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The Amazing Race – Racing Through Siberia

Seeing Phil Keoghan in his underwear was the reason to watch this episode of The Amazing Race, unfortunately my partner was watching it with me so I could not rewind it to see it more than once.

Racing through Siberia, Russia has been The Amazing Race coup. The language and cultural barrier has meant it is a much harder country to go through then some of the more mainstream European countries which means people can go from first to last, which is what happened to the hosties last night.

Just a few quick thoughts from last night’s episode:

  • I did not understand why Victor took off from the cheerleaders, and Margie and Luke, when it would only create ill will, and that stage they were at the head of the pack, anyway karma got them in the end with Luke and Margie coming in first.
  • I really like the cheerleader team smart, athletic and running the race with some sort of ethics.
  • The Amazing Race producers must have had a difficult time organising the show through Russia, as even getting a visa to go to the country is a procedural pain in the neck.
  • But it was worth it as it is reality TV gold – the snow when it is probably autumn over there, and the crazy detours and roadblocks.
  • However I did think the Russian Bride detour should have involved a fat aged white man at the end of it carrying a laptop.
  • In the roadblock where they had to do the run, did anyone else think it was interesting that the cheerleader, Tammy, and of the black sisters had to be provided with underwear? I can sort of understand it as when would you get the time to wash and dry it in a 12 hour stopover, and you want to keep your packs light. However the poor girl that did actually have her own underwear only had a g-string (or thong) as they say in the US.
  • I am starting to think Luke and Margie, and Victor and Tammy will be top three, and I am unsure of the other team. The mini stunt men have been pretty unspectacular throughout the race, but I suppose they have been consistent in never looking like they are going to be eliminated, but also not looking like they are ever going to win  a leg.
  • However Margie was about to climb into a truck not a snow plough.
  • Lucky for the hostesses it was a non-elimination round, and instead of having all their money taken off them they will have to do a speed hump in the next episode, where there is a challenge that they have to do as well as the others, somehow I don’t think they are a good enough team to make up the time.


1 Wurstsemmel { 08.21.09 at 12:31 pm }

I was working last night and had to take calls during this so I missed most of it, even though I tried to keep one eye on the screen. I didn’t see Phil in his underwear at all – so now I must rewatch today. Now.

Thanks for the recap. Victor is my team but intellectually bright as he may be, he’s extremely socially inept. I think he is going to seriously going to undermine his team’s chances.

I thought the g-string run was a little cheeky. Pathetic pun intended. All of the runners should have been provided with underwear to run in. Just shows your mother is always right. Clean underwear, no holes every day because you just never know when you’re going to be required to jog through Novosibirsk in next to nothing.

I continue to swing towards the cheerleader team. Quite different to previous cheerleaders on the race : smart, funny, out to have fun and decent with it. Go cheerleaders! I never thought I’d say that.

The hosties have long outstayed their time on the race. I think the speedhump will finish them off next week.

Russia has been fun. Next week looks like India. Again?

2 elisabethlily { 08.21.09 at 6:54 pm }

I rewound Phil in his underwear despite my husband being in the room. And loved the bit where they attempted to pronounce the full name of the library/biblioteca! What a fantastic episode and show, so many laugh out loud moments!

3 Jacqui { 08.21.09 at 7:32 pm }

This was a really funny episode watching them run in their underwear! Should have made them run naked! That would have been better! Wish this was on more than once a week!

4 seepi { 08.21.09 at 10:03 pm }

I missed Phil in underwear – when was that?

And I must be the only person who didn’t like the underwear thing. I thought it was tacky and a bit exploitative if you think about it too much.

With that challenge, and the russian bride one, they aren’t even pretending the task is some local custom anymore.

I did love the end tho, when the stunt guys couldn’t even find Phil in the theatre, even as he waved and called to them.

Clueless – and on the dull side also. I hope they go next.

5 sourkraut { 08.22.09 at 12:11 am }

So all the awkward moments have been moved from this show to another one I accidentally taped and then watched in fascinated utter horror and amazement. Yes I’m talking about “True Beauty.” Good grief is this stuff for real? They should have the contestants of this show doing the amazing race for a bit of true blue american sensitivity! Instead we have a pretty bland lot although I’m starting to develop a dislike of Victor, but his partner seems quite genuine/naice.
My blondies are hanging in there just like her thong which also hung in there with the help of a little vaseline on the right part of the camera lens. ANYHOO why did the blondies get the GRUMPY bride who did not seem to be able to navigate in her own city? Also why not sneak out the Navman?
Finally I couldn’t help thinking about “lada jokes”….. What do you call a lada at the top of a hill…….A miracle (or a merkel if you are a deep southerner). Also, why do ladas have a free tv in the car?……so you have something to do when waiting for the repair mechanic. chk chk boom!