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Project Runway Australia – The Fruit and Vege Challenge

“Got to blow something, I have been locked up in the house for a month” William Zabootin said. No Project Runway Australia had not turned into some SBS late night movie,  but just an indication that getting near the pointy end of the competition the contestants were starting to go stir crazy.

Fortunately they are out of the house now, but the show’s craziness finally ended for them on Tuesday night at the Project Runway Australia finale. I and my co-hort in reality TV crime Injerawas lucky enough to be guests of Foxtel and Fremantle to watch the top five send their designs down the runway. For those who don’t know the top five designers in both the US and Australian series put on a runway show so that no one will know who is in the top three.

We are all sworn to secrecy about what was in the collections if not they will probably come into my blog and hack it if I divulged any information. Needless to say there were some stunning outfits.

Also at the after party I went up to Amber Renae to sort out a misunderstanding via twitter where she thought I “did not like” her. She felt the the first blog post I wrote that it said I hated her. I pointed out au contraire she was the first contestant I mentioned and I was priming her up for a starring role on my blog posts over the following weeks, however she turned into a bit player, and other “characters” like Yopie, Michael, William and Kelly Anne were getting the most face to camera time. She said her family and friends were also surprised about this as well.

I looked at my post I had written in back in episode one – and to be honest I think what I wrote was accurate.

Amber Renae photo with Paris Hilton at the beginning of the episode is indicative of the reason she went on Project Runway Australia. Meeting her last week she admitted she was not interested in becoming a designer but was extremely open to any ongoing media opportunities.

She is a stylist so maybe she is hoping Arena will do an Australian version on The Rachel Zoe Project for her to star in.

I think she does have the goods to host a show, and think if Foxtel ever produce a version of Shear Genius they should at least audition her for the role of host.

Anyway enough of that frivolity back to the latest episode and William’s frustrations.

Living without loving was not the only thing doing William’s head in, this week they had merged living quarters and he was not coping with living with the women. “They are a little messy and a little needy,” he said and Allan Pease would have had a field day with his body language, arms crossed and back turned.

Other contestants moods were dour when Yopie picked Lauren’s model for this weeks challenge, with the knock on effect of Lauren taking Mark’s. Mark was not happy with his model as he was last to pick.

The next day at 4.50am Henry Roth woke them all up with a kiss and told them they had 30 minutes to get ready. There must be a few showers in the apartment, and they were then taken to Queen Victoria Markets.

“I am a fashion designer  and I am not here to sell fruit” said William. And once it was known the materials for the next challenge were around them they all looked shocked, and afraid, very afraid…

The challenge was to create an outfit with the food and the packages they come in. They will only have 10 hours to do the challenge. They got 30 minutes and $100 to purchase the ingredients. However they could use the eco calico bags for material as well.

Lauren bought onions, Anthony beetroot, William went for pulses and quail eggs.  Ivana cleaned out the stall of their cabbage. At this point there was not a lot of strategy about what they were going to design.

Back at the Whitehouse institute Lauren was peeling onions with a white suit and glasses on which made her look like she was clearing up after a white powder incident, and I am not talking about a Kerry Katona related one.

Mark was gagging at William’s blowing out the egg, and we don’t need to repeat that line again as we get it William you are frustrated.

Yopie whose ultimate goal is to be a household name was battling with artichokes leaves that were very uncooperative. They were not able to be machine sewn, stapled or glued, and she had to hand sew them all on. She was having her usual time management issues. Speaking of Yopie, on Twitter last night someone said she had a helper I did not spot it, but if she had a helper at the Queen Victoria Markets I think that is fair.

Henry said to Lauren I am seeing a designer emerge with her own style.

He did not say the same to Yopie.

Mark was having a mini nervous breakdown and I would have been grabbing the xanax too, as his was hideous.

Ivana’s was stunning, using silverbeet stalks to make a bodice was inspired, and the use of cabbage leaves was fantastic.

Yopies was bad but it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Time for the judges to have their say. Jayson Brundson was not there, and he was replaced by Alex Zabotto-Bentley, and Bettina Liano.

Ivana’s was given generally positive reviews “It looks tailored” said Bettina Liano, and  “very evolved” said Zabatto-Bentley. Sarah Gale said it “looks feminine and sexy”. Host Kristy Hinze was not enamoured by the bodice.

Mark’s was a disaster “Don’t understand the square top” said Sarah Gale, “she looks a bit like take me to your leader.” Well Mark does like that Trekkie look.

Zabotto thought Yopie’s was  “Very josephine baker… but then I thought Pebbles and Bam Bam.”

Lauren’s 59 onion dress was seen as being something that was fashionable and very now said Liano, but Sarah Gale thought it was a safe option.

But poor William copped what I thought was some unfair criticism, as his was my second favourite, however Sarah Gale said – bottom of skirt  “bit of safe option”. I disagree  I thought the detail of his outfit was amazing. The rasta hat made out of bread was original and the jewellry made out of quails eggs was stunning.

Anthony’s beetroot dress was called almost ‘couture’ by Zabatto.

Kristy came up with this illuminating comment about Mark’s  “Ugly does not sell” she said, which is interesting considering some of the over the top outfits she has worn this season.

Ivana won which was the right decision. With Lauren second, Anthony third, poor William was fourth, and Yopie was eliminated. They got it right this week.


1 Injera { 08.20.09 at 12:50 pm }

The Runway show on Tuesday certainly has me fired up for the last few episodes! I’m going to seek out Shear Genius to suss out Amberrenae’s fit for the role – she should be snapped up to host something (and should be on the lookout for her very own Brad and Taylor to keep it interesting…!).

I loved the fact that the girls missed Michael because he had been doing their hair. Couldn’t they at least have pretended they missed him?

I actually felt a bit sorry for the models when Yopie threw the eco-system out. Then it was all flashbacks to school sport again and that’s good for nobody.

The music for Henry’s creep up the stairs sounded like the Inspector Gadget theme song. And wouldn’t the early-morning wake up and kiss constitute an unsafe work environment? One of the women voiced over that he was trying to pull her blankets off… It was a wee bit icky.

My favourite William comment was “I’ve made a lot of things out of food before. But. I’ve. Eaten. Them.” Hee! Mark must’ve been so disappointed with his get-up, given his stated intention to produce fashion with produce, “…not just some crazy-arsed costume with spuds on it”. All his crazy-arsed costume was missing was spuds! Take me to your leader, indeed.

Like you, I thought William’s looked fun and pretty and not too much like “food”. Lauren’s was clever, but Anthony and Ivana’s designs and execution were astonishing. So lovely.

“I want to see the produce on your packaging” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “I want to see the passion in your fashion” as Henry’s catchphrase.

As for Kristy and “ugly doesn’t sell”, that really made me laugh. Sorry, I should say Kristy’s delivery of the “ugly doesn’t sell” line was a clever nod by the scriptwriters to the audience’s responses to some of her apparel so far. Funny, though. And I’ve been lukewarm (actually, no, I’ve been COLD) on Kristy’s fringe, but her slicked-back ‘do at the beginning of the show made me pine for the fringe.

2 Colls Bolls { 08.20.09 at 1:59 pm }

Ivana’s outfit was amazing. The cabbage looked like really luxurious fabric. She certainly deserved her win.

I thought they overdid the praise on Lauren’s outfit. The onion skins were great but the shape of the dress itself was pretty blah.

I wasn’t’ overly keen on Anthony’s outfit but that might be just that I was thinking how it would look on a more average sized body. The bodice was so low and the hips so wide, it looked unflattering. Having said that, the colour was fabulous.

I liked William’s dress, particularly the skirt which was beautiful. Mark’s outfit was VERY blah but Yopie’s was definitely the worst. I expected that if Mark & Yopie’s outfits were equally bad, Yopie would be the one to go home as Mark has been so strong on the majority of challenges.

I don’t think that I’ve liked any of the outfits that Kristy has worn yet, you’d think they’d be really careful since everyone watching is going to be critiquing her outfit just as much as the designers’ themselves.

3 Dolph Ziggler { 08.20.09 at 11:21 pm }

A meat and two veg challenge would have made better viewing.

4 kccody { 08.23.09 at 12:38 pm }

Ivana’s ws pretty and deserving of the win. BUT- she was rested and refreshed after being out awhile. When I am in charge, the only way designers will get a chance to come back is at the final challenge. Unfair….

5 Gabriel { 08.24.09 at 4:24 pm }

If someone is writing Kristy’s lines then they should be sacked – it may be true that ugly doesn’t sell (and she liked the line so much she said it twice), but nor do dresses made from fruit and vegetables, so it was hardly an appropriate observation for the challenge.
I loved Ivana’s dress.