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Project Runway Australia – Episode 5 – The Men’s Marathon

henry roth

Is John Safran, Henry Roth’s long lost brother? However there is no way John would have worn the floral shirt Henry was wearing at the beginning of the episode, except perhaps for comedic value.
John Safran
John Safran

 Apparently the housemates particularly the boys are underwhelmed by Kelly-Anne and thought she should have been eliminated last week. Michael aka Tresemme continued with his bitchy queen persona and said “She has dodged so many bullets …she’s a big target”.  Ouch. 

Tonight’s challenge was to convince a complete stranger to become their client, then create a modern cutting-edge outfit with a minimum of three pieces for a complete stranger. The clanger was the client had to be male, they had to find him, and he would have to model it on the runway. 

They have two days for the challenge.

Yopie and Anthony were the first to find some male models and get to Rathdowne Fabrics, whilst Kelly-Anne wandered aimlessly around.

“Normally it  takes a few drinks to get rejected this many times.” said Kelly-Anne. And I am not surprised if her pick up lines are as crap  as the lines she was using tonight to try and cajole a guy to model for her. “Do you want a make-over?” she was screeching which implies they currently look crap. She needed to sell it a bit better like “Do you want a new funky wardrobe?”

At 5.20pm Kelly-Anne still was not back at the Whitehouse. By the time she got there she was completely psyched out, and had “no fucking idea”  what she was going to do. But the next day she pulled it together a bit better. However the jacket she made her client looked like something an eskimo would wear.

Michael’s outfit morphed from Peter Allen Cococobana, to gay rodeo.

Anthony who was having difficulty in selling the MC Hammer pants to his client, should have told him it makes it penis look bigger (which by the way it did), then he may have agreed too wear them.

Mark’s was like Star Trek top covered by a black shiny billowing jacket, which Sarah Gale described as something you would wear at the hairdressers.

Yopie was struggling, by the end of the second day and had yet to make a third piece. Kelly-Ann wrote a list of all the things she had to do to finish, and William gave her a hand as well by sewing a few things for her.

In was Runway time:

Lauren’s trench was praised, but the shorts and t-shirt were given the thumbs down.

They all liked William’s  “modern and sophisticated” outfit.

Yopie’s coat was badly made but Jayson Brundson thought it was quite modern.

Anthony’s “not a commerical pants” copped a bollocking from  Sarah Gale.

Alex Zabotto-Bentley, who was the guest judge tonight, told Kelly-Ann the jacket was too feminine.

The judges liked the Jim Morrison look of Michael’s, who had designed for  a boy that was in a indie band.

It was obvious William was going to win tonight as his outfit was by far and away the best.

Kelly-Anne has been bottom feeding for awhile, so it was no surprise she was eliminated. Mark would have gotten a scare by being in the bottom two where he was told his outfit was “safe and boring”.

Next week is the wildcard round with the chance for two designers to reenter the competition. Fun, fun, fun.


1 Injera { 08.06.09 at 1:36 pm }

Fun episode!

Agree, RR – Kellyanne’s approach of “do you want a makeover” was bound to fail. Why did she persist with it? Particularly the screaming-it-out-like-a-crazy-person in Fed Square.

Mirt – a man skirt. A new vocabulary item I probably won’t ever have to use again, but it’s there now… just in case! Tresemme obviously hadn’t taken note of the correct terminology. Why was Anthony surprised that his client wanted neither Hammer pants nor a mirt?

How did Yopie manage to squander her lead? She was lucky that William stepped in – do you think he only did so because he really wanted Kellyanne to go? He did say that it wasn’t “time” for Yopie to go. Alternatively, he could be deliberately keeping someone around that he knows won’t be a threat – due to poor time management/slow working – when the pointy end comes…

Sarah was spot on with her “hairdresser’s cape” call – that was the first thing I thought when I saw it, too. Henry will feel the wrath of the Trekkies, I fear, for his “Beam me up, Spock” misquote!

I didn’t understand Kellyanne’s “The accomplishment of what I’ve achieved… outweighs any positive or negative comments” interview comment. Recorded after the verdict as a face saver?

Kristy’s great in the judge-talk section, but it drives me bats that she wriggles around so much when she’s addressing the designers from the runway. When she advised Anthony: “You have immunity and cannot be eliminated this week, so you’re in” was she intimating that he would have been in trouble otherwise? Or is this her usual phrasing and I’ve not noticed it before?

2 Colls Bolls { 08.07.09 at 11:47 am }

Glad Kelly-Anne’s gone. I wouldn’t have taken any notice of the opinion of her model who’s grasp of english was not great. He wouldn’t have been game to say anything but yes. The coat was dreadful.

I had to laugh at Kelly-Anne running around offering makeovers in that horrid dress. Also, both Anthony & William wearing skirts! It was definitely going to take a game guy to accept an offer of a wardrobe makeover from either of them.

I was amazed at how much smaller the group seemed with the two gone from last week.

Can Kristy please not keep saying ‘one of you will be out’! She doesn’t have the Heidi flair and it’s just getting monotonous.

3 Jayden { 08.07.09 at 8:34 pm }

“Michael’s was like Star Trek top covered by a black shiny billowing jacket, which Sarah Gale described as something you would wear at the hairdressers.”

I presume you mean Mark, not Michael.

4 Reality Raver { 08.07.09 at 9:33 pm }

Jayden – thanks for picking that up I will fix it. I always get those to confused.
Injera and Colls Bolls – Re: the Mirts – that is the difference between Melbourne and Sydney. In Sydney if they had been running around Martin Place there would have been guys positively begging for a mirt.

I did not mind Kelly-Anne I thought she was forthright, but I think she is not as good designer as some of the others on the show, and it was her time to leave.

Injera – I agree, I thought Michael’s outfit was over praised for what it was.

5 Laura { 08.08.09 at 3:29 am }

I actually liked Mark’s jumper. It may not have exactly been “fashion-forward” (please, I never want to hear that phrase again) but it was something my brothers would wear, unlike any of the other outfits.
I thought that it was unfair to make them find their own models, it is supposed to be a design competition & it just seemed like manipulated drama.
I’m glad Kelly-Anne left and I felt very sorry for her model, he seemed soo sweet. William’s outfit definitely deserved to win.
It was really nice of William to help Yopi so much, I don’t think that he was being strategic. I know that Yopi is tough and probably requested no preferential treatment but I really think that she is disadvantaged as her crutches really slow her down, especially when they have time constraints to get fabrics and other materials. Also just running around the sewing room.
My favourite is Mark at this point.