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Celebrity MasterChef – Just As Well Zumbo Wasn’t The Guest Chef

I find Alex Perry a bit of an enigma. I am always surprised when I hear Alex Perry is married, and that in fact he is a suburban dad not an Eastern Suburbs bachelor, and he is very much a family man. Also the sunglasses are is very own affectation, but I would like to know how he gets them not even to move a millimetre, even when running around the kitchen.

Oneof the times I have received a scathing comment (not that I mind receiving them) on this blog was when I confessed to never having heard of Simon Katich the cricketer. I am sorry I haven’t.   He also said said the best country to tour for food was India so no Warne’s baked beans for him. He is at a disadvantage because he has no sense of smell, an issue he has had since childhood.

Children’s author Wendy Harmer’s kitchen was fantastic who confessed to being a prolific entertainer. She said they had twenty people over every weekend.

The first round was their chance to make their signature dishes.

The last 30 seconds when they were cooking their signature dish went on for about 1 minute. How cold are the dishes they must taste, as their cooking stations are cleaned before the dishes are presented to the judges.

Simon Katich cooked herb crusted salmon fillet on a bed of mash potatoe with a lemon and dill vinagerette.

Gary thought the salmon was over cooked, George thought it tasted fresh with some good flavours.

Wendy made rabbit in mustard sauce, and a spinach and pear puree.

Gary liked Wendy’s dish because it is honest, he did raise the issue of whether the two elements went together.

Alex’s own dish was spanokopita, with greek salad, and tsatsiki. A dish he had only cooked two time before – to practise for the show perhaps?

Alex ‘s dish was given the thumbs by George and Matt. I have to confess I don’t think the degree of difficulty was very high except for the pastry. However he won the first round. Also I was a bit suss of how much Alex actually cooks.

Stephanie Alexander was the special guest judge. The choice was between Coulibiac of Salmon with a dill butter sauce or Lemon curd layer cake. Alex chose the cake. It was difficult but it was no Zumbo.

It had a lot of elements in it. Wendy used her life line to get a crepe making tutorial but lost out on some precious time as she had the wrong pan. But Alex also had that issue. They also both did not use the right amount of gelatin.

Alex’s cake looked a bit lopsided but once he cut it though it looked ok, however apparently it was not sweet enough.

Wendy’s passionfruit jelly topping was more a juice though George liked it. Matt thought that in terms of flavours it was all there.

Simon Katich’s looked pretty good, and Matt concurred and thought it was the one that looked closest to Stephanie’s. Unsurprisingly Simon won. However I would have liked either Alex or Wendy to have won, as they were much more entertaining.


1 Wurstsemmel { 10.21.09 at 10:16 pm }

What was interesting for me were my preconceptions of Alex Perry. I expected not to like him but he came across as very personable. I guess Simon deserved to win, I think Wendy would have loved to have won but I wish Alex had one ultimately.

I think tonight was a bit of a yawn really. Good job there was Matt’s cowhide boots for distraction.

2 seepi { 10.21.09 at 10:43 pm }

The cricketer always looked like winning. His main looked great apart from overcooking the fish a bit – and could have gone for sweet potato mash or something to jazz it up a tiny bit. And his dessert was the best by a country mile.

Simple food seems to always go down well – I think Wendy over thought her main – where Alex Perry’s Greek theme, simple food done well went over like a house on fire.

Matt’s jacket is starting to look a bit tight I thought tonight.

and will it be a sportstar final – the swimmer last week, the cricketer this week – and the INXS guy for a bit of personality – I hope some women get to the finals too.

3 Anonymous { 10.21.09 at 10:48 pm }

I’d love to see some of the eliminated contestants back for a wildcard – Indira and Kathleen immediately come to mind.

But tonight’s episode – I was pleasantly surprised by Alex Perry! I too, found him enjoyable, I was even rooting for him to win. In the end I was very disappointed that Simon won, zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

4 CG { 10.22.09 at 12:13 am }

Alex Perry is so funny. It is so cool he is able to maintain his gay-diva personality…yet, as you say, RR he is a family man. I don’t think he cooks much at home but he (or his agent) wanted him to capitalise on the MC hype. I also don’t think Alex likes to lose – anything.

There was some really crap editing when they were plating up their first “signature” dishes. They showed some final plates…and then about a minute later were showing the contestants putting the first items on the dish. They must have needed the “filler” to make up the full hour-long show.

Indeed, I hope some females into the semis to mix things up. Next week is Miss Universe – between her and Sabrina on The Apprentice – I’m not sure if I can handle it. From the clips of next week’s show it looks like she may win. Celebs in Aus seem to get more than their 15 minutes, esp when they are sports people or beauty queens.

5 lydal { 10.22.09 at 7:17 am }

Not very much interesting yesterday. Sometimes it looks like chefs have to create special/”difficult” dishes just for the programm. Yesterday it was one of this occasion imo.
Simon deserved to win. Yes, the other two were more entertaining but if they had won then everybody would be saying by now that the show is biased (as other episodes) 😉

6 saffronlie { 10.22.09 at 11:28 am }

Australia’s Next Top Model is my guilty pleasure so I was fascinated to see Alex Perry do something else. He is such an enigma to me too. I’m really curious about his home life and would totally watch a reality show about him!

I wish Channel Ten would stop running over the timeslot as I always miss the announcement of the winner because I flip over to Spicks and Specks. Simon deserved it but he is a bit of a yawn. So far I can’t get very excited over anyone who’s made it to the semi-finals.

7 Reality Raver { 10.22.09 at 11:33 am }

Michelle Bridges is into the the semis so that is one female through, but I still think Kathleen De Leon should be there instead. I also suspect Rachael Finch might win next week, as there is talk about her an Eamon Sullivan and where would they have met? The semis.

It is interesting Wurstsemmel, Lydal and anon, I found last night’s episode a bit slow but I thought it was me just being tired. Considering Wendy and Alex were entertaining I wondered why.
Maybe the cake was just not difficult enough? Last weeks episode with Anna Bligh and Eamon Sullivan was a cracker. I cannot believe I am saying this but Eamon is my new fave to win, I really liked him. And not just because of his killer body.

Seepi – your right I do think the simple stuff scores better, but I wish they judge it like a diving comp and give some sort of compensation for degree of difficulty.

CG – It would appear that being a beauty queen is the new way to ccelebrity. It means you can be fast tracked onto a reality tv sshow and the cover of FHM.

8 Anonymous { 10.22.09 at 4:35 pm }

RR – The other female left is Fuzzy, the presenter from Video Hits. If Rachel goes through, do you think Fuzzy will as well? Then they’d have an equal amount of males and females in the semis, which some reality shows like to have (except for Idol!). Btw, I completely agree with you that Kathleen should be there instead of Michelle Bridges.

9 Sheng { 10.22.09 at 7:03 pm }

During the first episode of Masterchef, I feel that the TV producers gave something very important away. If you were to rewatch the beginning of the season and pause it at the right time, you would have realised that a snippet of the highlight features the people in the semi-finals. Since episodes of Masterchef are filmed before it is aired, there is a possibility that Fremantle Media has added in a snippet of the semi-finals…

So far I have predicted correctly in correlation to the scene in the first episode…

Episode 1-Kirk Pengilly
Episode 2-Michelle Bridges
Episode 3-Eamon Sullivan
Episode 4-Simon Katich
These are what the snippet show…
Episode 5-Rachel Finch
Episode 6- Alex Lloyd