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Farmer Wants A Wife – What Are These New Farmers Like?

Farmer Wants A Wife starts on Channel 9 on Monday night, and previously I have written up about the father and son farmers which will give it a new twist here.

However who are the other farmers, well TV Week tells us a bit more about them:

Scott 28 from Mungindi, NSW

His story: After school, Scott went shearing around Australia for six years before attending agricultural college and later returning to the family’s sheep, cattle and cropping farm. “I’ve always lived there and I always want to live there,” he says.

His love story: Scott became engaged on New Year’s Eve 2003, so when he and his fiancee split up in 2005, he was “pretty devastated”. He’s had one serious relationship since then, which lasted six months. “I only ever want to be in a relationship with someone I can see myself married to,” he says. “Other relationships are a waste fo time.”

His potential wives: Setting a new record for the show, farmer Scott attracted a whopping 494 applications. “That was pretty overwhelming,” he admits. “When I saw them, I couldn’t believe it. There are only 400 people in my town! That was unreal!”

Russell, 27, Grampians Vic:

His story: As well as helping out on the family sheep and cattle farm, Russell works as a stock agent. He’s also a budding photographer and has sold photos taken while travelling around Australia. “Hopefully, I’ll get right into it soon and start taking it a bit more seriously,” he says.

His love story: Although he hasn’t had any long-term relationships, Russell has been in love but had his heart broken a few years ago. “When you do something, you put your heart and soul into it, and when it doesn’t eventuate, it’s not a great feeling,” he reveals. “It’s taken me a while to get over it.”

His potential wives: Russell received a “staggering” 245 applications. “It was a tough job to go through them and pick the final 10,” he admits. He says he’s looking for someone who’s “down-to-earth and genuine” and not too young. “You need a bit of life experience,” he reasons.

Nate, 37, Goovigen, Qld

His story: A professional bull rider who has competed in the US, Nate had a near-fatal accident while mustering on a friend’s property last year. The recovery has been a long process, but it’s given him a new perspective. “You look back over life and think, ‘There are some things here that I really need to change,'” he reveals.

His love story: Nate has had a few long-term relationships that have ended in heartbreak. “I’m disappointed they didn’t work, but it was a blessing, too,” he admits. “They taught me a lot.” One relationship was with an American photographer who didn’t want to return to Australia with him. “Stung like hell, but that’s life,” he concedes.

His potential wives: Narrowing down 81 applications wasn’t easy for Nate, “You’ve got to follow your gut feeling, ” he believes. In the end, though, he was “pretty pleased” with the ones he chose.

Brad, 29, Lithgow, NSW:

His story: Brad, who has a cattle and grazing property, has put a lot of hard work into achieving his dream of owning his own land. For the past nine years, he’s spent every weekend in the coalmines. “I love the farm and that’s where my heart is,” he says, “but I can’t do it without working in the pits as well.”

His Love Story:  Since a five-year relationship ended when he was 24, Brad has had a series of short relationships. “None of them have ended badly,” he says. “the girls went on to do different things, like chase careers or go overseas, and I just wanted to my farming,” He says that if he finds the right girl, he’d be keen to get married “pretty much straightaway”.

His potential wives: Of the 89 applications he received, Brad says there were “a lot of great girls” in there. But when pressed a bit further, he confesses that there’s “one in particular I’m really looking forward to meeting”.

Phil, 42, Mansfield, Vic

His story: The former landscape gardener owns no only a cattle farm at Mansfield, but a place at Mt Buller too. “I’m a mad skier – I’m up there a lot of the time in the winter,” he explains. “I like travelling overseas and going skiing too.”

His love story: Phil says he’s had “a fair few” relationships, the longest of which lasted just two years. “They haven’t been the right ones so far,” he says,  “or I’ve been too choosy, maybe.” Now, though , he’s “absolutely” ready to get married and have kids. “It would be great to have a couple of little toddlers running around. I’d prefer to get on to it, because I’m not getting younger.”

His potential wives: Of the 93 girls who applied to date Phi most of them were “quite nice”, the farmer notes. But one late applicant really caught his eye. “She’s absolutely fantastic!” he enthuses.

Farmer Wants A Wife commences on Monday at 8.30pm on Nine.