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The Amazing Race – From India to Phuket – And No The Race Did Not Stop

Tonight the teams had to fly from India to Phuket where this part of the race was staged. Tammy and Victor left the pitstop first, but all the teams ended up on the same flight so it was  level playing field.

Here are a few of my thoughts on the episode:

  • I had real issues with the pseudo roadblock in this episode at Phuket Zoo. I thought it was disgusting the teams having their photo taken with a tied up tiger, who was probably sedated. This just condones the sub-par treatment of animals in zoos particularly in developing countries. It would have served the producers right if the tiger had taken a chomp out of one of the contestants, and it looked like it was capable of it considering the trainer only had one arm. However the cheerleaders thought it was “so cool”.
  • Ok girls if I ever get on the show I must remember to pass out at the pitstop and have host Phil Keoghan all over me in with concern, and if I can manage that while he is only wearing his boxers I would die a happy woman. Apparently the reason she fainted was that Luke likes to hoard the money and therefore the limit their food and water intake.
  • Speaking of Margie fainting, Channel Seven really overplayed it with the “the race has never been stopped before”  advertisements.  I kept on expecting her to keel over and then everyone else being told to stop as well for health concerns. Anyway I hope she continues in the race I think she is a great competitor.
  • The gloss of the cheerleaders Jaime and Cara became a bit tarnished for me tonight, with their “I don’t like foreign languages” comment, plus Jaime’s bolshie manner with every Thai person she met.
  • The midget stuntmen showed that even when they had a dream run on this leg they are not competent enought to win the race, they came into the pitstop first after a flawless two mile run with the rickshaw, but incurred a two thirty minute penalties (was that The Amazing Race first?) because they had hidden the bike pumps from the other competitors, and they had followed a taxi through the rickshaw route. Also they should have copped a time penalty for me have to look at Michael’s nipples the whole episode through his yellow t-shirt. 
  • Victor and Tammy took out the claytons win and won a trip to Hawaii, and didn’t those stuntmen look pissed. Mark and Michael were eventually annointed third for the leg behind the cheerleaders.
  • Mike and Mel who had a shocker of a leg starting with not being able to get a taxi at Phuket airport – I mean WTF was that all about, no taxis there, it must be the first time ever. Then even when they saw everyone else heading off in one direction they kept on in the other. They nearly got lucky with the sisters getting dropped at the wrong temple on the way to the pitstop, but that still could not stop the father and son pair from arriving last and being eliminated.

Here are some exit interviews with the popular pair at a gay blog After Elton where it is revealed the contestants do have to pass a physical and psychological tests,and TV Guide where they talk about what happened on that leg and about the other teams.


1 sourkraut { 09.04.09 at 12:58 am }

R R haven’t read your post yet so i may double up on some stuff, apologies. Got a new job and extra 40 minutes travel to work so earlier to bed.
Tonite, I was hoping someone would be gormless enough to mispronounce Phuket, but they must have all been coached b4.
Victor continues his insufferable superior smirk.
Cheerleaders airing the puppies. Will one drop off its leash? sucked in for the rest of the ep!
Monkeys at the zoo…………DUH!
tiger tiger tiger tiger tiger etc etc etc, I thought they were advertising a beer. starting to get a bit more crass at last.
Tiger looked bored. Was hoping it would emulate the tiger that ate siegfried or roy. Actually i hate these animal tricks as they are usually accomplished through a fair bit of cruelty.
Thus you could probably hear what i was screaming for the elephant to do as it squatted above them. Anyone got a shovel?
Aaaahhh the cheerleaders! sorry sneerleaders. Real character coming out at last, cant be hiddden any more. Shriek shriek shriek. Great to see them get their comeuppance at the guess the drawer section ho ho the frustration was delicious, talk about schadenfreude!!
Detour. Stunted men, sorry stuntmen (my no 2 team now) were robbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 hour penalty…. bullshit! they should tell us sap viewers the rules. I demand a recount. There’s no way the pumps in the box would have cost anyone else 30 minutes! Great shade of survivor Rupert’s stealing the shoes.
My afro american girls survived. they dont seem too bright though, the way they did the barrels with no planning
And b….y victor winning again. He at least looked stressed out in the final taxi and the smirk had disappeared.
Bring back the blondes (after all they did it on masterchef!)

2 Injera { 09.04.09 at 8:12 am }

Like you, RR, I was overwhelmed by the yellow t-shirt nipples! Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed.

The zoo roadblock was very distressing. As soon as I saw the tiger with the chain around its neck, I knew it was not good. Jaime’s comment that “I love being in the wild” was hilarious.

As you say, the cheerleaders showed their true colours tonight, particularly “mean girl” Jaime. It was such a contrast between the way she was screaming at the man in the herb shop and the fun Mike and Mel – even though way behind – were able to have with him. Horrid, horrid. I’m surprised that she didn’t say she envied Luke when she was moaning about having to listen to people speaking foreign languages around her.

Missed the end, but not surprised that Mike and Mel couldn’t save themselves. Did stick around for the “drama” shown in the previews… so disappointing. But, yeah, a good tactic for some emergency Phil intervention!

sourkraut – you get full points for a Rupert reference!

3 seepi { 09.04.09 at 9:58 am }

Hmm – I was taken aback with the Tiger bit, but it is the reality in Thailand, and better to show it than sweep it under the carpet I think.

Mel and Mike Soooooooo should have got another taxi driver. Why did they stick with that dud for so long?

The cheerleaders – shocker. Even her own friend and teammate thinks her behaviour is off.

Victor – Tammy should have insisted on pulling the rickshaw, even for a short time.

The stunt-brothers – I thought they were finally getting a bit smarter, only to see them penalised – oops.

Luke and Margie – fascinating to watch them. It must be so exhausting for her being his link to the world. how alone was he when she was passing out? His deafness is more of a barrier than I had imagined before.

ps – I was fully expecting someone to read out ‘PHuk It’ too. disappointed

4 Wurstsemmel { 09.04.09 at 10:15 am }

I think the nipples should get their own reality show.

Some of the tasks on this series are a little disappointing. Hate the animals ‘tricks’. Surely with the richness of the Thai culture, surely TAR could have come up with something better?

The cheerleaders. I was liking them but Jaime has put me off. What revolting behaviour. If she doesn’t like people not speaking English, why did she even leave US shores? Heck, even us Brits probably speak a little ‘off’ for her (don’t mind the chip on the shoulder :) ) She just did everything to confirm the ‘stupid American abroad’ stereotype which is a shame.

The hype of this episode. The race stopped. Well. I suppose it did as it was at a pit stop this happened. As per RR, I reckon a lot of female contestants might try ‘heat exhaustion’ now if they’re going to get tended to by Phil.
Victor and Tammy are the team I picked originally so I’ll stick with them but really I’m hoping Luke and Margie take it out.

5 Reality Raver { 09.04.09 at 10:54 am }

Wurstsemmel – agree the challenges could have involved been much better. A thai dancing challenge, eating chillies, going out on the water for some snorkelling. The zoo challenge was in serious bad taste.

I had wanted the cheerleaders to make top 3 but now not so sure. I predict the stuntmen will be gone next week, due to their general incompetence.

Seepi – I agree Tammy could have pulled victor even for 200 metres just to give him a break, however he is a control freak so may have said no to the offer. But again we can only comment on what we are shown on TV.

Sourkraut – Oh Rupert now he was a quality reality TV contestant. I love the way viewers choice prize was instigated when he was on the show so he could be given some cash.

Injera – LOL you are probably right Jamie by the end of the series will be saying what an advantage it is for Luke. I thought it was interesting how Margie was saying how exhausting it is to sign all the time and having to be on when communicating. I suppose you cannot tune out when signing.

6 Wurstsemmel { 09.04.09 at 1:53 pm }

Spolier alert – Be warned about that last link Reality Dish – I followed it and accidentally saw who wins.

7 Reality Raver { 09.04.09 at 2:59 pm }

Oh crap I am normally so careful with that stuff, must have missed it. I will delete it. Sorry guys.

8 sourkraut { 09.04.09 at 5:39 pm }

Wurstsemmel and RR I think it was also on the tvguide link, certainly on one of them. Wanted to mention it last nite but too tired and forgot sorry ……yeah yeah old news I know!
Injera and RR dear old Rupert, i loved the guy but for all his world experience and edjimmication he wasn’t very bright, especially when he built “that” hut. My other fave was the muscly african american in the last two series. he was really deserving but got blind sided both times…..PITY!
I want to see an ep with REAL stunts as a roadblock so the stuntguys can win something. I’m getting really teed seeing the same one or two couples winning all the time.
As for the sneer leaders, maybe a road block with broomstick riding would be good, although i think only one of the two of them are really bad. Again I’d like to be in charge of the editing, I bet i could make some of them look like miss congeniality and others look like darth vader.