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Balloon Boy Saga – Or Sometimes Reality TV Has A Lot To Answer For


Why is it that a lot of people who go on reality TV shows automatically think that this will be their way to great fame and fortune? And when it doesn’t happen they either have to go back to their day jobs, or they start thinking of crazy ideas to get attention.

And this appears to be the case in the Balloon Boy incident. If you have been living under a rock a boy apparently went up in a balloon which was followed by the local TV stations and broadcast around the US, but when the balloon landed the boy was not in there, but later found in the attic at home.

The father Richard Heene has been on two episodes of Wife Swap, plus has been pitching a reality show to some of the networks this year, so the theory is the whole balloon saga was an elaborate hoax.

This is just about confirmed by a former protege of Richard Heene, Robert Thomas who sold a story to Gawker. He states that Richard is really keen for fame and fortune, and that he is also a tad unhinged. Of course Robert may be just trying to cut himself into the story of the week.

Anyway the dad might be a bit crazy but the six year old boy looks like a little cutie. Above is a clip where Richard denies it is a hoax and balloon boy pukes on TV, but that was not going to stop dad from doing the interview.


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2 CG { 10.18.09 at 8:36 pm }

This story is just sad on so many levels: for the kids involved and for what is says about the US media (all persuasions from cable to network) dedicated hours to this, and of course because it puts on display the mentality of so many who dream about becoming a “celebrity” via reality tv.

I love me some reality shows (not all shows and formats that is for sure) but the sub-culture it has inspired of reality tv star wannabes and those who support them is pathetic and makes me feel kinda gross about supporting the format. The problem seems to be that because a very small handful of reality tv contestants have gone on to fame and fortune (among the most irritating and un-deserving being Elisabeth Hasselbeck from Survivor, for example) and because the reality format has become so ubiquitous it has encouraged a large group of wannabes.

As for this flying saucer man, guilty as hell I think and they are now reporting it is most likely charges will be laid. I hope they make him pay for all the expenses incurred trying to “save” his son. And I also hope “child services” does a full investigation to make sure the kids are safe, being properly educated and cared for, and will not continue to be exploited.

3 sourkraut { 10.19.09 at 1:30 pm }

Only in the Anointed States.
actually i’m surprised a squadron of F-18s wasn’t called on to shoot it down under the guise of some sort of terrorist plot

4 Laura { 10.19.09 at 8:38 pm }

On YouTube there is a clip of Richard Heene on Wife Swap (I think it is part 3 of 5, the others have all been deleted) and he really is crazy. He even threw milk all over the poor woman who had to live with him because he didn’t want to eat what she had made (she is a vegetarian)! His poor children.