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Channel Ten Start Trying To Resuscitate Australian Idol

It has just been announced that Channel Ten will be moving Australian Idol back to its original starting time 7.30pm because of poor ratings.

They say that people are turning to Australian Idol at 7.30pm. The 6.30pm starting time was new this year. I think this is a good switch, as who can sit down and watch TV at 6.30pm? Also when daylight saving starts people will be outside more and less inclined to turning the TV on earlier.

Does Australian Idol need to do something more? I thought Suzi Quatro was  great start, she added some much needed vigour to the show.

This week Brian McFadden will be the guest judge, and the cast of Glee will appear.

If the ratings don’t improve this will probably be its last season which would be a pity.

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1 onadrought { 09.19.09 at 8:18 pm }

Yay, 7.30pm so much better.