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Real Housewives Of NYC Premiers on Monday 10 Aug- It is must watch TV

You have got to love a TV show that mixes New York and Bravo TV. If you have never watched  any of the”Real Housewives” series the New York one is a pretty good one to dip your toe into the water with. It is a reality TV show which follows six New York “socialites” around the city, recording their bitchiness and interactions, oh and supposedly their day to day lives.

The cast is:

  • Alex who lives with her Australian husband in Brooklyn, they are voracious social climber for themselves and their toddler kids;
  • Bethany who has a healthy food business has snappy one liners and his hilarious when she is a) drinking and b) moaning about her love life, which she does a lot;
  • Ramona is 45 going on 25, and dresses that way, she is opinionated, loud and slightly crazy, and an embarrassment to her tween daughter;
  • Jill whose husband is in textiles is probably the most normal one, and the one who links most of the group, she does have a weird obsession with her dog, and sent her teenage daughter to a fat farm in season 1;
  • The Countess LuAnn, is currently going through a divorce in real life. He must be loaded as he always manages to get much younger models. She thinks she is an etiquette tutor; and
  • New girl this season is Kelly, apparently she is nutty and has lots of fights with Bethany because they once shared a boyfriend.

Alex and Simon were one of the more intriguing characters of season one and they talked to TV Week about what the viewer can expect in Season 2.

Many viewers doubt the sincerity of your relationship. do you put on any artifice for the cameras?

Simon: No. In season two we were more relaxed. One day they asked us to do Pilates on the beach in the Hamptons, and we said no because that’s not real for us. We’ll go for a jog, then a swim, and Alex will do her Bo Derek impression while I do my Dudley Moore flailing in the sea.

Alex: The last thing we wanted to try to do was be on our best behaviour, because that’s not good TV, but we did want to do things that were authentic.

How much do the Housewives talk to each other when you’re not shooting?

Alex: For the most part, we save it for the cameras. We’re in constant phone and email contact with each other because we’re all members of this show and we have a shared experience. But at the same time, yes, we’ll go and spend a day at Jill and Bobby’s house if we’re all out in the Hamptons, but that’s really it. We don’t meet any of the rest of them for dinner.

Out of the girls, who are you closest to?

Simon: Probably Jill…. although we do have a bust-up in episode one!

Simon, you and Jill pair up this season to make Ramona mad…

Alex: That was the best!

Simon: She pretended that it didn’t upset her. It did – steam was coming out of her ears. It was comical.

Is Ramona really that crazy and intense?

Simon:  Yes. There’s no other answer to that question:yes!

What’s your take on Bethenny?

Alex:  In some respects, Bethenny and I are more similar than either one of us would care to admit, but in others…..Look, she’s had a lot of pain in her life, and you her sometimes in a moment where she’s unguarded. But the moment she feels as if she’s getting vulnerable, her defences go straight back up and she hides behind all this nonsensical banter. Her one-liners are funny and very cutting but, at hte same time, they’re a suit of armour she wears to protect herself.

Simon: Bethenny does make fun of Alex and me but, deep down, would she like to be happily married like we are and have two young kids like we have? Absolutely.

What was your gut feeling when you first met new Housewife Kelly?

Alex: My instinct was to tell her to watch out!

Simon: And when she puts her mouth in gear, to put her brain in gear at the same time. She’ll have a thought and sometimes between transmitting from her brain to her mouth, it gets completely confused.

Kelly was arrested for beating up her boyfriend. Did that come as a surprise?

Alex:  That was a crazy week, because her arrest happened in teh same week the new broke of me getting laid off from my job. It was suddenly a  Housewives  bonanza in the New York papers. Because we’re on the show and it’s such a big hit, out life is up for grabs. We’ve all got used to having things that wouldn’t  normally be reportable being reported. Whether it’s Kelly’s arrest, or Bethenny breaking up with her boyfriend, or me losing my job. All three are things that may not happen to every person, but they happen to a lot of people. I think it makes us relatable.

It’s also been revealed that LuAnn – the countess – is getting a divorce. Did you have any idea that was going on?

Simon:  We were surprised it hadn’t happened earlier, honestly. Her husband Alex, was never really around very much. She was living in New York all the time – he would come back and forth to the States. So the relationship wasn’t one of “Mum and Dad at home with the kid’s anyway.

Alex:  When it happened, we all thought, “Why is it happening  now as opposed to a year ago?”I’m surprised it took as long as it did for Lu Ann’s situation to become public.”


The Real Housewives of NYC commences on Monday at 7.30pm


1 CG { 08.02.09 at 11:52 pm }

I watched a marathon NY Housewives during last Xmas-New Year break and got hooked. Then I tried to watch some of the other Housewives – NJ, Atlanta, Orange County (LA) and hated them. Perhaps because I lived in NYC for 8 years I can relate more to the NY show? Dunno. But I think the NY women are more intelligent and interesting – relatively speaking – than the ones in the other cities who seem to be all about plastic surgery, shopping and champagne. So looking forward to this new season of the NY wives. And love that there is an Aussie connection but Alex and Simon are sooooooooo fake! I recall the video from their home in Brooklyn…they are clearly living beyond their means. Catty catty catty!!! Meow.

2 Reality Raver { 08.03.09 at 12:02 am }

CG – I think I stuffed up it starts Aug 10th not tomorrow night. I just saw an ad.

Alex and Simon were an enigma spending 10’s of 1000’s of dollars on clothes, however their house look like it had been kitted out by fantastic furniture. It was weird they even let them film in it. In a previous article here that I did on Simon and his party connections he responded so obviously googling himself frequently. Here is the link if you have not seen it.

3 Laura { 08.03.09 at 12:04 am }

I agree with CG, the NY version is the only one I will watch :)
I think of the Countess as the most normal and down-to-earth.
Simon and Alex are hilarious, thank you for the interview :)