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Australian Idol – Songs from Musicals and Movies

I was not surprised Kim Cooper was eliminated this week, so in the end Jay Dee Springbett won the tiff they had last week. She did not look surprised either. Hayley on the other hand did looked shocked she was in the bottom two.

Liza Minelli was the special guest tonight, and she proved to be far savvier than Harry Connick Jr by ensuring she got to perform at the start of the show rather than the end. Liza, in my opinion, is no longer a great performer, but she is definitely an icon and her eyes and husky voice are still quite mesmerising.

She seemed very vulnerable at times, something that at times tonight made her quite endearing. She also was confused as to why Toby Moulton was single, and seemed to hint that she thought he was cougarlicious.

Dicko tonight was a great advertisement for Jenny Craig as he was looking fabulous in fact I am going to have to join the Dicko Appreciation Facebook group.

Tonight the Idol contestants had to sing two songs, one from a movie and one from a musical, and it would appear Queen is the new Whitney of the competition. There were three songs tonight, but this is on top of quite a few that have been done previously.

Toby Moulton – Somebody To Love – Queen

I was very impressed with Toby’s high notes and singing in this song. I still don’t see him having a long term career outside of RSL clubs if that.

“You’ve really got to sell your desires in that song, …got to sell it with your body,” said Dicko “That song has a physicality that you did not put in.”

Jay Dee said “Looks like the teachers gone to rock school.”

Stan Walker –  Elton John

After giving Stan  a lot of love over the past few weeks, this song underwhelmed me and I found it very dull. It is interesting to think if things had turned out differently he would be a father right now, and it would be interesting to know if the voting audience would be voting differently if he was. My understanding was he is not in touch with the girl, I am unsure why. But as we all know Stan has had a very difficult time throughout is childhood let’s hope his life continues to get better.

“Is there anything you can’t do?” asked Jay Dee.

“The first half of it it was like wading through custard, but I thought you got their in the end,” said Dicko.

Kate Cook – Son Of A Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield

I thought this was a very brave choice by Kate to pick a iconic Dusty song, as the range of her songs are a killer. How do I know this? I have butchered many a one at Karaoke. I thought her rendition was OK, not great but not dreadful.

“You rock me,” said Liza “And theatre shouldn’t rock you out.”

“I wish you have listened to Liza little bit more,” Jay Dee said. He thought she had not got emotion or believability from her.

“It turns into caberet when you do the up tempo tunes,” said Dicko. But Dicko it is musical theatre night?

“I am going to be very honest with you,” said Marcia. Does this mean she is not honest with the other contestants? By the way does anyone else have problems with trying to work out what Marcia is saying or is it just me as I had no idea what she was saying to Kate.

Hayley Warner – These Days – PowderFinger

Very surprised she hit the bottom two this week, however maybe there are a lot of people who hate Tainted Love, or really love it and were pissed the chorus was not included. I wonder if it rocked her a bit being in the bottom two, as she lacked energy.

“For me it did not get out of first gear, I expected better of you,” said Jay Dee. “It just flat lined.”

“It is quite benign, and it needs some energy and spikes and intensity to carry it. And that was lacking,” said Dicko.

James Johnston – You’ll Never Walk Alone

This is such an old man’s song – why did he pick this one? Snoozefest. His voice was OK, but not powerful enough for it.

“Sung pretty well, you don’t have have the physical presence or experience to carry the song off.” said Dicko. Snap.

“It is such an emotional anthem…it is really hard to sell in 1 min 30, the tempo did not allow you to bring that emotional connection.” said Jay Dee but he did say he blew his socks off because at one stage he thought he should not be there.

Nathan Brake – Thriller – Michael Jackson

This has got to be Nathan’s night if he does not shine tonight, he has no shot at the Australian Idol crown. I was surprised at his choice in this song as I was expecting a real show stopper. But he really knows how to perform, and it was one of the best performances of the night. I am not sure he is a pop star, but he should make a career in musical theatre.

“Your interpretations was gangbusters,” said Liza.

“It’s not filler it is Thriller – well done,” said Jay Dee.

“Your really travelling well, well done,” said Dicko.

Toby Moulton – Exit Music [For A Film] – Radiohead

Liza thought it was really sexy. So I think we now know his voting demographic.

“You just keep on bringing Radiohead back is this where you want to be?” said Jay Dee. “It does make me nervous.”

Then Toby gibbered on about this is where he was meant to be because this is where God wants him to be. Huh? Good to know God is watching Australian Idol, hopefully that will help improve ratings. 

“You do pain and loss really well,” said Dicko. ” You did that so well, and you deserve to do the record that you want to make.”

Sorry still not getting Toby, when you consider someone like Chanel Cole has struggled and failed to make a singing career post Idol, how can the likes of Toby or Scott Newnham find an audience?

Stan Walker – We Will Rock You – Queen

This was a much better outing by Stan, but a bit of a let down considering in previous weeks he has wiped the floor with his songs. Plateaued you thing?

“You brought R&B to rock,” said Jay Dee.

“It was a powerhouse coming at us and you were leading it,” said Liza.

Kate Cook – Make You Feel My Love – Garth Brooks

I think Kate might struggle to stay in the competition after this week.  It was a sweet rendition but not memorable. I wish she would ditch the cowboy hat – not all the time but sometimes.

“Had an honesty and vulnerability, that’s how I like to see you. That’s you,” said Dicko.

“I saw a beautiful energy,” said Jay Dee.

Hayley Warner – I Want A Night – Frankie Valli

This really surprised me I thought she did such a beautiful rendition, and her voice was fabulous in it.

“I think you pulled off the arrangement,” said Jay Dee. “I am not sure this is the time of the competition for experiments.” I disagree, I think it is exactly what they should be doing at this stage of the competition, to show the audience the extent of their talent. Also a risk that works out can push you to the head of the pack.

“That was an absolute joy,” said Dicko.

James Johnston – Crazy Little Thing Called Love

If this kid was in America he would be signed up by Disney he is a cutie, well if you are twelve. Unfortunately for him there is no Disney channel here. My advice go in the Green Card Lottery and then get Zac Efron photographed in a compromising position with Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan.

“Overall competent job,” said Jay Dee.

“We can see something emerging with you,” said Dicko.

Nathan Brake – Phantom Of The Opera

Finally an Idol moment, but as I wrote previously, if he did not do it tonight it would have been very disappointing.

“Well done, that was great,” said Jay Dee.

“You gave us the curtain closer we deserved,” said Dicko.

Bottom three will be Toby Moulton, Kate Cook and James Johnston.


1 h&b { 10.18.09 at 11:08 pm }

Which Elton song was it ? ( sorry, I don’t watch the show, but enjoy the critique :)

interesting comments, esp in regards to RSL’s and Chanel Cole ( I didn’t watch it then either, but I pick up on stuff, and she was virtually a local girl for me, so soft spot :)

2 Reality Raver { 10.18.09 at 11:25 pm }

H&B I didn’t get the name of the Elton song sorry, but it was not a known one. Well not one that I knew. I loved Chanel, it was interesting that she was the only contestant Marcia did not appear to like.

3 Laura { 10.18.09 at 11:37 pm }

The Circle of Life ^^^

I think the judges really have it wrong, or maybe that is just my tone deafness. I have only seen up to James’ first song (we’re behind in Perth!) but how can they criticise James and praise Stan? Stan’s vocals were awful and James’ were fantastic.

4 Reality Raver { 10.19.09 at 12:09 am }

I think Stan has become untouchable whatever he does will not attract criticism. He blew his words last week.

5 Anonymous { 10.19.09 at 12:16 am }

Stan needs to learn to enunciate!

6 CG { 10.19.09 at 12:22 am }

I don’t watch Aus Idol but I had the giggle box on Ch10 waiting for Rove to come on. I did hear Liza Minelli “critiquing” various contestants four or five times…did she EVER say anything critical or did she love everyone?

7 Reality Raver { 10.19.09 at 12:24 am }

CG – She did in a subtle way tell Hayley her first song sucked.

Anonymous – Agree. Also I like Stan, and his voice, but I just don’t see star.

8 Kyvyny { 10.19.09 at 12:28 am }

It was more movie soundtracks than Broadway. And Queen? Why do they have to trot that out all the time and fail to deliver. But thanks to Ben Elton, it’s a musical, so it at least fit that bill.

Where was Buster?

9 kenobi { 10.19.09 at 2:50 am }

Well I like Toby and I’m only 20 (but then again if I were on Idol I’d be trying to sing Springsteen songs every week so maybe that says something about the decade I should have been born in?). I think he’ll probably struggle at a music career post-Idol too but he’s improved out of sight in this comp. The God comment made me wince a little, but he does teach at a Catholic school if I’m not mistaken. I think he was just trying to say that he was starting to believe he had a right to be there. 😛

10 Anonymous { 10.19.09 at 9:09 am }

^^ I also winced at the God comment.

I really wish someone would tell Stan that skinny leg jeans are not flattering on someone with his figure.

11 Steph { 10.19.09 at 10:25 am }

Erm – How could you not know “Circle of Life” from the Lion King??? ‘Not a well-known song’? Oh, my! Anyhoo, you’re right about one thing, Stan didn’t do a great job of it. But he’s probably got a large fan base that will ignore this and vote for him anyway.
I’ve got a soft spot for Toby. Maybe because I’m from Adelaide. But I think he speaks up for himself very well. Unlike Kim’s outburst last week, he carries himself with a certain amount of dignity.
Boy, am I glad Hayley did that second song because These Days was a shocker.
Nathan’s a star! Love him.

12 Wurstsemmel { 10.19.09 at 11:42 am }

Don’t normally watch but was ‘forced’ into it by houseguest last night. The only standout for me was Nathan. Loved his rendition of ‘Music of the Night’. Otherwise, it all seemed pretty so-so…

Didn’t Liza-with-a-zee say the same thing to everybody, more or less? I’m not a fan really and, to me, she seemed a little out of it. I was transfixed by trying to work out who’s had more plastic surgery, her or her ex, David Guest. Still, was a worthwhile distraction from the show.

13 Sooty { 10.19.09 at 11:51 am }

The title of Hayley’s second song is ‘Oh, What a Night.’

I thought she was surprisingly good doing that. Liza really taught her some things about rendition – and finally someone told her to stand up straight when she sings, if just for a moment!

14 Chuck { 10.19.09 at 1:53 pm }

The Queen songs were cheating – should have been made to sing a classic musical number e.g. something from phantom etc.

Kate is a joke – wouldn’t win a pub karaoke competition

And what was Liza on? just incoherent most of the time…

15 onadrought { 10.20.09 at 6:45 pm }

Well, I was in the audience and got to go backstage and I can say RR, Dicko is looking hot, better than on screen and has removed most pudge. Also he is a really nice guy and has sex appeal. Jay Dee also nice and hot, Andrew G, didn’t meet him but he is HOT, looks great in a suit and has a really nice, not cocky manner. When you go to ad breaks they are all quite casual. Marcia is lovely, and looks beautiful in the flesh.
The performances are different live to on screen, although Toby lacks oomph on or off. Nathan is just GREAT, he really has precence and an amazing voice. He is my fave now. Bit let down by Stan, to me he doesn’t seem to try hard enough.

Never been into James, but live his voice is really good and he is a good performer. He is a nice looking boy, but even so I would feel icky giving him the Cougar treatment as he is such a liitle boy – in stature too, I am not that big (165cm) and I met him, let’s say, I would crush him. Mmm, maybe not.

If you can get to see Idol live do, it’s heaps of fun.

16 Doug { 10.26.09 at 10:06 pm }

I’m wondering what’s intrinsicley evil about Catholic Toby mentioning God! We get all warm and fuzy about the Dalia Lama don’t we?

17 Reality Raver { 10.26.09 at 10:10 pm }

I don’t think anyone has anyone has ever mentioned the Dalai Lamai on the show. I think that Toby has attracted criticism for mentioning God, when Stan has not. God for Stan was a salvation. With Toby it all came out very awkwardly and stilted.