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The Amazing Race – A Double Episode – Was Luke A Douche?

Wow what a great double episode, helped along by the fight between Luke and Jen. This could be a controversial but I thought Luke played the “I am not at fault here because I am deaf” card. Jen (from the black sister’s team) and Luke had an aggressive collision at the first pitstop in Gillian. Luke said Jen barged into him and she said he stuck butt out and then elbowed her.

Then in the cab to the Roadblock Luke said “You can’t call a deaf person a bitch” clearly believing he was above rapproach, and also conveniently forgetting they were the team that had used he yield .

Then at the next clue box he aggressively rammed Jen into it, and he still did not seem to think it was his fault. Also when they thought Kisha and Jen were laughing at him at the pitstop, they again played the deaf card, therefore it was difficult for the girls to defend themselves.

With all this going on I barely noticed how Jamie from the cheerleaders was becoming more and more on edge.

This leg started in Thailan with Luke and Margie first to leave pit stop 9.36am and they were off to China. The stuntmen were the last to leave and they finally had some insight by saying “we’ve just got to make some right decisions”. They had a tough leg as they had a  four hour penalty delay, and the speed bump to complete. But they seem to have taken the attitude to enjoy themselves.

Kisha and Jen unknowingly hit the lead as the other  flight with the first three teams was was delayed. But the cheerleaders managed to get to the first clue first outside a hairdressers.

Kisha and Jen and Margie and Luke couldn’t find the clue box when it was right in front of them which was very amusing, and then when they both spotted it at the same time the ruckus began.

The Roadblock was to “train”  a cormorant to catch 10 fish. Even having fluent mandarin did not help Tammy in this challenge, as they were first in but fourth to leave.

Kisha and Jen were leading at this stage and headed off to the detour.

The choice was  Choreography – where teams must learn a dance and perform it for a pair of judges if done correctly they get their next clue or Calligraphy – must copy a series of chinese characters to get to four stations, and then get their next clue.

Three teams did the calligraphy and followed Victor and Tammy,  and the cheerleaders did the choreography and started to get very pissy once they judges were not passing them. There problem appeared to be not the routine but the fact you had to do it until the music stopped.

The final clue was to travel by foot to the next pit stop, and Luke and Margie, Victor and Tammy, and Kisha and Jen all raced there with Kisha and Jen getting their first.

Then the fighting began with Luke thinking none of the fracas had been his fault. Oh and where were the stuntmen? Well they were never in this leg and they were eliminated.

Episode Two

Kisha and Jen left pit stop at 1.48pm and had to get to Beijing – there were only 20 mins between the top 4, therefore they were all on the same flight.

Victor and Tammy were using their language skills to get seats at the front of the plane and tell them to seat the other teams at the back. As they said if the were eliminated in the Beijing leg it would bring shame on the family.

First task was a Roadblock where they had to endure a ten minute painful massage. The cheerleaders got their first and the noises Cara was making was like she was giving birth. Tammy was amazingly zen about it, even though it was hurting her.

As Kisha and Jen were trying to find a taxi who knew where to go they said “They all look alike”. Not great. Then it was off to a swimming pool for a detour.

The detour was eitherSink which was to do a synchronised jump or Swim – change into a swimsuit and swim 200 metres each.

Tammy cannot swim well so they did the synchronised jump but it took them ages and in the end they swapped to swim, but Margie and Luke and the cheerleaders had already finished. Lucky for Tammy and Victor  Jen  was petrified of water and kept on swapping tasks.

 What I could not believe was how bad swimmers most of them were, except for Margie, and in fact Tammy was no worse the most of them.

Jaimie at this stage was getting herself wound up about being the first team to the pitstop as it will be the first time they had won a leg. They were ecstatic when they learnt they were team number one, however joy turned to despair when they found out they were still racing. It would appear Kisha and Jen have dodged another bullet.

Next week is the final episodes.


1 Wurstsemmel { 09.18.09 at 2:28 pm }

Na, well, I think Kisha and Jen were a little out of line. Hard to say who caused the stuff earlier, six of one, half a dozen of the other – both out of line – but I thought they did laugh at Luke when he was angry and trying to sign. The frustration of not being able to simply say what you’re thinking. I thought they were a little mean, a little smug and I don’t think they improved from that point either….listen to the ignorant comment about Chinese all looking the same. I did feel for Jen at the swimming challenge though – I can’t swim either and I would have been out of the race at this stage too.

Can’t wait for the cheerleader Jamie to go. She’s just plain arrogant and rude.

Still, from a viewer point of view, the arguments made it a more interesting episode.

2 seepi { 09.18.09 at 3:29 pm }

I thought the girls were out of line in the first crash at the clue box. If she hadn’t run into him he wouldn’t have had to stick his bum out to stop her – he was clearly in front. and they did say ‘if someone gets upset I just smile to make them more upset.

They were bad swimmers – and Tammy and Victor seemed to have no idea that they were meant to be jumping in together in the synchronised jump – it didn’t look that hard at all.

ow bad were the stuntmen at washing the hair of those poor old ladies – rough as guts and soap everywhere. Ouch.

and that massage looked like the pits. I was getting a little bored, but the foot massage and swimming challenges brought it back to life in a hurry.

3 lydal { 09.18.09 at 4:04 pm }

Really rude Kisha and Jen when they were laughing at Luke although I’m not sure what happened from the start to the end. Phil said it wasn’t intentioned.
I think Luke is playing sometimes “the deaf card”, you know… in the second episode he was still angry about it and not “well-behaving” because of this. Meanwhile Jen and kisha had moved on and playing their race.
By the way, it surprised me how bad swimmers were some of the teams too. This “detour” wasn’t difficult at all but it ended being a hard one.
And laughing a lot during massage feet. Did it really hurt so much?

4 sourkraut { 09.18.09 at 10:55 pm }

Dad’s 2 cents
Do their huge backpacks go in the overhead luggage compartment? I absolutely hate it when some clown in a suit gets on a plane with oversized luggage and then pushes other peoples luggage out of the way to fit their own in BAH!
Luke looked pissed off at the flight delay. At this point I was starting to think that he is a spoiled brat who just uses his handicap, but gets mad when everything doesnt go his way.
Yep i was right. He bangs kisha (or jen cant remember) then carries on and then threatens to commit physical violence to a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then the birds flew away from the lawyers. I was waiting for them to threaten to sue the bird handlers. Silly me americans dont do that!!!!!!!!1
My stunt guys are HAVING FUN and working politely!
Calligraphy…. should have been a lay down misere for the lawyers but wasn’t. Their efforts reminded me of Banjo Patterson’s poem Clancy of the Overflow, whose writing was like “a thumbnail dipped in tar”.
Again Luke demonstrated that he expects everyone’s sympathy all the time and his mum supports him. Ever heard of cruel love Margie?
V & T up to tricks and using their advantage to the max. Bit unfair.
Luke learn to live with it. I know personally people very close to me with handicaps, and yes you will get teased by arseholes, but a sense of humour deals with it far better than paranoia
What exactly was the use of the foot massage and why would anyone normally pay for one ? it did not make them swim faster.
Wot they needed was some good old East German/ Chinese/ American lollygobbleblissbombs, and then the old air pumped up the backside trick. This became quite excruciating to watch. I know now i would have trouble swimming 200 metres but I’m an old fart who’s out of nick. But I guarantee 25 years ago I could ahve done it no trouble, and i cant understand why young people like them could not do it. probably too much sitting at home on their bums pushing X-box buttons.
So why didn’t V & T talk to the judges and ask them for a 5 in chinese?
Then some more stereotyping from Margie of all people about Jen & Kisha “they’re nothing in water”
Finally Karma or sympathy. I lean to the latter. Even though I detested the cheerleaders carry- ons, I thought they were robbed by not getting a prize for LEGITIMATELY coming in first on this leg. (still the prize was probably only the usual CRUMMY weekend for two in some local dump of a hole somewhere SOUR GRAPES POP)
V & T sue the organisers for giving you cramps.

5 lydal { 09.21.09 at 3:19 pm }

Amazing race has won the best Reality show award in the Emmys 2009. Unfortunately, Phil didn’t win for best host (the host of Survivor won) ;-(

6 Thorpie { 09.21.09 at 6:09 pm }

Even the so-called ‘good’ swimmers in this episode could barely dog paddle. Laughed myself stupid.

7 Injera { 09.21.09 at 9:00 pm }

My two bits on the Luke incident – he was at the clue box first and it must have freaked him out a bit to have somebody come up behind him. He can’t hear somebody approaching like that, so he probably reacted instinctively. Margie’s reaction seemed to be the result of a lifetime of putting up with slights, particularly when, at the pitstop, there was definite smirking going on. Not pretty for anyone involved.

In Shanghai right now and watched some people getting their hair cut in the plaza yesterday. I haven’t yet turned into Jen, but everytime we get a cab/have to line up for anything we joke about pulling the “we’re in a RACE” line. Would kill to have Tammy and Victor with us right now – that might have saved us from a breakfast of lamb stew. (It was delicious, but not what we thought we were getting…!)

8 Reality Raver { 09.21.09 at 10:16 pm }

Injera – you are right regarding Luke not being able to hear anyone come up behind him so would give him a fright.
My only thing about Luke in this whole incident (and of course there would have been major editing) was he appeared to lack control over his emotions, and seemed to bring back to his being deaf, because he knows no one has a come back for that.

Hilarious the “we’re in the race” but speaking of which have you had any dodgy cab drivers? also glad you got lamb stew could have been worse and it could have been pigs intestines.

Sourkraut – you have raised the issue I have thought about many times on this show over the seasons, how do some of them get their packs on the plane as hand luggage. However in recent seasons the packs have become much smaller, as previously I think they did put them in the hold.

Lydal – yay The Amazing Race, I think they won last year, as did Jeff Probst.

9 sourkraut { 09.21.09 at 11:09 pm }

The packs i saw were ginormous. wonder if any of them had “boogyboard” contents in them, come to think of it……….Naahh they’re probably waved through customs by the organisers.
Good to see jiffy jeffy anal probes win again. fire is life life is fire blah blah blah at least they’re consistent! Shudder to think who or what would have come last?????????????????????