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Heartache In Reality TV Land – Kate Cook and Rachael Finch, And No The Are Not Together

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Australian Idol’s Kate Cook is having an achey breaky heart moment, with news she has broken up with her long term girlfriend.

The Daily Telegraph reveals that Kate broke up with her 37 year old girlfriend who has four kids.

“I’ve been trying to just focus on Idol, but I find it hard to hide the way I feel,” she said.

“I really love Kerry, I always will, but I just had to make that tough decision to have a break.”I’m hurting over it, and confused too. I don’t want to hurt Kerry or the kids, but I have to follow my heart.

Does this mean Kate has found a new love? I would not be surprised that she has a few groupies as in a dull Australian Idol year she is one of the more interesting contestants. But then maybe she just wants to focus on her burgeoning music career.

As she says:

“This (Idol) is all new for me, and I’m enjoying focusing on myself and my career. The show’s giving me the support I need to help me through.”

Cook had attempted to keep the breakout out of the public spotlight, but was aware it had affected her recent performances and that viewers were asking questions.

“Being a private person, I would prefer to not go into it really, but yeah, it has been tough,” she said.

“Everybody is pretty cut up about it, which is why I have tried to keep the media away from it and not draw any more attention to an already painful experience.”

Racheal Finch, who we will see on Celebrity MasterChef in the next few weeks has also broken up with her boyfriend of two years. Apparently she busted up with him by text. Ouch. The article also says she has been seen painting the town red with Celebrity MasterChef colleague Eamon Sullivan. Is this the second MasterChef romance this year? (Source Daily Telegraph)

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1 reply to anything Kate Cook { 12.02.09 at 4:48 pm }

Well well well, im so surprised that kate cook has done nothing with herself after getting so far on Australian Idol. Shes getting managed by her controlling (No Experience) Sister, has done a couple of community radio interviews that anyone can get, A free couple of songs for the Mayors Christmas Charity Concert in Ipswich and her own unpaid pwerformance in the Ipswich Town Mall, what on earth happened. She was an over night sensation and all the hype, and to get that far in the competition to now have left it so late to ride that wave of hype is ludacrous! Silly girl, obviously had bad advice from people who no very little! I know she aint much of a performer and the voice is medioka and shes not everyones cup of tea, but hell shes mad not to have cashed in on the fame while she had the chance! Too late now, people will slowly be forgetting, but she might be able to cash in on those die hard fans on the Facebook site, they will buy her song if it ever comes out on ITunes for 99 cents and she’ll make a couple of Grand! I notice theres not as many comments and feed back on there now, so come on Kates marketing team do something! Local community radio interviews and the odd thing in the Ipswich newspaper doesnt cut it for making into the big time baby! Get ur shit together! or a great opportunity will be lost forever….