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Australian Idol Producers Must Be Pleased They Ditched Kyle Sandilands

Kyle SandilandsYou could imagine the meeting between Channel Ten and Fremantle Media last Monday once Sunday night’s ratings of Australian Idol were received. With the top 12 show not even hitting the one million viewer mark, they may have had second thoughts about booting Kyle Sandilands from the judging panel.

However  I bet now they are glad they did as they are not having to involve themselves in this week’s PR disaster, when Kyle said on radio that Magda Szubanski would lose more weight if she was stuck in a concentration camp.

Where does he come up with this shit?  Anyway rumour has it that the head honcho at Austereo may have had enough and may sack him (Source: Daily Telegraph). Does this mean Jackie O would be gone as well?

Kyle is currently suspended for ten days, and my theory regarding Idol ratings is it will improve now Dancing With The Stars  has finished.

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1 Wurstsemmel { 09.12.09 at 5:44 pm }

A case of ‘my ego is bigger than the radio station’. What happened to the 7 second delay? Obviously Austereo thought the comment was okay. Only when the s**t hit the fan and Optus walked did they act. Pretty much like last time. I’m guessing he will be back on air and when they allow him to do that, they’re virtually giving carte blanche to do whatever he likes.

That being the case, the best thing to do is ignore him.

If he does go, Jackie O won’t last. What does she really have to offer apart from being his side kick?