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Rachel Zoe – NY Fashion Week

Despite the bad timing of NY Fashion Week – just before the Oscars – Rachel insists on going to fashion week “because of the global economic crisis”. She’s all about the philanthropy. Only fashion week can save our capitalist system!

Armani is in the running for Anne Hathaway’s Oscar dress and Rachel has to tell Brad not to try it on. Following her success with altering the Dior dress for Cameron at the Globes, Rachel’s keen to convince Armani to add a train to his spangly gown.

Anne’s going through further Oscar options, just in case Armani doesn’t come to the party with the train. A fuschia number apparently didn’t do anything for the boobs, a red number was nice but NQR, and Joey and Brad want Taylor to model the cream number. She looks as though she is willing to be talked into it, but I think Brad’s comment that “you should try it! You’re having a skinny day!” changes her mind.

Thompson L.E.S. Hotel hopefully has rooms for everybody this year – Taylor will definitely crack it big time if she has to share with Brad yet again. Rachel has shipped her six trunks ahead and they are waiting for her in the penthouse. Rodger has a sugarless Red Bull in hand and is trying to get something happening on the bed. Rachel interviews that he is neglected “every year during fashion week” and to that I say “only during fashion week?” Rodger is the poster boy for neglected husbands.

Marisa runs through Rachel’s schedule: blah, blah, Armani, QVC… Oh, yeah, shill the QVC range.

First show – Rag and Bone. Rachel’s all over the black leather leggings – I’m sure that’s made the Report – and sees a perfect “preview” dress for Eva Mendes. Smooching with David Neville and Marcus Wainwright afterwards, but no Oscar gowns.

Taylor’s pissed off because she’s going to have to spend the whole of Fashion Week styling an In Style shoot with Jennifer Garner so she won’t get to any shows. Rachel’s oblivious to her frustration, seemingly convinced that just being in New York during fashion show is reward enough for her offsider.

Brad and Rachel are off to a DVF preview. Brad explains that designers do this because they want to see Rachel’s stars in their clothes. “Every piece is a friend” explains DVF herself. This is possibly code for “nothing screams new”. There’s a totally eccentric Astrakhan style hat, but made without furs – DVF has used pompoms. Rachel tries one on and looks like a poodle with mange. Or scabies – I get them confused. Rachel loves the collection and that’s because it all looks like things she already wears. In fact, it looks like a fabulous vintage store, that doesn’t smell of mothballs.

Talyor’s pulling clothes and accessories for the In Style shoot. She prefers to “prep” in LA. D&C, Marc Jacobs, Chanel – is she going to these places or are we just seeing signs?

Marisa’s following up the Armani alterations and, as yet, there’s no word on whether it’s going to go ahead.

Rachel’s headed to Matthew Williamson’s boutique opening but she’s afraid her dress is two feet too long. Brad’s suggestion of a change of shoes is ridiculous. I mean, Rachel wears shoes that almost put her in space, but two feet? Rachel models some options. “I’ve never travelled with somebody who travels with their whole closet and still has nothing to wear” says Lorenzo, who is captioned as “Brad’s friend”. In the end, Rachel goes with the two-feet-too-long dress. I hope somebody steps on it and gives us the full Jennifer Hawkins.

A happy reunion with Lindsay Lohan sparks lots of paparazzi flashes, particularly when the two women pose with Williamson in the middle and both are trying to hoik up dresses so as not to let any nipples slip.

Rachel’s making it a priority to spend at least a few hours on Valentine’s Day with her husband. She orders everything off the menu “just like Richard Gere” and gives Rodger some cufflinks. He wants a massage and she wants to go shopping. Ro-man-tic!

Rachel and Brad are en route to the house of Armani. Rachel says they’re giving Giorgio a huge thank you for all his support over the years. Apparently asking him to change one of his designs is a gift to him. He’s charming enough to say that it is, indeed, a gift to work for such a star. He’s subtitled, and he says “for Kate, or Anne” and I’m wondering if that should have been “Cate”.

Taylor’s at Resurrection, still trying to find stuff for Jennifer Garner. She wants outfits that run through the “whole gamut of Jennifer’s emotions”.

It’s the Matthew Williamson show – “cool-lookin’ street style”, says Rachel, who immediately brightens up at the sight of a gold gown, which says “premiere or film festival”. Still no Oscar gowns, though.

Taylor’s having coffee with Joey the hairstylist and she’s gone with a much deeper shade of tan than really works in New York. She’s agonising over “growing in her position”. He tells her that she needs to sit Rachel down and focus her on a discussion on the “product line”. “I don’t even know if there’ll be a product line!” wails Taylor.

Rachel grabs a black coat that she proclaims “bananas”. “I think you’ve got that” says Rodger. Oh, Rodger, a girl needs more than one shiny black jacket.

Tiger J Apparel is the potential partner for Rachel’s line. For some reason, Rachel takes Marisa to all the meetings. This gives me some insight into why Tay was so snarky at Marisa last week. Tiger J wants to start a line of faux fur in Rachel’s name, which she is surprisingly excited about. Rachel tries the entire line on. David of Tiger J says it will take four weeks to tweak the design ideas – Rachel’s talking about an October launch, which seems a tad late for a winter range.

Rachel sits down with Taylor to bitch about how difficult it is finding Oscar dresses. She’s planning to go to Marchesa tomorrow – if there’s no joy there, it’s going to be pulling dresses out of arses time. Eeew. Taylor decides to take the opportunity to share her frustration over how fashion week is working out for her. Then she announces that she’s going back to LA and that she’s “never coming back to New York. Ever”.

Brad, on the other hand, is having a ball. He’s pouring out Veuve Cliquot and boasting to his friends about how well he’s doing with Rachel. They rather insensitively remind him of what a sooky la la he was last year. He manages to jolly Taylor out of her funk for a last ditch party, but first she has to be sewn into a leopard skin dress. They dance like a group of very uncoordinated people.

Next day – Taylor’s really doing it. She’s really, really doing it! She’s in the limo on her way to the airport and Brad already misses her. Awww.

It’s very Star Wars – Marchesa, you’re our only hope! Rachel sees a gown that is so amazing, she drops to a whisper. Brad sees something that’s very “Annie” – hang about! Isn’t Armani changing his gown?

Back in LA Taylor’s setting up the collections for the shoot. The retail assistants seem very agreeable to the idea that all of their stock is about to be “pulled” on spec. No wonder Taylor likes LA. Bomp, bomp… Taylor gets a message the confirms that the shoot is really hair and makeup only. I guess she could always pop a shoe on Jennifer’s head. She vents to Brad and WTFs to camera.

The Armani dress is in, and is accompanied by four of Armani’s best people. They are authorised to deal with the “train options”. There are two options. Everyone holds their breath as the box is opened. “It’s like a fashion fairytale come true!”. The taffeta option doesn’t sit well with Rachel. She’s right – it looks like a curtain attached to a dress. What will she do? Tune in next week!

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