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Australian Idol – Season 7 – Semi-Final 2

Stan Walker and Kate Cook were the first two to make this year’s top 12. But was there voting issues as they did not use the 1902 numbers tonight as apparently there were some difficulties, I wasn’t expecting the first voting scandal to occur so soon.

With Stan getting through it would appear performing last was still the lucky spot.

Now if I were the singers who missed out last night, I would have been cursing as this was a definitely a weaker semi-final field.

Ashleigh Toole – Hurt – Christine Aguillera

Ashleigh reminds me of Sigrid Thornton mixed with Tina Arena. She gave an amazingly confident performance, and has a very strong voice. I am not sure there is much originality to  her, but she is keen to learn.  Lucky for her she pulled a weak semi as she is a great chance now of getting in the top 12.

“Absolutely on the money,” said Dicko.

“An amazing tool, it is just how we package it and take it forward,” said Jay Dee.

Adam Eckersley – All Fired Up – Pat Benetar

I was bit surprised by Adam’s song choice, and thought it was a bit lame for about the only male rocker in the semi’s. He sang it quite well, but it just did not mesmerise me.

“What I want to see is great that is where I want to see you get to . Push the comfort zone,” said Jay Dee.

“I don’t think you have a super strong voice, but you have voice with character,… what you did then was absolutely spot on for you,” said Dicko.

Marijana Topolavic – Must Have Been Love – Roxette

We did not get to see her in the top 100 show, but that has not stopped a lot of people googling her name. I am not sure if this related to her popularity as a singer or the fact she is Football Superstar contestant Steve Topolavic’s sister.

I cannot stand this Roxette song, and rates in my top 10 most boring songs of all time, right up there with I Just Called To Say I Love You. Therefore I thought the whole performance was bland and dull.

“Unfortunately not engaged by the performance,” said Jay Dee.

“You are super hot, but that was just tepid,” said Dicko and ” That was like being transported back to a Eurovision song contest 1983.” Oh snap Dicko.

I nearly fell off the lounge when Marcia Hines said “It looked like you did not want to be there.” Normally all Marcia says is “You did a great job”. 

 She is going to have to hope all those fans internet searching her translates into votes, as she won’t get a go in the wild card round.

Lauren Street – You Ought to Know – Alanis Morrisette

She made the semi’s in 2005, now I knew top 100 singers could come back but I thought once you were in the semi’s it meant that was the point of no return. I am still not sure how I feel about that will this open a flood of former singers we have seen perform before? She had some crazy eye moves, but her voice is very strong and it will be a very popular song choice. But everything about her to quote Simon Cowell reminds me of a cruise singer.

Having said that it was one of the stronger performances of the night.

Casey Barnes – Her Diamonds – Rob Thomas

We did not get to see much of this Gold Coast singer over the past few weeks, so I had no idea what he was like. He was much more pop than I expected. Was he picking this song to try and appeal to the voting audience? He may have a bit of bad luck tonight having the dial in phone lines down as he ain’t going to get the teen vote.

“Perfect song for you. I think you are thinking slow and steady wins the race…but I think the reason you have not made it is you don’t take many risks.” said Dicko. Ouch.

Nathan Brake – Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On You – Elton John

The only time I have seen this kid was the short exerpt of his audition, and then it was fast forward to the fabulous rendition he did of Queen’s We Are The Champions at the concert. He reminds me of a mix of American Idol’s David Archuleta and Adam Lambert, and I really hope he gets into the top 12.

I thought both Jay Dee and Dicko were both correct and a bit harsh when they told him to stop picking anthems. As Marcia said it is only the second song we have seen him sing.

I am not sure what Dicko was getting at when he told him to stop sing songs by gay men. He also said that he had the potential to win the competition.

“My favourite performance of this semi-final so far,” said Dicko.

“Well executed,” said Jay Dee.

This is not as strong a semi as last nights, but there was still some talent. I think the two to get through were Nathan Brake, and Ashleigh Toole. However don’t discount Marijana Topolovic, she appears to have a huge fan base.


1 Anonymous { 08.26.09 at 12:08 am }

I only liked Ashleigh. It’s probably just me, but I seriously don’t get the Nathan love, and I was cringing with my hands over my ears at Lauren’s performance! Even though I disagreed with some of the judges comments tonight I think they were better than yesterday’s offerings. Nice to see them actually, you know, judge!

2 Injera { 08.26.09 at 9:47 am }

First Idol I’ve caught this year and I was pretty underwhelmed. For a start, I was a bit struck by all the creaky tunes being belted out. (Rob Thomas’ counts as a creaky tune because, even though it’s recent, it’s bland and could’ve been recorded in the early 90s.)

Sigrid Thornton mixed with Tina Arena! Classic. And I wasn’t sure why the judges were so all over Lauren – you’re right, Cowell would’ve said “cruise ship”. Just an impersonation – nothing new.

Nathan’s hair frightens me far more than Michael’s (Runway) ever did. I was surprised that he chose such an anthem for this outing – there’s an awful lot for backup singers to do with this song and I think you have to establish yourself a bit before you start risking becoming part of an “ensemble”. If he’s going for the Lambert vibe, he’s got to try a lot harder.

3 TDK { 08.26.09 at 11:17 am }

This semi bored me.
Didn’t liked any of the performances.
Can’t wait till tonight though, when the 16 year old girl performs.

4 Sooty { 08.26.09 at 12:02 pm }

“I am not sure what Dicko was getting at when he told him to stop sing songs by gay men.”

RR- well, I guess he meant that Freddie Mercury and Elton John are apart from being dead in one case “middle-aged gay men” and for this kid, with his hey I’m cool annoying hairsprayed sidesweep fringe and all, it’s a bit strange to be picking songs formerly sung by middleaged gay men off his grannie’s old record pile – and not twisting them up, (my God, how people can compare this dull boy with Glambert!) just doing the cruise ship hey it’s amazing I’m young but I’m a belter cop that thing. He bores the pants off me. So will def be in final 12.

5 TDK { 08.26.09 at 12:12 pm }

LOL Sooty.
Likewise, I hate his hair.

6 Anonymous { 08.26.09 at 7:04 pm }

RR! Not sure where to tell you about this, but guess what? Word on the street is that Talia has joined Lines Ballet company! They are a well regarded, exciting, professional company based in San Francisco, and positions there are rare and highly covetable. Amazing! Check them out:

7 Reality Raver { 08.26.09 at 9:00 pm }

Sooty – I just hope for a diverse top 12. I think Nathan once he gets his song choice together could be quite exciting.

Anon – Thanks for the Talia gossip, I just read it on Twitter. Great news. I will also stick it in a reality Tidbits. I bet this will mean next season we will see even better dancers apply if career opportunities like that present themselves.