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Jodhi Meares May Be Preparing For A New Career In Television

The Daily Telegraph states that Jodhi has joined Chic Management in the talent division, with the possibility of her looking for TV projects. Jodhi was badly burnt when she did not turn up to the live final of Australia’s Next Top Model in 2008. By the way Jodhi is absolutely stunning in the flesh which does not do her justice on TV.

Don’t Expect Actor Simon Westaway To Be Cooking Coq Au Vin On MasterChef Celebrity Next Week

 Underbelly actor Simon Westaway probably won’t be cooking Coq Au Vin or any other dish with copious amounts of alcohol in it, as he has been seeking help for alcohol addiction. A Daily Telegraph article reveals that he checked himself into rehab two months ago. It is great at this stage he is managing to beat his addiction. Next week he will be battling out in his heat against Anna Bligh, and Eamon Sullivan.

Another Celebrity MasterChef contestant in the news is Alex Lloyd who is being sued by Mark O’Keefe who claims he wrote part of the hit song Amazing. (source Perth Now)

Australian Idol Alumini Jessica Mauboy and Lisa Mitchell Feature Strongly In Aria Nominations

The Daily Telegraph states Australian Idol 2006 runner up Jessica Mauboy has been nominated for a huge seven nominations at this year’s Aria’s. And fellow 2006 Idol contestant Lisa Mitchell’s debut album has also garnered three nominations. Congratulations and good luck girls. 2006 Australian Idol was probably the strongest year ever for the show with a plethora of talent emerging. These include Damien Leith, and Bobby Flynn.

Sophie Monk Now Has A Bodyguard

Sophie Monk one of the first stars from reality TV in Australia has revealed that she now requires a bodyguard because of a crazed stalker. So she asked bodyguard Max Lee to move into her apartment. So does that mean she gives him free rent? Anyway her reality TV show has been picked up by MTV, and she will be filming a new series later this year. (Source The Daily Telegraph)

A New Series Of The Australian Version Of Ladette To Lady Will Be Screened.

 I am not sure what I think of this as I was not a huge fan of the first series, but Ladette to Lady Series 2 will commence on Channel Nine on October 20th at 9.30pm. I will probably do recaps. Hopefully a magazine will do a where are they now of the first series girls.


1 Liss { 10.08.09 at 2:35 pm }

Do we know why Jodhi didn’t rock up? I was a bit surprised when she wasn’t there and then left the series, what bit of goss have I missed out there.

If you need a guest blogger for L2L lmk! xx

2 Reality Raver { 10.08.09 at 2:42 pm }

Liss – she did not turn up due to nerves. She states she had told them she would not do a live finale, so a day or so before she pulled the plug. She had done it the year before and her nerves were obvious.

Will let you know if I need a guest blogger for Ladette to Lady, I will give it a go, but if I hate it will flick it on. Did you like the first series. I did not think it was as good as the english series. I think because the girls were not nearly as skanky or as hard core as the english ones.