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Australian Idol Rebounding In The Ratings- The Liza Effect?

Last night’s show of Australian Idol got over one million mark, which is great news for the show. At first I thought it must have been the Liza  effect, however after seeing this cover of Ricki-Lee on Ralph I am starting to think it is the Ricki-Lee effect. She looks amazing. Also she will have a new single out in November and a new album out next year.

Ricki Lee Ralph mag


1 Anonymous { 10.19.09 at 9:16 pm }

I think it would have way more to do with Liza than that… Ew.

Btw, I know many people who turned off this year just because they couldn’t stand Ricki-Lee’s particularly incompetent style of hosting last year. If anything, I’d wager she was a contributing factor to the ratings going down! (As well as James and Foreman leaving, and Marcia/Dicko’s stale nature, of course.)

2 Dolph Ziggler { 10.19.09 at 10:40 pm }

*Sigh* even Dolph has gone off Ricki-Lee. Now that she’s lost her curvacious bogan appeal she about as appealing as Paris Hilton.