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Celebrity MasterChef – Heat 2 – Did Michelle Bridges Deserve To Win

Ok you would think as reality TV blogger I would be barracking for the reality tv ‘star’ Michelle Bridges, one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser, however I wasn’t. I was going for Peter Fitzsimonswho I have been a long time fan of particularly his writing.  So I was hoping him to kick some MasterChef arse.

It was like a giant between two petite girls. Peter towered over his two competitors of Michelle, and former Hi 5 performer Kathleen De Leon.

First up they got to choose their own dish to cook with 1 and half hours to do it in.

Kathleen decided to go with something from her Phillipino background and cook Chicken Adobo and a Caramel Flan. I have to be honest I don’t know much about the cuisine of the Phillipines nor even in my Asian neighbourhood seen a restaurant/cafe selling this type of food. I figured if it was any good there would be a plethora of restaurants like thai and Japanese. However French is fantastic and there is not a great deal of that around in Sydney.

The chicken which looked pretty simple had garlic, soy, and a few other ingredients got some good feed back from the judges, but her caramel flan was what found their way to the judges heart. It did look beautifully presented and delicious.

Michelle was cooking fat and salt free Moroccan lamb cutlets with eggplant and blackcurrent couscous.  Personally I thought this dish was a bit of a cop out considering she had a pre-bought spice mix even though she did add in some extra fresh herbs. Also I thought putting the spice mix on the lamb and in the couscous was not great. And Matt Preston did call her on it when he judged the dish. I thought judge Gary Mehigan whinging about the lack of salt was a bit over the top, with all that spice on it would salt have added that much to the dish.

Peter Fitzsimons made a traditional Coq Au Vin with mashed potatoes. He put egg yolks into the mash, and this was panned by the judges. Saying his mash was grainy, and he should have used butter and cream. Peter Fitzsimons said he wife told him that tip, and to be fair it may taste ok if you add it in just before you serve and it is hot. Note to all future MasterChef contestants, when you are practising make sure you taste your dish when it is cold, as that is how the judges taste it.

Also it was great that Channel Nine let Peter Fitzsimons lovely wife Lisa Wilkinson from the Today show to be filmed something TV stations should be more gracious about. But maybe Channel Nine are hoping for some MasterChef magic will rub off on them. Chances of Lisa talking about the show tomorrow on her program. High.

The winner of this challenge was Kathleen De Leon with her flan ensuring she edged out the others.

The Pressure Test – Special guest Chef Brent Savage from Bentley Restaurant, Sydney.

Kathleen now had the advantage of picking which of Brent’s ridiculously hard dishes they would have to pick. The choice was Roast spatchcock with sweet corn polenta, pistachio and asparagus, or Pistachio cake with yoghurt cream and mandarin ice cream.

Kathleen chose the spatchcock apparently the hardest dish ever on the show. Two and half hours to cook the dish, which had about five squillion components.

However did anyone think it was strange that there was footage of Brent showing them how prep the spatchcock? Which made a lie out of them just being thrown the recipe and getting a taste of the dish.

Michelle was not used to working with oil as she overheated with the spatchcock balls, and then it was not heated enough for her confit dusted with polenta.

Peter’s pistachio did not look like puree, but more like ground pistachio dust. And the presentation  was a bit strange. in fact in judging Matt Preston called it pistachio dirt. By the way I noted Matt’s ads for Handee paper towels. I would have thought he would have done something slightly more sophisticated, but who cares he may as well milk his reality TV fame for as long as possible. As us viewers are a fickle bunch in a year or two we will be hitching our sail’s to someone else.

Gary thought Peter’s chicken ball tasted good, nice and moist. But apparently he had also left the jus off it. I knew at this point he could not win.

Kathleen’s dish was plated very well, but her spatchcock ball was too dry and overcooked. I must say I thought she looked the most comfortable in the kitchen.

Gary said “Jus very good. The chicken was borderline”.

The judges thought Michelle Bridges was the best plated dish however her ball was a bit undercooked. But in the end that is how Gary and George like it so Michelle ended up winning and will be seen in the semi finals. I have to be honest I thought Kathleen should have won.

Also if you want to taste Brent Savages dish apparently for this month during the Taste of Sydney Festival you can have it for lunch for $35 with a glass of wine. Go to their website for contact details.


1 seepi { 10.07.09 at 10:18 pm }

I’m with you. I wanted Peter F to win, and I thought Kathleen should have won.

Are they just picking the most ‘tv worthy’ person from each round??

I didn’t even realise Michelle’s spice mix was bought – she can’t mix up a few spices?? I am so not a fan of ol’ botox forehead.

2 Anonymous { 10.07.09 at 10:44 pm }

I definitely think that Kathleen should’ve won. Do they think that Michelle Bridges is likable? Because honestly, I find everything about her so obnoxious and grating… I suppose they wanted to have a Channel 10 celebrity win one of these rounds! *rolls eyes*

3 SS { 10.08.09 at 12:12 am }

There were so many masterchef ads in the show that I could barely see where the show finished and the commercials started. In Brissy we had;
George spruiking Coles
Justine with Harvey Norman
Matt and paper towels
Poh and old ladies with cupcakes
And Ronnie D’s somehow made a vauge link to masterchef

Does anyone know what the rest of the top 6 are doing now and if we are going to see them soon on tv. Where is;

Thanks SS

4 Martine { 10.08.09 at 12:28 am }

I thought that Kathleen deserved to win and I agree with you RR that it looked a lot like channel 10 wanted one of ‘their’ celebrities to go through.
Peter Fitz was fun, but his meal looked disgusting. What was with his outfit?? He looked like one of those weird, old, sad Dad’s that embarrass their kits at the school fete.
I thought that Kathleen’s custard flan looked really tasty. So much so, I just downloaded the recipe. I was worried she was planning on wearing those killer heels, but I think that she realised 2 1/2 hours in those babies could be her downfall.
I agree with SS, there was a LOT of MC people flogging their wares in the commercial breaks. I was suprised not to see Julie in a commercial. She would still be contracted to MC, but I thought she would have lined up a few commercial endorsements by now. Sorry I cant help you with what the others are up to, but I think I read on this site a while back that Andre is cooking in a restaurant in Adelaide

5 Wurstsemmel { 10.08.09 at 7:57 am }

Love, love, love Matt but hate, hate, hate that ad. Way below his level of sophistication.

Agree, RR, so much for the go with the recipe. C10 blew that with the shot of the spatchcock prep tutorial.

Kathleen should have won. Michelle is so annoying and really didn’t do anything terribly remarkable. This show comes across as so contrived.

6 lydal { 10.08.09 at 8:12 am }

I liked Michelle and found a bit annoying Kathleen. Did we watch the same program?! hehe For sure Peter didn’t deserve to win. His spatchcock looked terrible. Btw, I enjoyed this episode more than the previous although I agree with SS: too much MC ads.

7 Chuck { 10.08.09 at 8:20 am }

They seem to love undercooked chicken – i’m not sure why?

Ch 10 ‘celebrity’ through on a Ch 10 show – what a surprise…

8 Anon { 10.08.09 at 9:31 am }

I am starting to feel ripped off not seeing all these MC ads. Have yet to see George spruiking Coles let alone a crass paper towels one. Have to agree with last week’s observation about Justine ‘s deer in the headlights look.

9 Dolph Ziggler { 10.08.09 at 9:46 am }

Dolph has a thing for muscle chicks, so was more than happy with Michelle winning. Can’t wait to see her whip up a dessert with Joe Weider Creatine, 100% Whey Powder and Colostrum extract. With spirolina powder sprinkles of course. Will Michelle show us her abs for in the next challenge? Hope so.

10 Christie { 10.08.09 at 9:49 am }

Totally agree i thought Kathleen should have won. It was Channel 10 bias with them wanting one of their personalities to get in. And would have to agree as well with Michelle being totally annoying, like she’s playing up to the cameras.. Let down episode I think.

11 Reality Raver { 10.08.09 at 12:11 pm }

SS – Apparently Julie has been working on her cook book, plus her monthly Women’s Weekly column. It is unclear if or when she will be opening her own cooking establishment.

Lucas and Justine have been doing cooking demos, and they just had a degustation menu at a Nino’s in Bondi Junction.

Andre I am not sure.
Aaron left George’s Hellenic Republic because the pay was dire.

Julia I am not sure maybe some cooking demo’s but she was dudded by MasterChef by winning that challenge hence is best known for shagging Chris Badenoch probably not something that is going to further her career. As boys can be bad and prosper, but sexism still exists.

Chris is doing cooking demos, last seen at the Melbourne show, and apparently looking for site for the beer tavern. Also he has put the finishing touches on his cooking with beer cookbook. Of course I expect an invite to the booklaunch….

12 Culinary Boner { 10.08.09 at 12:32 pm }

Seriously, Michelle should have been expelled from the competition for her first dish. No salt. no fat! This is Masterchef ffs, not the Prittikin diet hour featuring tasteless food broiled on a George Foreman health grill.

I thought Kathleen should have won but was unsurprised that the Channel 10 jnr celeb, Michelle, won instead. Rigged.

13 Kyvyny { 10.08.09 at 1:01 pm }

Kathleen in her boots definitely should have won this round.

Have not seen the Justine ad at all, Preston and the paper towels, plenty, but not seeing any of Justine. And Harvey Norman is big in Sydney.

14 Reality Raver { 10.08.09 at 1:08 pm }

Kyvyny – I did not see Justine last night as well, but did see George and Matt, but no Poh. I do fast forward through ads so may have missed it.

15 CG { 10.08.09 at 5:14 pm }

that was sooooo boring?!! ugh not sure if it is the contestants or the fact show is weekly not nightly, or because it is not as competitive as with “real people” trying to win $100k and change their lives? dunno. but not sure I really want to watch the rest of the series, perhaps just tune in for the semi finals?

as for adverts, I wasn’t paying that much attention but I did see the Justine HN this week. OMG she looks so stunned, why would they let that go through as a final cut? didn’t see Poh. didn’t see Matt and his Handee wipes. what is next… Chris B. would be the natural spokesperson for condoms. Aaron could do loo paper because he gave so many people the shits.

Good grief. Milk a good thing, sure but thsi is all getting a bit too much. Matt, I thought you had more class! And I bet we will see even more in the coming weeks with all the MC season 1 people rolling out their books just in time for Chrissy buying.

Looking forward to season 2 of MC the “real world”.

16 Gillian { 10.08.09 at 5:59 pm }

I thought this show was biased towards Michelle winning. I think Kathleen deserved the win and was the most natural cook on the show. I wish they wouldn’t ruin good reality TV shows with celebrity versions. Reality TV works because it’s about real people. It’s no wonder the show isn’t rating very well.