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Beauty and The Geek Australia – Episode 1 – Rapping and Teaching

Channel Seven are calling this show a social experiment, come on it is really just a reality TV show, based on the premise that all a bloke wants is a hot looking chick. Obviously all the girls on the show are hoping they will get a Ralph or FHM spread out of it. Most of them were probably very unhappy that Big Brother had finished and stopped that as a career path to Page Three fame.

The guys arrived first and then the girls turned up in the compulsory mini dresses. Then they had to introduce themselves to each other, and someone had to pick if they wanted to go with that person.

Corin, the synthetic organic chemist, went into to introduce himself  to the girls first. “I work in a lab and I don’t think I have seen that much peroxide in my life. Lisa an aspiring actress picked him, and she did some type of semi porn dance up in the bedroom they chose to share.

Jenna a  flight stewardess teamed up with Toby who has three degrees

Xenogene a physicist wrote a song as his introduction which went down like a lead balloon. None of the girls wanted him, obviously the producers got out the cattle prod and  Hadassah the spray tan technician walked out of the room.

Emma an actress and model and Miss Congeniality was chosen by Jeremy.

Paul an econometrician (what is that?)- was paired with Elise a V8 grid girl.

Kate a  Glamour model was popular with the guys, as she said the guys eyes lit up like it was Christmas. Alan the child genius grabbed her and he said he was hoping he could learn some humour

Peter a fungal scientist who I thought was quite cute was picked by Michelle the meter maid.

Nathan the comic collector and english teacher was paired up with Kimberley the beauty queen.

The next was the spa scene and Peter was very hairy and self conscious about it. All the girls kept their tops on, probably because there was no alcohol involved.

Two challenges one for the beauty and one for the geek. And seriously who does Jenna fly for? Would she even remember the chapter in the training manual that has the emergency procedures?

I could not believe that one of the girls Kimberley did not know all of the states.

The challenge for the beauty’s was to teach a grade four class. But were given a card to either teach a Science, Geography, or maths.  Lisa was teaching geography and having to draw a map of Australia, for awhile there I thought she was going to insult the Tasmanian viewers by leaving it off. But that was not her stumbling block it was the number of states. She was telling them there were eight.

Emma had to teach science who does not seem as dumb as the others, and it was later revealed her mother was a science teacher.

Xenogene’s beauty Hadassah just completely froze when she did her history lesson. She was cried afterwards, and Xenogene must be walking ball of sexual frustration, as he called her “an amazing person”.

The geeks challenge was a rap challenge. Guest judges was Jessica Mauboy who Toby thought was Molly’s girlfriend, clearly Toby  has no gaydar.

Toby was first and I have to confess this guy cracks me up with his comments and demeanour.

Corin was next and he did ok. Xenogene was a big fail, has turned up as joke audtionee at Australian Idol or So You Think You Can Dance? Or does he just remind me of Sex the serial auditioner on the US version of So You Think You Can Dance?

The winners of the two challenges had to nominate two teams to be up for elimination, but the twist was there was not going to be an elimination. Oh dudded.

All in all it was quite an interesting episode, helped along by some zippy one liners from the geeks.


1 Kyvyny { 10.08.09 at 11:57 pm }

Don’t forget that while the beauties turned up in the skirts and short dresses, the geeks fronted up in the stereotypical geek wear. So on the wardrobe front they were evened out.

Xenogene definitely looks like Sex from SYTYCD. Was expecting him to break out into the dance routine when up on stage for his challenge.

Want a segway.

2 lydal { 10.09.09 at 8:13 am }

Girls reminded me the “True Beauty show”. Same kind of people. Geeks are totally stereotypic. I expected more …

3 Wurstsemmel { 10.09.09 at 10:38 am }

Watched out of curiosity but don’t think I’ll be bothering again.

4 Scott { 10.09.09 at 10:55 am }

Econometricians are basically statisticians with an economic bent. They try to find relationships between variables using data modelling and regression (creating an equation that describes the relationship). i.e does the mothers education level have an impact on a child’s school test scores etc. Interesting field, but extremely nerdy. Usually found in the economics or finance professions…

5 charades { 10.09.09 at 11:23 am }

I believe I found it interesting. Had a couple of giggles, and I think I already know who I would prefer to win……… pity they aren’t on the same couple team.

6 Culinary Boner { 10.09.09 at 1:16 pm }

Beauties? My arse. Try average looking girls obsessed with wearing shitload of make-up and hair products. Hopefully, some of them were actors ’cause I had to think that these numb-heads vote and will most likely breed.

7 Reality Raver { 10.09.09 at 8:02 pm }

Kyvyny – Are segways legal? A person I know was lectured at Macquarie Uni by Xenogene and apparently he is out there. And he is fine with that.

Lydal I did not actually watch True Beauty much but you are right.

Wurstsemmel – well the way SEven run the programs over you will probably catch the end each week before the start of The Amazing Race.

Scott – It seems like a very specialised field.

Charades – Come on tell us your favourites, I am still deciding.

Culinary boner – I think there were some wannabe actors there but not in the way you mean. One or two might get a guest spot on Home and Away.

8 Kyvyny { 10.10.09 at 11:31 am }

Have only ever seen segways around Olympic Park, and on a course, so their legality/road-worthiness has probably got something to do with them not being more widespread. That and the exorbitant cost.

Looks like the mansion is already up for sale:

9 sourkraut { 10.10.09 at 12:30 pm }

I’m ashamed to say I watched an ep of this utter unmitigated piffle, but as R R has already pointed out elsewhere i’m a “sucker” for big breasted blondes.
Never really believed the stories about dumb blondes till I saw this, OMG where do they get them? Guess it all proves Darwin’s theory…adaptation for survival.
Are the geeks for real? i thought it was only in the ultra CRAPPY american nerd movies?
Might be worth watching as there’s nothing much on SBS or ABC at that time and who knows, i might even get to see a puppy or two pant pant gasp gasp gurgle gurgle WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

10 Brendan { 10.12.09 at 10:53 pm }

I’m not going to lie, it was probably the funniest hour of television I’ve watched all year
Yes, comedy on TV is that bad
I also made a running diary of the show, its at my blog

11 Bree { 10.16.09 at 4:12 pm }

does anyone know the brand of the dress the girl with the blonde hair is wearing?
Its a royal blue, white and peachy orange short dress, boobtube kinda tye die stripey.

12 Sally { 10.16.09 at 7:42 pm }

The dress you are looking for Bree- the brand is Wish. You can get it from Myer

13 bushpig { 11.20.09 at 12:12 am }

I think this show should have been named, Average looking dumb f… and the geek. Sorry girls, but you are just average, and appearing in ZOO magazine doesnt make you any more special than the next woman on the street. Who picked these girls? get some tatse mate…..