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Farmer Wants A Wife – One Of The Girls Is Eliminated

Last night the Farmer’s had to decide to send one of their three girls home.

Farmer Nate: Sent Victorian Police Officer Carmen home. His decision appeared to be based on the facct she was so full on and aggressive in the previous episode when they were out on the farm. In this week’s TV Week it said she was so upset she cried all the way into town.

Farmer Russell: Sent lovely school teacher Colleen home. I was a bit surprised by that as I thought she was lovely. The TV Week said his decision was based on she was quite mature.

Farmer Gavin: Sent Therese home, probably because she is so full on. This is a characteristic that does not seem to be popular with the farmers.

Farmer Steven: Sent home Danielle on the basis that he did not really know her. He might need to speak to her to find out more about her. Does this guy actually communicate with any of the girls.

Farmer Phil: Sent home corporate receptionist Jane, I was sad for her, as she was really lovely. She looked disappointed.

Farmer Scott: Apparently pontificated and worried about the girl he was sending home. However it was made easy for him when one of the girls, Alison, decided to leave as she decided she could not live on the farm. The other girls were wondering if they had dodged a bullet. I am not sure why Scott is so popular he seems very nice, but a tad dull.

Farmer Brad: Sent home Amy who was upset, but really this guy his going to pick Stacie in the end, as this couple looks like they are on.


1 Wurstsemmel { 08.25.09 at 2:58 pm }

I can see why Nate sent home Carmen. She looked so put out previously when he gave the other girls attention – rang a few alarm bells, no doubt.

Like you, I couldn’t fathom why Russell sent Colleen home – I thought they were a sure bet – I hope that decision doesn’t come back and bite him.

Therese seems like fun but being so full on could wear a little thin after a while.

I’m sorry but Steven is somewhat neanderthal. He doesn’t seem to do much more than grunt and I can see why he might be struggling to find love. He’d be hard work. I was surprised he kept the girl who was going to leave though, especially after moaning about her mindgames.

Brad and Stacie is a foregone conclusion I think.

2 reality raver { 08.25.09 at 3:02 pm }

Brad and Stacie are my favourites. I am surprised how little time Farmer Phil is getting. Barely seen Farmer Steven’s girls probably because it is such boring television

3 RetroGirl { 08.25.09 at 6:48 pm }

Farmer Nate: I thought he would send home the girl (Leonie?) who completely shut him down when he asked how long she has been single, and has also been harping on about wanting to leave. She is giving off very negative vibes at the moment. At least Carmen showed an interest in him – even if it was too much!

Farmer Russell – agree that it was a very surprising decision to send home Colleen. She seemed lovely and well suited for him.

Farmer Gavin – I thought he would send home Therese, but felt sorry for her when he did. I think her over-the-top personality is a front and that she’s probably very unsure of herself deep down. She seemed to be fitting into farm life very well too, getting the hang of driving the tractor and transporting the hay. She would have brought some much needed life into Gavin and Steven’s home.

Farmer Steven – poor Steven is coming across as very dull. I was very surprised when he sent home Danielle – after all, they did share a kiss during their one on one. I didn’t think it was a smart move to send home the one girl who has actually demonstrated an attraction to him.

Farmer Phil – I’m a bit bored by Phil and really couldn’t care who he picks at this point. Harsh but true.

Farmer Scott – I’m baffled by Scott’s popularity too. Sure he’s cute, but there doesn’t seem to be much personality to back it up. Maybe that’s why Alison really left?

Farmer Brad – my favourite farmer. I really hope he picks Stacey as they seem like a perfect match.

4 Therese the Farmer { 08.26.09 at 11:49 am }

thanks for your comments, I had a great time on the show, Gavin is a lovely guy, yet not for me. I am from a farm so the experience was second to none.

5 Fiona { 09.01.09 at 4:24 pm }

Farmer Phil: can we please see more of Farmer Phil, I think he’s lovely… i think im falling for him just watching what little we get to see… all the best BUT if it doesn’t work out for you Phil… “Call me”

6 lil_missy { 09.24.09 at 10:54 pm }

I had the misfortune of meeting Gavin and so called dating him while he was also dating rebecca and a few other women so i found out. He only went on the show for the noterity nothing else he treats women like shit and i should know i am a victim.

7 Reality Raver { 09.24.09 at 10:57 pm }

Your well rid of him. Did he do that stupid smile and gooy eye trick to suck you in?

8 lil_missy { 09.25.09 at 10:57 am }

re reality raver
yeah he done the lot wanted to get to know me hahha what a joke just wanting every woman out there to let them know hes not what they portray him on the show hes a hypicrite a man that goes to church then treats woman like there a piece of meat he needs to be exposed for the man he really is.