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Australian Idol – Yikes Scott Newnham Has Quit His Day Job


In an interview with Who Mag Scott Newnham reveals he has quit his day job to make a career in the music industry or get a role on Neighbours (I roll my eyes).

He said:

I’m going back home to Melbourne and I plan to start writing my own music and hopefully someone will approach me from somewhere. I’ve written a few lyrics down and my style is R ‘n’ B and Hip Hop. And I might try out for Neighbours to try and stay in the public eye and see how I can go.

Does he seriously think by being on Idol for two months he will get a recording contract, no wonder professional musicians hate Australian Idol. I may be being harsh but I just cannot see it happening.

In other Australian Idol news the TV Week revealed these two riveting facts, Tim Johnston had a crush on Kim Cooper, and Kim Cooper’s person she would turn for is Ruby Rose.


1 Anonymous { 10.14.09 at 11:27 pm }

He has a mancrush on Chris Brown. Ugh.

2 Laura { 10.15.09 at 12:27 am }

Is the Neighbours thing a joke? Surely it must be lol.
Poor guy, he had his moment in the spotlight but nobody in their right mind would give him a recording contract. He can carry a tune but in comparison to all the performers out there with actual talent he is nothing. Sad but true.

3 TDK { 10.15.09 at 8:50 am }

Well, the judges did put him on quite a tall pedestal.