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Maybe If The 7pm Project Changed It’s Format To This It Might Get Better Ratings Or Interviewed A Gosselin

Nancy Grace a panelist on the US show The Insider did not take a backward step with one of  their guests this week when they interviewed reality TV douchebag Jon Gosselin. Jon Gosselin was one of the stars in Jon and Kate Plus Eight. A show about raising sextuplets plus fraternal twins. More about the show here.

But that has all gone pair shaped since Kate and Jon split, but the breakup has continued to fascinate the public.

The story so far:

  • Jon started seeing 22 year olds after the separation occurred;
  • A story emerged of him shagging the nanny;
  • Both Jon and Kate put their side of the story to media at EVERY opportunity;
  • Jon supposedly took $200,000 out of their joint bank account leaving Kate with nothing;
  • Jon sought a court injunction once he was going to be removed from the show – “because he was concerned for the welfare of his children”.

Nancy Grace called him on every bit of hypocrisy that he has done, having said that I am not sure Kate is a saint either if you saw the one hour special that was screened on Ten a few months ago. However, if I was stuck with that many kids at home I would probably be a bit of a shrew.

The 7pm Project have got to get tools on the show like this and slap them around. I am happy to volunteer to be chief scrag.

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1 charades { 10.09.09 at 11:26 am }

I wish I knew why Jon kept repeating himself.
For some reason it makes me not trust him.
I consider he just loves the attention. :)