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Project Runway Australia – The Summer Collection

It is down to the top five which were the collections we saw at the Project Runway Finale last week, and seriously some of the clothes that were designed on this episode were pretty below par not just in design but in execution. It is a wonder Sarah “she with the eagle eye” Gale wasn’t frothing at the mouth.

The challenge was that each designer must create a three piece ready-to-wear outfits for summer 2010, it must include a pant, blouse and jacket. The outfits must be finished within 12 hours. Lauren burst into tears at the time frame, but then pulled herself together.

To be honest I don’t think it would have killed the challenge sadists to have given the designers an extra day. It would have made some much better collections, especially at a time where you want to see the best designers make top 3.

 To help them with their tough assignment they had the assistance of three Whitehouse design students (future Project Runway contestants perhaps?)

They had to pick them from a group of them Mark was very strategic and ran around asking for second years, but bad news for him they were all first years so he then changed tact and asked whether they could bice bind.

Lauren grabbed people who could sew. A good strategy.

Ivana picked people that were friends, as she did not want any friction.

Anthony just asked existential questions to his students so was obviously was going on vibe, and William picked his on instinct.

After picking their model’s they then had to pick models from the students, they could also include ones that were going to assist them.

Anthony in a bold move picked a male model, even though all the clothes had to be for females. I think he had a crush on his student, as he was a little bit like a mini Anthony.

The next twist in what must have been a tortuous challenge was to send one of their design student’s to Rathdowne Fabrics. William just about wept. And it got worse as nothing in his lot of fabrics were not remotely cohesive, even though he swears he gave explicit instructions.

Mark was happy with his material. Anthony was mixed as he was landed with black corduroy for a summer outfit, but he did get some fabulous coral and gold lame which he mainly used.

Mark being a teacher must have an advantage in this challenge as he is used to working with students. Something he acknowledged.

Ivana was criticised by the other contestants for getting her student’s to sew for her. But what else are you meant to get the student’s to do? Hold your pins?

Lauren’s designs were praised by mentor Henry Roth, but her students did not turn up in the morning to help to finish the task. Typical.

It was runway time.

Special guest judge tonight was designer Aurelio Costarella.

Ivana beige collection was described as “Very basic,” by Jayson Brundson.  Sarah Gale said ” A few issues with finishes,” and  “Ivana’s very flat,”.  Jayson also said “Lazy no design in it”. It was a bit high street, think Witchery crossed with FCUK.

Anthony coral and gold lame collection was a risk but it was fantastic and so original.  The judges said”Expresses your personality, and commercial viable,” and  “Really risky.. but he so pulled it off.”. I hope Anthony is going to expand the demographic he is designing for as last night he said his designs were for 16 to 20 year olds. I would not have thought they would have a lot of money to spend on designer clothes.

Mark’s was dreadful with no originality or style. “Don’t get the cohesion.. a bit lost on a couple of pieces,” said Sarah Gale. His pants copped a bollocking as were told they were “unacceptable”.  Sarah said ” I don’t understand where his head was.”

William’s collection was the worst design we had seen on the series, extremely poorly made and nothing fabulous about the pieces in fact the red shorts were diabolical. Aurelio said “On Second look [the shorts] a bit of a clunker”. They did not cop the excuse that he only had limited fabric to work with, which I thought was a bit unfair. 

“I don’t think he had a clear vision,” said  Sarah Gale, probably not realising William had been a designer on the verge of a nervous breakdown for most of this challenge.

Lauren did a really tight cohesive collection and was starting worry the more highlighted contestants. “Interesting pieces,” said Sarah Gale. “Better pair of pants,” said Aurelio Costarello, and  “Gelled as a collection,”  said Jayson. 

It was not surprise the winner was Anthony and Mark was eliminated.


1 Colls Bolls { 08.27.09 at 3:11 pm }

I had quite the argument with my 17 year old daughter about Anthony’s outfits which I thought were dreadful and she thought were wonderful.

I agree about the time limit. It’s rediculous to expect so much in such a short period of time.

I think the question Mark asked was whether they could bias bind.

I realised just as the runway show was finished how sad I was that one of the designers would be going as up until now the ones that I’ve wanted to go have gone and all my favourites are left.
Sad to see Mark go but it’s most certainly now down to who delivers on the day and he definitely did not deliver.

2 RetroGirl { 08.27.09 at 6:14 pm }

Colls Bolls I agree with you – I thought Anthony’s designs, while original, were ghastly and I couldn’t see anyone wearing them in real life (without people quietly sniggering as they went past anyway). The coral pantsuit ballooned out around the hip area (an area women do not want to make look wider than it actually is) and the bust area looked too small and like the material had puckered. Also, I think Ivana received a bit of a bollocking for her pieces being more trans-seasonal than summery but Anthony’s male model had on black opaque tights and big chunky black boots. Why didn’t he get a comment about his styling not being summery? I think Anthony is definitely original but it seems like the judges are determined to get him into the final and don’t criticise his outfits even when it seems to be justified.

Also, what was with Kristy’s outfit at the judging? The dress, the hair and the makeup were all diabolical. Sack her stylist immediately!

3 Injera { 08.27.09 at 6:36 pm }

Oh, Retrogirl – the makeup on Kristy tonight really was hideous, wasn’t it? It’s as though she went straight into the Max Factor makeup room and said “It’s all about the eyes“.

I certainly wouldn’t go near Anthony’s collection, but I’m not in his target age group. I can imagine a slender teenager not being all that bothered about the hips’n’bum and carrying his look off. As for the opaque tights and boots – agree that it wasn’t at all summer, but then again goths have to dress all year round!

RR – it seemed weird to me that Anthony didn’t choose his model for the design team because he was scared of “competition”. Still, the guy worked really well as a model for that collection.

The red shorts were FOUL. I felt so sorry for that poor model – they were poorly fitted and bunchy. Eeew. Still, stupid constraint (when you’ve already given a ridiculous time limit) to have somebody you have picked out of a crowd to do the buying. Henry’s all “it’s all about delegating”, “trust your team” etc, but how can you trust what you don’t know? Silly.

Can somebody explain the time? They said “a day” and then it was 11.00 by the clock with about 2 hours to go… then more time in the morning. Just confusing. And did Henry critique Ivana’s collection? I don’t remember seeing that…

Mark’s collection was “hideous”, but I cried when he went.

4 Colls Bolls { 08.28.09 at 12:00 pm }

I forgot to write anything about Kristy’s dress. It looked like something that I have in my dress up box for the kids. A nana dress from the late 70s. My 17 year old said that she wouldn’t mind it without the collar part but she has fairly retro taste (apart from this Anthony loving thing).

The hair! The makeup. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??????

While they keep dressing and doing up Kristy like that, she has NO right to be commenting on anyone else’s fashion sense or ability.