Amber’s she said it was outdated and she did not like the knee length, and  Kirsty Hinze thought it was more bondage than buttefly.

Kellie-Ann’s gray skirt was disliked by Arthur Galen. He said “The gray skirt killed it for me. ” The judges hinted that if two could have gone from Team Kellie-Ann they would have.

As they were doing the eliminations it amused me that Lauren looked so relieved when she was told she was safe. Didn’t she have immuntiy this week?

Amber was eliminated Kirsty saying the  “Dress was stuck in the past”. Amber thought she was a strong designer but not a strong dressmaker and she thinks that was what let her down.

Ryan was eliminated thank God. Though I woul do not blame him for felling a bit bitter and twisted about it “He thought Kelly-Ann should have been.”

Amber Renae took her last opportunity to spruik at the camera, talking about how the show was only a platform for her “And this is not the last you have heard of Amber- Renae.”


1 Anonymous { 07.30.09 at 2:45 pm }

Can someone please explain Amber-renae head band… is she Shera Princess of Power?

2 Injera { 07.30.09 at 3:48 pm }

Oh, the picking of teams is so fraught! I thought it was funny that, even though Mark, William and Anthony had clearly teamed up, Ryan still stood around near them hoping to be included. Did he think Henry’d say “oh, ok, you can be a team of four”?

I though choosing zebras as a theme was a bit lazy of the producers, although I still don’t see how Kellyanne decided that grey was going to fly. Her “there’s grey… around the eyes… and the rump” justification was lame. I would have preferred meerkats as a theme. Or sloths. Yopie did tell Ryan that the sparkly ribbon was “cheap” looking, but he doesn’t seem to have much taste. You nailed the description of his “look” perfectly, RR – totally Portmans! (So we might see Cassi modelling it soon…)

Team Lion worked really well together. I wasn’t so put off by the beige, RR, given that it was a nice sandy lion colour, but they probably could have used more contrast. Mark’s was gorgeous (I love Mark – even more so after he demonstrated a strong grasp of collective nouns with his “we’ll be the pride of Project Runway” line!) and I had no problem with William’s hood. He did a magnificent job avoiding the dreaded camel toe, given the short space of time he had to fit the model! One of the things that really annoys me is when people say “female” when they are talking about “women” so it made me laugh when William referred to the lionesses as “women”! (I wish Anthony would stop trying to make gender confusion happen – nobody thinks you’re a woman, Anthony!)

Not sorry to see Amber (or her head band) go, but it should have beem Kellyanne and Ryan. Damn rules!

3 Laura { 07.30.09 at 4:11 pm }

Ryan talks funny.

4 Anonymous { 07.30.09 at 4:15 pm }

I noticed that about Ryan last night quite a bit. But does it come and go or do I just need a hearing aid?
I caught Stylista before it. First time viewer. Was looking for a more fast paced, devil wears prada fantasy but still decent unreal, reality viewing! Why does raver not cover Stylista?

5 Reality Raver { 07.30.09 at 4:29 pm }

Anon – I have been watching and enjoying Stylista, I will start to recap it. Yet to watch last night’s episode will do so after The Amazing Race tonight.

Laura – I noticed accent last night. South African?
Injera – I love the way you add value and you pick up those quirky little remarks and asides that I miss. At one stage I thought Kellie-Ann was going to give the excuse about the grey as “if you combine black and white you get….”

Anon – LOL re: Amber-Renae’s head band, you are spot on.

6 Laura { 07.30.09 at 4:59 pm }

No he is Norweigen, however I don’t really think that it is his accent that is weird, but the way he speaks very forcefully? I don’t know how to describe it but I’ve never heard anyone speak like that before!
I felt bad for poor Ryan last night, I actually liked his outfit. It was executed better than both Kellyanne and Yopi’s garments, either of them should have gone instead of him, especially Kellyanne.
YAY Amber is gone! :):):)

7 Injera { 07.30.09 at 5:05 pm }

I think Kellie-Ann must have missed the black+white=grey connection, otherwise I’m sure she would have (passive-aggressively) defended her ideas that way. Like you, I was expecting her to trot that out.

Yay! Amazing Race tonight – thanks for the reminder!

8 CG { 07.30.09 at 9:24 pm }

I actually thought the Zebra collection looked pretty good and thought all the bitching about the grey was silly. Anyway, happy to see that Amber creature go…she is almost as bad (almost!) as her namesake Amber Petty…a talent-less attention whore.