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Australian Idol – The Songs Of Pink

With Andrew G floating down from the ceiling and then somersaulting on a harness mean that Australian Idol has officially jumped the shark?

After seeing the Group song – Let’s Get The Party Started – with the dancing by the Idol’s and the Pussy Cat Dollesque dancers writhing on the material the answer has got to be yes.

  • Some points about the show:
    After saying out loud, “Why am I watching this?”, My five year old said ” Well don’t.” Looks like she won’t be taking over this blog.
  • Dicko telling Kate Cook to wear a dress? Just so when she does he can take the piss out of her?
  • Marcia Hines being extremely rude and cutting off Jay Dee Springbett when it was his turn to judge Stan Walker.

Bottom three were Tim Johnston, Scott Newnham, and James Johnston, with Tim Johnston leaving. Interesting that both of the judges wildcards have been eliminated within the first four weeks. First time this has happened.

There was no guest judge tonight on Pink night, which I thought it was a pity Idol producer’s did not take the opportunity and get Pink’s Australian based manager, Roger Davies, on the show. It would be interesting to get a different industry perspective rather than the usual record industry one.

Nathan Brake – Just Like A Pill

Nathan is lucky his voice has the range to handle the Pink song, towards the end it got a bit strained but it was an ok rendition.

“Least measured performance from you. That’s where you need to be,” said Dicko.

Scott Newnham – So What

“I knew I was here for a reason I can actually sing,” said Scott in his opening montage. Well this song didn’t showcase his allegeded voice at all. Far to screechy in the top notes. I think Scott is now officially out of his depth, and he will be the one to be eliminated next week. I hope he did not resign from that building site.

“You got through that with charisma and attitude…it was a bit of Hi-5 version of Pink,” said Jay Dee.

“Homework for you is to watch the DVD of Robbie Williams Live,” said Dicko.

Stan Walker – Dear Mr President

Stan was always going to struggle to top last week’s rendition of Purple Rain. But of course this was not helped by some problems with register and not being able to hear. It did improve towards the end, I was not a huge fan of his rendition tonight. Also the whole performance was not helped by some dodgy camera work. In fact I thought the camera work tonight was a bit weird for all of the performers.

The judges were still positive that he kept his poise when it was all going pear shaped.

Kate Cook – Trouble

Kate has a fantasitc natural presence on camera. However her rendition of this song was just boring, and I thought vocally she was struggling.  She seem to countrify the songs each week, and this is getting a bit dull for me.

“Tonight you look like you have come to tarmac the front drive,” said Dicko.

“I like smart artists, someone who makes a song their own,” Jay Dee said. He also thought the song flattened out a bit.

Why the fuck should Kate wear a dress Dicko?  I thought that was exceedingly insulting to her. Then when she does wear one will he take the piss out of her? Oh if Andrew G turns up in a frock I will NOT be watching the show again.

James Johnston – Who Knew

Probably one of the better performances in a pretty weak night. Though he is forgettable from week to week.

“One of the most enjoyable things about being on the show is watching people grow,” said Jay Dee.

“It was vague emotion, it lacked the adult emotion that was in that song.” said Dicko.

Kim Cooper – Family Portrait

Apparently she connected with the lyrics of the song because of her dysfunctional family background, and it was a powerful performance. I really like her and hope she sticks around for a few more weeks.

“I applaud your honesty and your bravery,” said Jay Dee.

“Amazed you were going to do a ballad….that was just fantastic,” said Dicko.

Toby Moulton – Please Don’t Leave Me

His stage performance was so boring tonight. All the other older pop contestants have been eliminated maybe it is Toby’s time to go.  Dull is the only adjective to describe tonight’s song.

“Pink sounds like a femme fatal, and you came across as a serial killer,” said Dicko. As he pointed out about the more violent lines of the song.

“Performance so so, but you were saved by your very good voice,” said Jay Dee.

Hayley Warner – Funhouse

She was right in her comfort zone, and even plugged into the craziness of the lyrics. Christ I nearly belived she was going to light a match under the Australian Idol set.

Jay Dee said he wanted Hayley to win or into the final so he send her out with some songwriters to write songs. He also thought she was amazing.

Dicko said “You do pop very well and you stay core. I am just wondering who I need to make disappear so you and I can run off and make a lot of money.”

Bottom three prediction: Scott Newnham, Toby Moulton, and Kate Cook.


1 Anonymous { 10.05.09 at 3:40 pm }

I didn’t buy Kim’s performance at all, and I still think her voice is horrible. Didn’t she leave her mother because her father had depression and she didn’t want to deal with it anymore? I had no idea why she was singing a song about divorce/separation/a parent leaving you. I just find her totally contrived, generic, and kind of beauty queen like in personality.

RR I said the exact same thing last night – “why am I watching this show?”. I usually like to stick through these things, but this might be the first season where I don’t end up doing that. The whole thing is just a joke, especially on a “talent” level.

2 Anonymous { 10.05.09 at 3:42 pm }

PS – If anyone else other than Stan had performed like that there’s NO WAY the judges would’ve excused it. Blaming his performance on an audience member singing out of tune is just pathetic and a true jumping the shark moment.

3 Brix { 10.05.09 at 8:44 pm }

After being such a big fan of this show for so many years I just cant watch it now. It is juz 2 boring

4 Laura { 10.05.09 at 11:30 pm }

I must be really tone deaf because I thought Stan was really good! Apart from pulling the microphone away so I couldnt hear some of the words, I really liked his performance, and I have not really been a big fan up til now lol.
Toby & Scott were awful.

5 reality raver { 10.06.09 at 11:49 am }

Firstly I must apologise for the dullness of the recap, but I could barely raise any enthusiasm for the show.

A couple of extra points:
Dicko even implying that Scott Newnham has the capability of being a Robbie Williams;
Also Jay Dee saying that he hopes Hayley gets in the final so he can work with her – doesn’t he have enough grunt in BMG/Sony to be able say “hey I want to sign this girl”.

6 Margot { 10.10.09 at 1:13 pm }

I’m in my late fiftys, enjoy watching entertainment. I look @all the contestents with deep affection, thats a mothers heart, brave kids I say & so much bashing makes me quite sad. Everyone deserves a second chance, even when a minor errors occurs as with Stan. (technical) so what! how many in the same situation would be as poised?? not too many! However, this young man has a great voice, and this is what everyone should be judged on. Performance. Just as wine improves with age, so will each one of these precious young people. May the Best Boy or Girl win.
I hope Australia votes with Integrity & not Favoritism. . All the best… margot