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The Amazing Race – From Siberia to India

The teams in tonight’s episode were going from the cold of Siberia to the heat and chaos of India. They were to fly to Jaipur otherwise known as the pink city. It did not matter where you were in the pecking order of leaving the pitstop as they were all on the same plane to India.

The cheerleaders on their arrival in Jaipur showed they were no bimbos by asking the taxi drivers at the airport whether they had enough fuel in the car, something the hostesses should have done as they had to stop for petrol and ended up being lagging behind for the rest of the leg.

Mike and Mel had the taxi driver curse, something that struck quite a few teams tonight, when their driver disappeared and they could not get their stuff out of the boot, to get another driver. They were last out of the airport.

A couple of the teams found their first time in India overwhelming with Luke and one of the cheerleaders weeping at some of the sights they were seeing.

They had to go to some tree in a village and Victor and Tammy got there first. However the usual clue box was not there and they had to get the clue by ringing  a number on a red phone. They worked it out pretty quickly, the same cannot be said for the other teams. Clearly they thought it was normal that there is a red phone under a tree in the middle of freaking nowhere!  The Airline hostesses at least queried why it was there so at least worked out it was there for a reason.

Roadblock – Care for Camel

The roadbloc was to collect feed and water for some camels. Victor was first to start and finish.

Mike was worried if his father Mel was even going to survive this challenge as he huffed and puffed in the field.  However Mel had read the clue properly and saw the bigger basket to use for the feed rather than the steel bucket and ended up streaking into second place.

The midget stuntmen who arrived with the pack were second last to leave. This team has been underwhelming the whole time, now I know the philsophy is you are still in the race if you don’t finish last, however they have yet to even look like giving the top three a shake. There brain capacity seems to be the same size as the height – stunted.

Anyway it was detour time and they had the choice between Movers or Shakers

Movers – the teams had to move containers of hay by bicycle and then at the end looking through all the hay to find a small silver elephant.

Shakers – the teams must dress up in traditional clothes and dance for tips to make 100 rupees to get their next clue.

Victor and Tammy were first there and chose to do shaker and therefore were the first team to the pitstop at  Jaigarah Fort.

All of teams did shakers except the dwarf stuntmen which was the bit of luck the hosties were hoping for. Would they be able to complete the speedbump of decorating an elephant (a task only they had to complete) while the bumbling blokes did their detour?

In fact the air hostesses finished the detour first but their taxi driver must have stuffed up on the way to the fort and they came in last. And in their exit interview in Reality Wanted they confirm a bad driver cost them the race as they arrived only a couple of minutes after the guys.


1 sourkraut { 08.28.09 at 12:58 am }

Boo! the blondes are gone! They were very unlucky. second out of the airport and last to the fort cause the dopey cab driver had to stop for gas, then at the end the driver got lost, makes you wonder! (same thing just happened to happen with the cab to the grumpy bride last week Coincidence??????? I lovE a conspiracy theory!
dadndave, Their stuff in the trunk aahh at last some crassogauchity yell and scream. then in the cab dad gets a pang of conscience due to de humanising YEAH RIGHT Dont bullshit to a bullshitter!

Cheerleaders showing their sensitive side going all weepy at the poverty. Didn’t last long as they started yelling and complaining and carrying on like harpy shrews for the rest of the ep. BAH to these pretenders. Hope they are out next.

Then to Victor. There’s something that really irrits me about his triumphal smiling as everything goes right for him. Bit like the pommy cricketers, crowing when winning. I seem to remember him differently in the Romanian stuff up! Hope he’s the next after the sneerleaders to go. Speaking of the C Ls “do you have a clue” said at the tree next to the phone. Talk about leading with your chins!
Onward to the camels. I was hoping for a reenactment of the camel at the zoo joke. Sign says “beware the camel spits”…. and he was. But alas was not to be ..pity.
Then of all things putrid to do in India these affluent Yanks had to beg for money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The producers must have paid the “onlookers” to give them the 100 rupees. I would not have given them a cent! What a joke!!!!!!!! would have been delicious to see them all there for 10 hours trying to REALLY con some money from people of a poor nation.
Finally just to cheer me up the cheerleaders started whinging about “the taxi stole our bags” HO Ho HO shades of Romania and the gypsies. I guess some Americans reckon everyone in the third world is as crooked as they are. Oh I loved this episode Gaucheocrasso sensitivity at last!
Who to barrack for now the UNLUCKY blondes departed, at least with dignity? Guess it’ll have to be the stuntmen, but it looks like they’ll go next if form holds true.
R R you’re right, in a week shy of tv entertainment this is probably one of the better shows, if only for the laughs.

2 sourkraut { 08.28.09 at 1:04 am }

R R just read your post. Do you ask cab drivers if they have enough gas? I don’t, i just jump in and assume that they have. Even in India one would presume that? Still I know what they say about assuming. It makes an ass out of u and me and Fair enough point. I guess the poor old blondes got caught by it. Well you’ve depressed me for the night. My conspiracy theory is shot down with the moon landing! SIGH

3 sourkraut { 08.28.09 at 1:12 am }

Forgot about the two african american women and I’ve Alzheimersed on their names. I’ll barrack for them. I’m sure that will encourage them greatly

4 Reality Raver { 08.28.09 at 1:24 am }

Sourkraut love your comments, not sure why you loved the hosties so much or maybe I do and I just never commented about it…
The never having enough petrol in the tank is a standard Amazing Race hiccup particularly in the poorer countries, as you would know they wait to get a good fair and then put the fuel in.
The black girls have been racing under the radar, and now they have got it together could become a force.
Those stuntmen are just too dopey.

5 Injera { 08.28.09 at 1:23 pm }

Great recap – loved the cluelessness of the telephone clue searching! The cheerleaders really grated on me last night – so entitled “WHERE’S our cab driver?” screech, screech. The whole sobbing-over-the-poor-cows thing was icky; at least Luke was overcome by seeing children eating from piles of rubbish, but the cheerleaders go to India and muster sympathy for the sacred cows. I hope they toured some of the less glamorous parts of their own country when they returned.

The stuntmen mustn’t have prepared for their time on the Race by watching any previous seasons. Surely everybody knows to avoid anything to do with searching through hay for something (particularly if you have to transport said hay first!).

Sourkraut, I agree re: Victor. Seriously, dude, you don’t need to keep telling us you’re a lawyer. They caption you in post production. Repeating it ad nauseum just makes you look insecure.

I think Kisha and Jen are starting to work really well together, and Luke and Margie are really strong. Hoping the stuntmen will go next.

And, sourkraut, I’m guessing you were being sarcastic about the poms crowing when they win… because I think the local team might have the graceless victory title sewn up!

6 AA { 08.28.09 at 3:18 pm }

Now I have a question. Does anyone know if those two midgets are the two brothers from the 80’s sitcom ‘Valarie’ that also stared a young Jason Bateman?
Im sure I have seen them before

7 seepi { 08.28.09 at 5:01 pm }

I don’t think they are. They describe themselves as stuntmen for children.

I love this show, but all these teams are just a teeny bit too nice to each other! Where are the fireworks?

8 sourkraut { 08.29.09 at 1:55 pm }

You’re probably right about the local team and graceless winning, especially in the steve waugh days, but they haven’t had too many of those (wins that is) lately and they behaved quite well after the ashes losses. What stuck in my mind was the tabloid reaction in Britain after the previous English success in England. Still i guess the tabloids are the same throughout the world.
R R Its not the reason you think! I liked the blondes because everyone else was dissing on them for no (to me) discernable reason. I did miss a coupla eps so maybe there was something there, but in the eps I saw they were always polite and did not carry on like shrews. That was reason enough to go for them( plus the fact they were relatively spunky). The other problem with this show is the same thing i complained about in masterchef, ie the editing, its easy to make someone look like a saint by only showing their good side. Likewise the baddies can seem relatively harmless on the show and then later all the gossip and dirty deeds come out afterwards, a la chris b (alledgedly). I suppose it helps make reality shows more interesting but I dont much care for the ethics of it
Thus endeth the lesson.
BTW R R thanks for the explanation about the petrol, I didn’t realise that was part of the standard “suck-ins” in this show.

9 sourkraut { 08.29.09 at 2:17 pm }

R R just went back to your first recap and the associated comments thereon. It seems that some of the smarties criticised the blondes for speaking Spanish to Italians, or vice versa …wotever. Point is, that is not so dumb after all as they are very similar languages with similar Latin routes. As Wurstsemmel said, its better than screaming in English which does not have as much lingual similarity. Just a bit of trivia!

10 Reality Raver { 08.29.09 at 4:37 pm }

Sourkraut – the problem for the blondes is that there was no truly obnoxious team so they became a target.

I think the producers were probably hoping the couple from the south would implode, but they worked together well.

As one of the blondes said in her exit interview that years ago she tried to get on with her boyfriend and apparently there was not enough friction in the relationship.