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The Amazing Race – I’m Not Wearing That Girl’s Leotard

phil's eyebrow

I don’t know what the worst thing was about that gymnastic challenge in Romania, having to wear a leotard, or having to do a cartwheel. I would still be there trying to do one.

The brother and sister team, Tammy and Victor, at 10.13am were first to leave the pitstop. Teams were to fly to Bucharest, Romania and head to a gymnastic hall for their next clue.

Tammy and Victor got a great head start  by being the only team to get on a 3.20pm flight. But then they had something happen that I have yet to see on all the seasons I have been watching the show. The flight had to turn back because of technical issues. So the other teams who were on a 4.45pm flight suddenly were in the lead.

They were with the last few  teams on a 9.00pm flight which would not arrive in Buchurest until after midnight.

It was roadblock time  at the gymnastic hall, cue the leotard and difficult gymasticmoves. If there were any female’s in the team they were the ones that were doing this Roadblock.

They task was to do two different manouvres on three gymnastic apparatuses, the beam, the parallel bars, and the floor. 

Then it was off to Brasov Transylvania, where they had to go to the black church for their next clue.

Amanda and Chris were in the lead at this point, but that all came to a crushing halt as they could not get a train to Brasov until the morning, so all the teams caught up.

Brad and Victoria had tried being tricky and took a flight to Amsterdam to get a connecting flight to Romania which would get them in 25 minutes earlier than the other teams. However once in Amsterdam they found out their flight had left without them, and the rest of the planes were grounded due to fog. They could not fly out until the morning.

This was lucky for Victor and Tammy as they were having a shocker. They got lost on the way to the gymnastic hall and Tammy did the roadblock, and was not a great. I was feeling her pain as she cannot cartwheel, then she could not somersault. Victor is a bit bossy and makes all the decisions which was going to lead them into even greater catastrophe later in the episode.

All the teams except Brad and Victoria were now on a level playing field.

It was no surprise once they got to the church that the clue was a detour.

They had the choice between Gypsy Moves and Vampire Remains.
Gypsy Moves – they must load all the family belongings onto a horse and cart and move them to another location and then unload again.


Vampire Remains – Teams must drag a coffin to a point and then must impale frames on a stake to get a flag to claim their next clue.

Jamie and Cara were involved in another The Amazing Race Curse which is having a taxi disaster. Their driver had no clue where to take them.

Victor and Tammy were quick to the detour location, but then he stuffed it by following the wrong markers and then not listening to Tammy who was saying they should turn back. He kept saying going back would be a big mistake. Finally when he had to admit he stuffed up he started to weep. I mean seriously was it soooo humiliating to have to admit your baby sister was right?

Amanda and Kris were first to finish the detour and should have been heading to the  pitstop which was at Vila Panoramic. However they had lost their fanny pack, they had left it at the start of the gypsy challenge. The editors were trying to make it look like the gypsy’s might be living up to their European reputation of scamming and thieving. Very naughty. But of course they found the pack.

But this gave father and son team Mike and Mel, the opportunity to slip past and be the first team to arrive. They won a trip to Costa Rica.

Amanda and Kris came in second, and Tammy and Victor were still walking on that mountain. Victor wept and they finally went back down the mountain. Oh but their pain was not over yet they lost one of the keys off their coffin, therefore they had to look for the key on the grass. They found it and finally got to the pit stop to find out it was their lucky day and they were the second last team to arrive.

 Brad and Victoria were last to arrive, and they were eliminated. Here is an interview with Brad and Victoria.

Also I note that Phil’s one eyebrow lift did not make an appearance this episode.


1 Wurstsemmel { 08.07.09 at 7:49 am }

No, Phil’s eyebrow is replacing Paula Abdul on Idol.

Great recap, great photo.

Thought my team was a goner wandering around on that mountain. That girl needs to get some backbone and stand up for herself and he needs to get over himself.

2 Reality Raver { 08.07.09 at 12:15 pm }

I could not believe Victor was still crying when he was giving the post pit stop interview. Whereas Tammy was dry eyed. I suppose he knew if they had been eliminated it would have been his fault. They were exceedingly lucky. I would have been interested to know how many hours behind they were the other teams.

3 seepi { 08.07.09 at 12:19 pm }

Ah Victor – he should have done the gymnastics if he thought he was so good at it. I can’t cartwheel either – but surely everyone can somersault.

What would happen if someone really couldn’t cartwheel. Do you think there is a secret agreement that after 20 attempts they will be passed? Or would the marker just take pity on them at some point and let them go on. Surely noone would have to leave the game over being unable to cartwheel correctly – what if one of the older people just really couldn’t do it?

I think Victor cried becuase he had climbed all the way up that enormous mountain, all for nothing – i think that would make me cry!

4 Reality Raver { 08.07.09 at 12:48 pm }

Seepi – I think they did let Tammy through as her cartwheels did not appear to have improved that much. I reckon I would have had difficulty on the beam as well.

If Victor had listened at the beginning he would not have hiked all the way up there. They both must be pretty fit. Having said that I like that pair, as I do Mike and Mel.

5 Injera { 08.07.09 at 4:00 pm }

Loved the ep and recap, but the prods are really going overboard on stereotypes this season (to great comic effect). Romania – of course, gypsies and vampires! It was Kris who started howling about the prospect of his “fanny pack” being stolen and I started to get a bit nervous about how far they were going to take the cliched view. I still don’t understand why he took it off in the first place? If he really needed the extra “grunt” for loading up the wagon, he could have given it to Amanda.

Victor’s going to have a hard time facing his law firm colleagues, given his breakdown on the Romanian hillside. He was making no sense by the end of it “I’m not sure we’re going the right way but we can’t turn back!”. Oh, really? Tammy did a magnificent job of not gloating when they spotted the real markers. I’d have been “ha! Told you! Red and yellow!” but that’s also why I’d never want to be filmed whilst travelling with someone I cared about…

6 sourkraut { 08.07.09 at 9:56 pm }

This show is getting boring already. They seem to have edited out all the american crassness. Has the arrival of Obama (god bless him and protect him) with his even handed fairer foreign policy!!! suddenly made americans realise they should behave themselves in public for a change. (that’ll draw some crabs)

I’d like to see the editing concentrate on watching contestants annoy the crap out of other passengers on a plane by getting up b4 the seatbelt sign and pushing their way to the exit in a desperate bid to gain a few minutes. Likewise for the cameras anywhere else they are getting in ordinary citizens way, and to see someone get annoyed and tell them to f@#$ off would be priceless.
I want to see more of my team “the blondes” in leotards! (just to check out the efficacy of silicon you no doubt realise) anyway go hosties! yay!!.
At the next roadblock they should have to cook a crockofbush with fatso and his sidekicks doing the judging ( to help my blondies a la justine)
Finally, do all Romanian gypsies really own the front half of an upper car body?

7 Reality Raver { 08.07.09 at 11:07 pm }

Sourkraut – I laughed out loud about the plane comments. Your right they are always the first off the plane, there must be a heap of disgruntled passengers.

I don’t think the producers of the show portrayed gypsies in a positive light.

8 Injera { 08.07.09 at 11:32 pm }

Ha! Sourkraut – they did have the cheerleader (sorry, former cheerleader) berating the taxi driver for not being able to understand her phonetic Romanian!

[Not that I am a distinguished linguist – have no idea about the Romanian language – but was surprised that Tammy and Victor went for “rapido” as a cab driver instruction. I’d have thought that English would be the best bet as an intermediary language. As I said, though, no idea about Romanian – perhaps it’s closely related to Spanish.]

9 sourkraut { 08.08.09 at 11:15 pm }

isn’t that a half picture of the star trek martian guy?i forgot his name. Spock?