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Jay Dee Springbett Article In Daily Tele – I Am Not Sure What They Are Getting At

Jay Dee SpringA couple of days ago there was this article in the Daily Telegraph about Jay Dee Springbett and I still am not quite sure whether they are being snarky or complimentary.

First they state that the new Australian Idol had is shirt off in the unisex toilets (just an aside RR hate unisex toilets as the guys always freaking miss and hit the floor) 

“He was showing off his pecs,” our source claimed.

But a Channel 10 spokesman yesterday said that Springbett, who was at the gig for its 6pm start and didn’t leave until after 10pm, never visited the communal lavatory. 

“He didn’t even go to the toilets,” the spokesman maintained.

“He couldn’t even tell you where they were.”

Springbett, who is engaged to PR chick and mother of his two children Louisa McCole, who was not at the event, was also overheard making a passing comment about a female journalist’s cleavage.

Then the article went onto say:

Interestingly, other reporters said they found the British expat “charming” and a “pleasure to deal with” following interviews with him.

The resounding message from Springbett to most media at the party was clear – that he’s not boring.

“I’m not here to be a clown – I’m here to unearth talent,” he said.

“You don’t get to really see the real side of me.”

What do you think is it a positive or negative article?

On another Australian Idol note apparently the bookies have Stan Walker as the favourite to take out the Australian Idol title. Followed by Scott Newnham, and Kim Cooper. (Source

Suzi Quatro will be a special guest on the show tomorrow night.