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The Amazing Race – It Was Like A Caravan Of Idiots

“Those were pretty powerful beavers who made that dam, they must be females,” said the NFL cheerleaders when they realised their first clue for the next leg of the race was to get to a hydroelectric dam in Siberia.

They immediately were my favourite team for this episode, compounded when they tricked the vertically challenged stuntmen into thinking they were talking to Lufthansa Airlines.

Mike and Mel were the first team to leave the pit stop at 10.49pm, and Tammy and Victor were the last team to leave at 1.30am. They definitely had a crap leg in the last episode.

The teams had to get to Siberia via Moscow. They were all getting to Moscow on different airlines, but should all hook up on the domestic flight to get to their final destination. However that was not the case, the stuntman, the sisters, and the flight attendants got to the dam first and had to wait until 8.30am for it to open. The other five teams were in Moscow still.

This episode did not show American’s in good light in relation to Russian history.

The airline stewardesses on looking at the mural of Lenin on the wall could not identify who it was. “Is it the guy who built it?”

The stunt guys were leading and they then had to proceed to the Church of Saint Innokenty for their next clue.

Detour – Stack or Construct.

Stack must stack a pile of firewood or construct must build a set of wood shutters, and then install them at a house.

The siberian women watching were already hitting the vodka.

“It was like jenga” said the sisters. The stacking looked more difficult then first thought. However the flight attendant were dealing with it quite well. The stuntmen were having a shocker and knocked down the example wood stack as well as their own and would have had to put that back up as well. At this stage if I was them I would have pissed off to do the window construct which they did.

This pair were having  a shocker and could not find the house where the shutters had to be installed.

Kisha and Jen finished the detour first, and they would have the first chance  u-turning a team. This season they have made it so teams don’t have to identify themselves as the perpertrator of the evil deed.

The team then had to go to the Museum of Novel for their next clue. It was onto Bobgrovy Log Park for their next clue.

And it was Roadblock   – The team must complete a bob sled course in under four minutes as they are on the way down they had to see seven letters and then deciper them to find the name of a famous russian playwright. It was Chekhov which would have been pretty obvious. But it was a bit difficult for some  ok nearly all. Oh my God, I knew the US hated the Soviet Union for all those years of the Cold War. But really this was ridiculous.

But most teams were still not facing this dilemma. Back at the detour Mike and Mel’s wall fell as did the dating couple Kris and Amanda, and the cheerleaders. Mike amd Mel bailed to construct the window. 

The stuntman were still going around in circles.

Margie and Luke finished their stack and propelled themselves into third place. Victor and Tammy also gained ground here and overtook Margie and Luke at the roadblock to finish third.

Amanda and Chris bailed to the construction, and their day was going to get worse as they were U-Turned, which meant they had to go and stack the logs as well.  

They all went wandering around to try and find the house that need repair, and Mike said “It was like a caravan of idiots holding their ladders with all their stuff on it.”

Kisha and Jen finally arranged the letters to finish the roadblock first.  They had to get to the pitstop at the Krasnoyarsk Theatre, but got lost and the flight attendants came in first. The both won a motorcycle.

Victor got Chekhov easily, and in his post race chat to camera said “who doesn’t know who Chekhov was” clearly a few of them. Luke was one and he was having great difficulty. The cheerleaders fluked it first go. Mike, and one of the stuntment were the only others who knew who the playwright was.

The stuntmen arrived at the pitstop without the requisite of money, but eventually got to the mat as team number seven. Amanda and Kris were the last team to arrive. Apparently they were only ten minutes behind.

Exit interview with Kris and Amanda on Reality Wanted.


1 Wurstsemmel { 08.14.09 at 10:03 am }

I thought that was so funny when the team didn’t recognise Lenin. Perhaps they thought he was the Soviet leaner-meaner Colonel Sanders?

And Chekhov? Not much of a stretch. Should have given them something tougher to spell like Solzhenitsyn or Dostoevsky but then I’m mean.

Getting over my initial preconceptions and actually beginning to love the cheerleader team. Still can’t quite work out how they took a call from the stunt guys but it was hilarious.

What’s missing from this series so far is the usual ‘self-destruct’ team. I like a bit of hissy fit along with the rest of the drama.

2 seepi { 08.14.09 at 2:22 pm }

This series is nice in that noone seems to be a complete creep – although that does always make for good tv moments.

Is it just me, or would Luke the deaf guy stand out less if he were just slightly less animated, and a little quieter? I realise he should be able to be however he wants, but I wonder if he knows he is so noticeably different, just by his larger than life actions.

I thought he did well to get Chekhov – all the rest should have been able to guess some Russian type sounds, but he was really starting with a blank slate. I think the marker tried to hint he was nearly right at one point with non-commital head shaking instead of just ‘no’ when he had Khechov, but he didn’t notice.

3 Injera { 08.14.09 at 5:57 pm }

I was half hoping for a non-elimination leg, so that we could get some fireworks when Amanda and Kris accused Kisha and Jen of U-Turning them, because of course it couldn’t have been lovely Margie and Luke! I think these two were shaping up to be Wurstsemmel’s “self destruct” team as I’m sure it wouldn’t have been long before Kris got sick of doing everything, but we’ll never know.

Watching Luke struggle with the puzzle was awful, but probably made worse by the fact that we kept hearing Margie saying “oh, he doesn’t do well when he’s frustrated” – he mightn’t have taken all that much longer than the blondes.

I think the stuntmen should have been penalised a bit for not paying full fare. Is this the first time money has been mentioned this season? The begging-from-locals was always a low point of previous seasons so I was hoping the budgets had been more generous this time around (or were they spending their per diem on borscht and vodka?).

4 Reality Raver { 08.14.09 at 9:12 pm }

Wurstsemmel – I agree I like the sense of humour of the cheerleaders. I think the producers probably cast Kris and Amanda thinking they would be the self combusting team. But after a minor tiff in the first episode they had been working together well.

Injera – yes agree about penalty for the stunt men. In the first episode one team copped a 30 minute penalty (this was not shown) for not having enough money for the taxi. I think this was Switzland, so maybe not ok to beg.

Those stunt guys cannot be long in the competition, they have been pretty underwhelming most of the way through.

Seepi – I suppose because of Luke’s deafness he probably has no concept of the loudness of his talking.

I don’t think Margie and Luke did the wrong thing by U-Turning kris and Amanda, they are a strong team so take the opportunity to take them out when you can.

5 seepi { 08.14.09 at 10:37 pm }

I think the self-destruct team went out in Ep 1. And then the hill-billy couple went out early too. So we are left with the nice but less dramatic couples.

I didn’t understand the whole taxi fare bit – I thought maybe the driver was trying to rip the stunt guys off.

But I am very glad the show has given up on the begging – that was cringe-worthy stuff.

The tasks are all very stage managed and purpose built this season. I kind of miss the days of them eating stuff in actual restaurants, or catching fish at real piers etc.

But I am still loving the show.

6 sourkraut { 08.15.09 at 2:46 pm }

bugger bugger bollocks. I missed it and forgot to turn the tape on! R R from your excellent description it sounds like an episode that was actually worth watching!
As to the US hating Russia for the cold war, wots surprising? They hate ANYONE who has the vaguest temerity to even slightly disagree with their last centuries worth of biassed foreign policy!
Anyhoo back to the EP My airline hosties, the blondes apparently won. YAY! In fact to make it better they failed to recognise LENIN. I would have thought that was a plus and I assume they had fun with Chekov. They should have watched Monty Python, that would’ve helped.
So it sound like we dont have a larry moe and curly team or even an Abbott & Costello team or a laurel & Hardy. Pity!
lets hope for some major serious gauchocrassity next ep. Surely they cant all stay naice for the whole show.
Anyone know where to next? Also anywhere I can download the ep?
Finally keep those MONSTER dams coming, I love em!

7 Reality Raver { 08.15.09 at 8:57 pm }

Sourkraut – I was surprised they did not get the contestants to bungy jump off the top of the dam ala James Bond the ultimate cold war hero.

8 sourkraut { 08.16.09 at 4:52 pm }

R R I liked the Bond yarn where he dived off the dam into a falling plane started it up and soared majestically away in triumph. Talk about REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually sean Connery was the ONLY Bond, the others were either too smooth, too rough or too unbelievable.