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The Amazing Race – And the Winner is….


Jaimie really needed a xanax this episode as she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown most of the first episode.  She was giving off such a bad vibe no wonder the taxi drivers were not that helpful. Plus stabbing one with the gnome to get him to read the destination was not a great look. Also doesn’t she realise that Chinese written characters are different from the anglo ones?

The teams first had to find the travelocity gnome Luke and Margie were  first to find it , but Tammy and Victor were first to get to the electric bikes.

They then had a detour Beijing Opera or Chinese Waiter.
Beijing Opera – where they have to make themselves up like opera performers, and once they are done they get their next clue.

Tammy and Victor of course took Chinese waiter, and I thought it was a bit unfair on the other teams because they can speak mandarin. But they still had difficulty. But got it on the second go.

Margie and Luke had difficulty with the make up task. With Margie getting annoyed with Luke’s application technique, and she said he had made her look like Alice Cooper. Luke cracked the shits and said I am done. But they quickly got over the spat to get on with the task.

Chinese Waiter – the team must take the table’s order in mandarin, and then tell the chef. They will get the next clue when the table gets the right food.

Threwas a U-Turn in the race and if a team was named they would have to do the other detour. Victor and Tammy U-Turned Kisha and Jen.

The cheerleaders at this stage were lost and taken to the National Opera, rather than the Beijing Opera. They were having a hardtime getting a taxi driver.  My theory was the drivers had put out an announcement over the radios to not pick up two crazed western women carrying a gnome.

But because the two other teams could not find the U-Turn, Jaime and Cara caught up.

It was then onto a roadblock and it was an eating one.

It was eating street food and it all looked foul. There was larvae, starfish, scorpion, and grasshoppers.

Victor ate it without hesitation and headed to the pitstop and arrived first.They have had a huge advantage in the race due to the amount of time the race was in China. In fact their were three legs raced there.

Luke of course made Margie do the Roadblock. She must have done at least 75% of them for the team. As has been raised by commenter’s on this blog there used to be a restriction on the amount one person of the team can do. By the way Margie rocks.

“This has been one of the worse days of my life,” said Jamie, I chortled because they had not even hit the roadblock. Apparently they were looking for three hours. I am not sure this friendship is going to survive the race.

Cara did the roadblock for the girls, and Jaimie giggled and laughed while her teammate was trying to down the food.

Poor Jen was busting for the toilet and I was feeling her pain. She thought she was going to pee on herself, and stopped to go to a toilet, which meant they came in last.

It was now down to the final three and they were off to Maui, Hawaii, and they all were on the same flight there.

Tammy and Victor were first off the flight.

The first challenge was to change into a bathing suit, and make a luau. Margie and Luke were excellent and carried the pig on their shoulder and sailed past the other two teams.

Jaimie told Cara she cannot carry the pig herself. Cara was flopping down onto the ground.

Margie and Luke finished first and headed off to McGregors Beach, and onto some jet skis, with Margie at the helm to look for their next clue at the buoys. They finished this first as well, and the cheerleaders got one second.

They then had to head to the surfboard fence on the Hana Highway and it was a roadblock and it was the mental test and find the clues of getting the pictures and putting them in order. Luke did this roadblock for the team so the pressure was on and points to him for preparing throughout the race for this task.

The cheerleaders again had a dud taxi driver as Jaime said “It never ceases to amaze me every taxi driver we get never knows where we are going.” Just as well the race did not come to Sydney as this would have really tipped her over the edge. Also the driver had to stop for gas. She was like we don’t have time for this. But if you run out of petrol you would be going nowhere.

Luke and Margie had a good lead, but once Victor arrived it psyched him out a bit. His last two were wrong, but he only thought his last one was wrong and kept on swapping it.

Victor finished it first, and then the last two teams helped each other out. Luke and Jaime were devastated. I felt for Luke as he had headstart on the last challenge.

Victor and Tammy won the $1 million which I was quite happy about. And even better news another The Amazing Race  will be starting soon.

Here are interviews from the winners and the runners up.

Here is an interview with Tammy and Victor.

Here is one with Jaime and Cara on Reality TV Lounge where they talk about the pig challenge, Jaime’s negative attitude to cab drivers, and that Kisha and Jen arrived at the mat in Beijing about five minutes after them. Therefore the toilet stop may not have made them lose.

reality TV magazine has one with Margie and Luke.

Kisha and Jen which gives their view of their fight with Luke and


1 Helen (Grab Your Fork) { 09.25.09 at 1:24 am }

I was just so glad the cheerleaders didn’t win! Their open contempt to locals was often quite mortifying. Margie deserves a medal – I can’t imagine how emotionally tiring it must’ve been to constantly have to translate for Luke. And forget the toilet stop, for a million dollars, I would’ve risked peeing in my pants!

2 Kyvyny { 09.25.09 at 2:58 am }

Taxis, as if anyone expects them to know where to go. It’s not like they’re some kind of concierge service right?

Sure were all quick to swap into their cossies. It’s like the flipside of being in Russia where, well, half still did strip down to their undies.

3 lydal { 09.25.09 at 8:31 am }

Cheerleaders- I think it’s karma what happened to them with taxi drivers for all their comments about “native people” in most of the countries. Everyone else usually got a good taxi driver.
kisha&Jen- agree with Helen. I would pee in my pants too for 1 m $! Although if they were late anyway then no matter if you go to toilet or not. A bit disappointed with them. I thought they were stronger team at the beginning but Jen had let the team down in my opinion (and all that cranky faces she has had didn’t help at all!)
Margie&Luke: uau! she’s really bionic woman as Phil said. So strong physical and mentally. Truly Luke is very lucky to have her. He got frustrated every time he was in trouble and just giving up. I don’t think they would make it so far if it wasn’t for Margie.
Tammy&Victor: congrats! they were the more consistent team. Also believe that they have a huuuuuge advantage in last three legs. Not so fair ! By the way, she is really a beautiful girl!

4 Culinary Boner { 09.25.09 at 10:04 am }

Was it a coincidence that after the ‘gnome stabbing’ episode no taxis would pull over for the cheerskanks? Methinks the driver got straight on his mobile to put out a warning to all his taxi buddies.

I agree with Helen, after all the filth and lack of hygiene you’d’ve endured throughout the race, why would you baulk at pissing your pants when there’s a million on offer? Even if you didn’t win, you’d definitely have a funny story to tell your grandkids.

5 seepi { 09.25.09 at 10:21 am }

I would’ve gone to the toilet for sure – who knows how much longer they would have been runnning around and waiting on the mat. She did seem to take a while in there tho – maybe having another vomit too I thought? I knew it was more than seconds between the teams – Phil talked to the cheerleaders for a while.

the cheerleaders – Jamie is super annoying, but she does have a lot of get-up-and-go. I don’t know why she thought she would like travelling tho – when she hates other languages, crowds and dirt….

and when Jamie went to run straight off when she finished the surfboard challenge (after Luke showed her the Jesus pic) Was that just an oversight in the heat of the moment, or was she really trying to take off and leave him there?

victor and Tammy did have an advantage in China, but they won the majority of legs thru the entire race, so it isn’t as if they weren’t worthy winners – the race was a little dull in that regard. More mechanical tasks may have stumped them – they were good at everything else.

And how annoying was Victor in insisting on speaking along with Tqmmy at the restuarant, even after he kept agreeing not to. He can’t help himself. He is funny – his idea of lightening upa bit is to take on the Amazing Race and win a million….

I think the cheerleaders will be fine after the race – they were still speaking at the end, the nicer one was all forgiving of jamie forgetting the Jesus surfboard pic (lucky it wasn’t the other one doing the challenge – Jamie would be still spitting chips). they just may not travel together again!

and Margie and Luke – good on them. It must be so hard for Margie to always translate what Luke is saying before she gets to say what she wants to. I really wonder what their lives are like at home. She is the most capable person I hvae ever seen!

6 sourkraut { 09.26.09 at 11:39 am }

BAH FIDDLETURDS Of all the contestants to make the final 3 these were the ones I liked least (seems to be consistent though as it has happened in the last 6 survivors).
This would have had a lot more credibility if the 2nd last leg had not been in China giving such a massive advantage to the final winners. Best eg was the waiter order task a cinch for V&T. Likewise the roadblock task. Then V&T win the Chinese leg prize. For gawsake how much more did AR want them to win? Should have been the cheerleaders at the earlier “non-pitstop”. at least it would have wiped the insufferable smirk off Victor.
Finally the last surfboard task was a setup for V&T. They even implied it in their cab on the way there when T let the cat out of the bag saying “I hope the last task is a difficult mental one”… Yeah right, would have been so DIFFICULT for a trained lawyer (I’m a lawyer remember? Yeah as if we were allowed to forget…Anyhoo), to remember all the previous details.
Loved the cheerleaders imitation of Basil Fawlty with that stupid little gnome when they poked it in the taxi drivers face, reminded me of the Murphy the builder episode. (anyway the cab drivers in general deserved a poke up the bum throughout the series, bet my blondies would have agreed with that!)
This show has too much luck involved and the editing does not show what really happens
Then Marge yells at Luke “don’t give up” while his back is turned and he responds!……..Makes you wonder!
Pretty ordinary U-turn strategy by V&T, virtually taking out Jen & Kisha. Obviously the main threat was gonna be Luke & Marge but they didn’t have the gumption to virtually eliminate the “popular couple with the public sympathy”
This situation better not happen to St Kilda today or I’m gonna be a Million dollar piss(ed) off person
Go the mighty Sainters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 lydal { 09.26.09 at 9:05 pm }

sorry mate! it wasn’t the day yet for the Saints… 😉

8 Reality Raver { 09.26.09 at 10:10 pm }

Sourkraut – I agree re: the unfair advantage Tammy and Victor had in China, having said that they were my favourite team. I also noted the Margie yelling out to Luke and responding, but thought it was probably down to the editing.

I found it ironic the ONE roadblock Luke did he stuffed up. Now if Margie had done it…..

I think it is good to have a really tough mental challenge at the end, as it means it gives opportunities for other teams to catch up. However it would appear all the teams know a memory one about the race is coming up, as they have done it for a few seasons in a row. In the exit interviews all teams admitted to taking notes throughout the race, and then revising them on the plane to Hawaii.

9 sourkraut { 09.27.09 at 12:23 am }

I’m getting used to it!(after many years practice)
Same thing happened to me in Sydney
Better teams won!