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Australian Idol – More An Opinion Than A Recap

Unfortunately last night my Fox IQ can a brain explosion, and I only saw the first two performances. I have finally seen the rest of the performances, but have not seen the judges comments.

  • Here are a few thoughts about the episode:
    For once Jay Dee Springbett and I were speaking the same language for the first two songs anyway. Basically he said Toby was getting boring;
  • Speaking of Toby what is with his angst ridden, bad boy of pop songs – first Oasis and then he sang Politik – he does not have the dark and grungy edge for this type of music.
  • James Johnston and Nathan Brake are battling it out for the tween vote, I thought finally Nathan may have the edge with his groovy new haircut and great song choices last night. But when James brought out the guitar looking very cute sort of strumming it you knew the thirteen year olds were firmly back in his camp. By the way the producers on Beauty and the Geek should do a guitar playing challenge, as it does not matter how ugly or awkward you are – play a guitar and you are automatically George Clooney and Brad Pitt rolled into one.
  • Stan, and Hayley were solid, and were given the last two spots, I get the feeling the producers want them in the final two.
  • By the way does Marcia not like Jay Dee she seemed a bit rude to him last night?