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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 14 – SYTYCD Rigged?

For the first time I thought So You Think You Can Dance was really manipulated with for the advantage of one dancer – Melissa.  Now I know the way the dancers are presented in the pre-interviews help us form a view, but I thought tonight it was completely biased.

Does anyone else think it is strange that supposedly the dance styles are picked t random, but Melissa managed to get a ballet number. Rigged? Definitely. Does that meant there will be other people required to dance to ballet in the weeks to come, something I am not opposed to. But as I suspect this will be the  first and last time we see it this season. I thought Nigel had the hots for Melissa now it is confirmed.  I think she was a good enough dancer to not have that bit of favouritism, and she has had a dream run so far on the show.

Also Jeanine a contemporary dancer hit the bottom three this week, and she is yet to get to dance her style. It would be nice if she was handed her genre on a plate  next week so she can showcase her talent.  In fact I was a fan of Melissa’s, but after this week the gloss just became a little less shinier to me.

Speaking of a love/hate relationship Mia Michael’s was on the judging panel last night. In season 2 I did not like her, but in the previous seasons I have, but I thought her ego was slightly out of control this episode.

So she finally decided to bequeath Brandon with some positive remarks, for those who missed Las Vegas week, she was quite critical of him. Now she thought he was amazing. I was surprised she said this before he even danced, as I thought her love of Brandon would occur after she had choreographed him and he had interpreted her work.

I must say even though Mia pissed me off a bit this episode, she does put her money where her mouth is as her choreography is mesmerising.

Janette and Brandon –  Jean Marc Genereaux and his wife France – Cha Cha – Hush Hush – PussyCat Dolls

Jannette was like a little fire cracker as she should be as she is a salsa dancer, and Brandon was an amazing partner. I really like both of these dancers, Janette is uneffected and relaxed, and Brandon is going to be hard to beat in this competition.

“Best cha cha I have ever seen on this show,” gushed Nigel Lythgoe.
“Janette you made it look exciting” said Mary, and predictably she put them on the hot tamale train. Mia Michaels said “So much ability and potential that I am not going to be satisfied …your going to love me…you are amazing.” said Mia on Brandon, and “you are on fire” she said about Janette.

Kayla and Kupono –  Sonya Tayeh – Contemporary – “Eyes On Fire” – The Blue Foundation

I really like Sonya as a choreographer it is always so interesting and entertaining.  This pair were captivating in this gothic/vampire routine.

“So much technique thrown into a very modern routine,” Nigel said.

“Electric feel to it,” Mary Murphy, and they got to stay on the hot tamale train.

“Sonya best piece ever  on this show,” anointed Mia and “Kayla you commit to everthing,”

Evan and Randi – Joey Dowling – Broadway – Sweet Charity

These two were paired up because they were the shortest in the competition, they are just so cute. Evan reminds me of a better looking version of  SYTYCD Australia Season 1 winner Jack Chambers. Joey the choreographer is full on, I am not sure if it her height or her demeanour . She scared me and I was watching it on TV.

I loved this routine, Evan danced it so well, though Nigel was disappointed with him and thought he should have done more with it. However he still thought they were in his top 10 dancers.

Caitlin and  Jason – Brian Freidman – Jazz – Creator Santigold

Caitlin is not one of my favourites to much rhythmic gymnastics and not enough personality, I was amazed she got put into the top 20. Jason I forget about him until I see him each week. I just did not get into the routine as much as I would have liked as it was great choreography, but both of these dancer lack charisma. 

“Have to commit yourself 100% and you both did that,” Nigel Lythgoe said. He also thought Caitlyn was dressed like a condom which was weird considering the dance was about an alien impregnating the last human on Earth.

Mary did not like it much, but Mia did “Danced well, and enjoyable.”

Jeanine and Phillip – Napoleon and Tabitha – hip hop – Love Lockdown – Kanye West

They were chained together for the routine, and it really did not add to it. I find NapTab choreography a bit on and off, tonight I did not think it was the greatest routine. However I really hoped this pair were safe.

Mia agreed with me, she implied that she did not see the point of the chain.

Melissa and Ade – Thordel Christensen – Pas De Deux – Romeo and Juliette – Prokoviev

See the beginning of my post for my view of this routine. Yes it was beautifully danced, but there was some agenda behind this so they were able to say this was the first time classical ballet was danced on the show.

Nigel Lythgoe predictably gushed and said “superbly done”.

Mia loved it was a black and white Romeo and Juliette. “You cannot fake classical ballet.” I love the way Mia thinks she is so PC but when she was talking about Jean-Michael’s and Frances quick step she only acknowledged Jean-Michael’s contribution. Mia has said previously she does not get on with women. I still think she is saying that to kill the gay rumours. By the way she is straight.

Karla and Vitolio – Jean Michael and Frances – Quickstep – Puttin’ On the Ritz – Rufus Wainwright

This quick step was well danced, but the chemistry for me was not there.

“Finally getting your personality out there,” Nigel said.

Then it was onto the elimination show where Mia was revisting the ’80’s and she looked like she had just been reincarnated from a Human League video clip.

Bottom three were Vitolio and Karla, Kayla and Kupono, Phillip and Jeanine. I thought Karla’s solo was fantastic, but since it was her third week in the bottom three she was eliminated. And Vitolio who had been told last week he was gone if he was in the bottom three again also was punted.

here is an exit interview with Vitolio, and here is an interview with Karla.


1 Laura { 08.01.09 at 9:45 pm }

I totally agree with you re: rigging. In fact, I don’t think that any of the dances were picked randomly. Every partnership got a dance that was very close to at least one of the partners’ genres – except Karla and Vitolio, who I think did an AMAZING job! They were ALSO disadvantaged because they performed last, directly after a segment about Dizzy Feet (I saw the US version so I’m not sure if Aus was privy to this segment but it is Nigel’s charity for up and coming young dancers), where I’m sure many viewers would have thought the show was finished and tuned out.
Karla and Vitolio both got a raw deal :( There was no contemporary this week & that was their genre so, to be fair, they should have been given that.
I still like Melissa but I agree that she has been very “lucky” with her choreography!

2 Laura { 08.01.09 at 9:47 pm }

P.s. It is also unfair that Melissa was given ballet as Caitlyn is also a ballerina. Definite favouritism!

3 Mary { 08.02.09 at 8:52 am }

Do you think that there was no contemporary because Mia was on the judging panel? Could she really be that much of a diva? Also, I can’t believe they had another segment before the final dance. I agree with you Laura that that was a real disadvantage.
Melissa annoyed me so much this week – no one can be that nice and sweet. I bet she’s a real bitch behind the scenes!

4 Reality Raver { 08.03.09 at 12:13 am }

Laura that is definitely unfair about that segment you are right people would have switched off or changed channels. I thought Sony’s dance was categorised as contemporary which it was more in that genre than her usual jazz stuff.

Did anyone else notice right at the end that all the girls were hugging Karla, but Kayla was standing around away from that group with the guys? I wonder if there is any friction.