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Farmer Wants A Wife – Season 4 – The Group Dates

The first couple of episodes of Farmer Wants A Wife is a bit like the first few episodes of Australian Idol just a warm up for the real thing which in this show is when the girls hit the farm.

However this episode the Farmer’s were still in the city trying to whittle five girls down to three to take back to the farm.

Farmer Scott

Scott the 28 year old sheep and cattle farmer group date was swimming with the sharks. The girls were not particularly thrilled at this in the beginning but they were quite exhilarated by the end of it. What I could not work out was why would Louise a medical student want to go live on a farm? Wouldn’t she need to keep on training for a few years?

Scott’s favourite at this stage was Olivia and he liked her and he told her so, she seemed to be flattered.

Scott picked Olivia, Alison and Clare to come back to the farm with him. Angela was a bit weepy she was not picked.

Farmer Steven and Gavin:

Farmer and son team, Steven and Gavin is on a double date at a bowling alley.  Gavin is very popular all his five ladies as they all appear to want him. Theresa is a cack she was falling down and also taking  the opportunity to perve on his arse. I am not sure I could cope with her 24 hours a day as she is full on. But I suppose you could dump her in a back paddock for a few hours if you needed a break.

Theresa managed to snare a kiss and then she ramped it up by saying to him she was ready to go as in leave. Intimating that she wanted to shag him.  

However Kaye the 52 year old interior designer is his favourite and he told her he was very nervous around her. Later on in the episode she said she could be falling in love with him.

Gavin picked Rebecca, Kaye and Theresa to come to the farm.

His son Steven has none of the personality of Gavin in fact he is dreadfully dull. I don’t think this farmer is going to find a match.

Steven’s favourite was Sian,  and he was giving her too much attention and the other four got a bit pissed off.

Steven picked Sian, Danielle and Melissa.

The dynamics with the six girls is going to be interesting.

Farmer Nate:

Farmer Nate’s girls must not have been real thrilled having to cover their party frocks with the Sydney tower coveralls to go on the tower walk.

Carmen the police officer was scared of heights but used it as an opportunity to get a bit more attention as well. They also had a tete a tete as he thought she was a bit nervous, and she said this was because she was attracted to him.

Heidi at this stage is his favourite and she is out there in her personality and playing up the cameras. I really cannot see her being a farmer’s wife. Is she this series Ryley?

Nate picked Heidi, Leonie, and Carmen to come back to the farm.

Farmer Phil

Farmer Phil  is obviously being shown as the sophisticated farmer in this series. He flew with his dates for wining and dining at the Cottage Point Inn. I like the way they make it seem like Phil picked and paid for the date. I thought it hilarious all the girls wore little black dresses.

He had a one on one with Jenny a 34 year old personal trainer who said she did want kids. It appears he is very keen to have kids and soon.

He picked Jane, Georgie and Jenny to join him on the farm.

Farmer Brad:

Farmer Brad the 29 year old cattle farmer has a high likeability factor. He took his dates to Teppenyaki. His favourite was Stacie, and he was not even put off when she thought Teppenyaki was a type of yoga. 

The firls had a competition of who can eat the rice first out of the bowl would get a kiss off Brad. STacie did it, but she had half the rice of the other girls. There does look like they might make a match, unless something goes horribly wrong on the farm. He cannot stop grinning at her, and admitted to camera he could marry her.

I think the other two girls should just enjoy the country air as they may not get a look in.

Brad asked Stacie, Brooke and Tonie (I think I did not quite catch her name) back to the farm.

Brad was pretty excited he said “I struggle with one [girl], I don’t know how I will go with three… I’ll handle it.” And I’m sure he will.

Farmer Russell:

Farmer Russell the 27 year old sheep and cattle farmer took his girls white water rafting. He did make me laugh when he was asked why he was not wearing his swimmers he responded by saying “we are going nude”. I suspect if the girls thought that this was what would get them to the farm they would have done it.

Russel picked Colleen, Nat, and Laura to join him on the farm.

One of his favourites a the beginning of the day Linda did not get a guernsey and he did not give a reason why.

Next week it all starts hotting up and I think there is going to be plenty of romances going on. These girls have seen the series and they know they have to be bold to get the farmer.


1 RetroGirl { 08.11.09 at 11:50 am }

Some random thoughts on last night’s episode:

* Is it just me or is farmer Phil a tad creepy? He also comes across as quite arrogant and not as down to earth as the other farmers.
* RR, I thought it was funny too that they made it look like Phil had chosen the posh location and paid for the date. I mean, I’m sure Brad had never heard of Teppenyaki let alone picked it himself as an ideal venue for his first date.
* Steven does seem very dull and looks older than his 27 years. I felt a bit sorry for him, especially when he made the mistake of ignoring the other girls and just hanging out with his favourite Sian. I can’t see him finding true love on this show.
* Gavin wasn’t kidding when he said his house needs a woman’s touch. I think it needs a professional cleaners touch and perhaps a fumigators touch too by the look of it.
* Very intrigued as to why Russell didn’t pick his early favourite Linda to go back to the farm. It looked like he was going to give a reason, then stopped himself and didn’t explain why. What did she do on the date to knock herself out of pole position?
* Nate seems like a nice bloke but I find him quite dull so far. His date and conversations weren’t very memorable. Hopefully he livens up a bit when he’s back in his own environment.

2 Wurstsemmel { 08.11.09 at 2:12 pm }

I wonder why some of these girls go up for this show – such as the medical student as you mentioned and Heidi? Could be spot on with your comparison to Riley.

Agree with RetroGirl. Phil does seem to have tickets on himself.

Nothing wildly exciting about this series so far.

3 Anon { 09.11.09 at 6:13 am }

Retro-Girl- Gavin tries his best. It isn’t easy living on a cane property in QLD.