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Farmer Wants A Wife – The Girls Arrive At The Farm

Seven farmers is just too many to cram into a one hour episode of Farmer Wants a Wife. We barely got to see the Farmer’s and what they were like, let alone the girls they had chosen to come to the farm. It was a like a very fleeting glimpse into their lives this week, which means it is hard to emotionally connect with any of them.

Anyway that whinge aside this is the part of the show I like – when they get on the farm, and this week the farmer had to decide which girl to send home to leave him with just two for the final week.

Farmer Russell who is the complete package, good looking, intelligent, and good fun had three girls competing for his heart they were Colleen a school teacher, personal assistant Laura, and Natalie an interior designer.

Cowboy Nate’s girls were Heidi a dance teacher who reckons he gives her butterflies was first girl off the plane. The two other girls are Leonie who is 35 years old and she seems very desperate to have kids, and police officer Carmen who is also keen and “reckons she was in for the long haul”.

Farmer Phil’s girls were 37 year old Jane who is ready to settle down, Georgina who wants a storybook romance (do they exist?), and Jenny who is a personal trainer. He must like blondes as all three were of that hair colour. We barely got to see any of his girls this episode.

Farmer Brad’s girl Amy and Brooke arrived on a train, but his third girl Stacie was able to drive as she lives in the next town. And at this point Stacie and Brad appear to be the ones to hook up. “She’s a pretty special girl,” he said.

Scott lives in Mungindi is serious about getting a wife, but really on  the first day do you take them to the wheat storage centre to catch mice. I would have packed and gone at this stage, even if it is a nine hour drive to Sydney.

His three girls are Alison, Olivia, and Clare and they all seem very nice. But we only really got to see Olivia this episode.

Gavin looks like he is having a ball with his three women Theresa, Rebecca and Kay. However the girls are all getting a bit squished with six girls in one house and one bathroom.

Two of Steven’s girls Melissa and Sian have some sort of rivalry occurring, because Melissa is jealous that Steve prefers Sian than her. Steven is still as boring as ever, even having to watch them hose each other as they were “cleaning equipment” was dull.

On the first night the men had to cook.

Gavin and Steven put some cheap sausages on the BBQ. But most of the other meals were bit more sophisticated, except for Brad who dished up pie, pea and chips. Phil who had previously burnt down his house with a malfunctioning fondue set, looked like he was about to do it again, but managed to get it out of the house. I am sure his insurance company would have been thrilled if another fondue related claim had come through. In fact that would have to set a guinness record of Number of time you have burnt you house down with a fondue set…

Carmen may have blown it by making an early move on Nate and getting into a friendly wrestle. Leonie nor her ticking ovaries were very impressed with her “You don’t always have to be the alpha female” she sniped. Leonie looks like she is not going to get her eggs fertilised by Nate  as she was not keen to having to prove herself to him for the next week, and basically told him she would go home.

However Nate thought Carmen was competitive and jealous, which was not a characteristic he found attractive. She explained her over the top behaviour by saying “I have never been  attracted to any guy I have gone out with” then she went on to say she was attracted to him.

Gav and Kay had some quiet one on one time, and he made sure he got a kiss.

On the same farm Sian was missing her daughter Paris (no I am not touching that), but she also thought Steven was cute, clearly she thinks a bloke having a personality is not essential.

Brad and Brooke went on a date, and this made Stacie paranoid that he was not interested in her. Brooke’s date was to wash his dog because she was a dog groomer. Brooke was keen on him and said “he is pretty much exactly what I want.” I like Brooke in fact I like all of Brad’s girls.

Scott and Olivia were hitting it off. He seems a tad quiet, but he reckons he is a bit overwhelmed by the situation. He made a move on her in front of the sunset by putting his arm about her, but she pulled away. That little manouvre may back fire for her.

And it looks like we have our first Mills and Boon ending with Brad finally confessed to Stacie said “you are all I ever wanted in a girl” and she said “this is perfect”. Will he send both other girls home?


1 Wurstsemmel { 08.18.09 at 3:25 pm }

This series is magic. It put me off to sleep again.

Good job I have your recap, RR.

Agree that Steven is as dull as dishwater. Those snags he was cooking have more personality. He’s not a chip off the old block which is lucky for Gavin’s ladies. Favourite has to be Russell – hope he hooks up with Colleen. They look like a good match. And I don’t mind Brad either but the rest? ZZzzzzZZZzzz

2 Sooty { 08.18.09 at 3:30 pm }

Love the editing – aside from each bloke’s obvious favourite, there’s a clump of no name women with identikit streaks – as if the editors think, don’t worry, she’s gone soon, so you don’t need to know. Way to build the “tension”, nine.

I am also confused as to why they got off at a station that sure didn’t look like Lithgow. Mt Victoria maybe… ?

3 reality raver { 08.19.09 at 6:24 am }

Sooty good call on the train station I did not even register that this guy is meant to live out of Lithgow. With the undulating green hills it is probably Mt Vic. Also Brad’s house is really nice do you think his parent’s have moved out for the 10 days?

Wurstsemmel – I have to confess I am not enjoying as much as last season. But maybe once I get to know the characters more.