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Reality Tidbits – The Apprentice, Sophie Monk, Todd McKenney and More

Channel Nine Considering Second Series Of The Apprentice.

TV Tonight has an excellent article about upcoming shows for Nine with an interview with programmer Michael Healy. He says they are considering a second series of The Apprentice.

He told TV Tonight:

“We tend to mark things very harshly here, particularly a first series,” he notes. “The Apprentice took 4 series in the UK before it popped. The BBC was committed to it. It wasn’t like it exploded onto the scene, it actually built season on season.

“It’s an incredibly well-produced show and Mark Bouris is very strong as an Australian Master in the role. We’re very proud of it and very happy with its performance. So we’d certainly be looking at the potential of a second series.”

Todd McKenney  May Not Be The Hands On Dad He Wanted To Be

The Daily Telegraph has an article which says Dancing With The Stars judge may not be as hands on to his two year old daughter as he wanted to be when she was born. He said at the time he would move to Melbourne to be near the mother of the child Anne Woods, but career kept him in Sydney. Now that Anne is performing in Mamma Mia in Sydney hopefully he might get to develop a relationship with the child.

Former Pop Idol Babe, Sophie Monk Is Back In Town

The Daily Telegraph has a story that when Sophie Monk landed at the airport this morning she was mistaken for Lara Bingle by “fans”.

However to me the real story was her people called the paps to tell them she was landing at 6.05am, and it took her an hour to emerge after all the other people from her flight had left. She was travelling with a makeup artist as well. When did she become so famous that she travels with an entourage? How does she afford it? Anyway she is back here for a wedding, a radio gig (today FM I think) and a magazine shoot.

If you want to check out her sashay through Sydney International click here.

Wes Carr Had Smallest Gig Ever At Southbank – Only Two Turned Up

The Herald-Sun says that only two people turned up to watch Wes Carr for the launch of MySpace music on Monday morning. To be fair it was only 7.30am.

SYTYCD Uber-Choreographer Mia Michaels May Be Coming To Australia

Hopefully this is not the false alarm it was last year, but in this TV Watch where she talks about why she really left the US version of So You Think You Can Dance she states she is scheduled to come on the Australian version of the show.

Also in other SYTYCD news Twitch the runner up in Season 4 will star in a film Stomp The Yard 2:Homecoming. Kherington Payne who was also on that season will be in it as well. Kherington was last seen in Fame. (Source: From Inside The Box)

Rumours Are Emerging about A Reality TV Show Between Jon Gosselin and Octo-mum

Popeater write about a possible reality show starting Jon Gosselin from Jon and Kate plus Eight and Octo-mum Nadya Suleman. This fuckery could only happen in America.

Project Runway Christian Siriano Sayings Revealed has a article which reveals what Christian Siriano’s sayings meant. One of his famous sayings was Hot Tranny mess.

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1 Wurstsemmel { 10.30.09 at 4:52 pm }

Sophie Monk – some people have to create a bit of a drama to get themselves noticed, otherwise no one would care less.

2 Reality Raver { 10.30.09 at 8:27 pm }

Wurstsemmel – Agree. She probably has a higher profile in the US. I would like to see her reality TV show

3 Kyvyny { 10.31.09 at 10:00 pm } syndicating your content or just ripping it off?

4 Reality Raver { 10.31.09 at 10:04 pm }

Kyvyny – I have put my feed through my site, however there is nowhere where the person reading my blog feed can click to come through to the site.

I am still deciding whether it is worthwhile having the feed through there. As I don’t want them using my feed, to get up higher than me on the google pages!

5 bella vita { 10.31.09 at 11:27 pm }

cannot stand sophie monk…a publicity ferral mole…and she is like that irl also..
i agree that TV stations here dont give shows a chance when they have as much potenial as the apprentice.
It is now the BBC’s biggest hit each year after a sluggy start as stated above

6 Kyvyny { 10.31.09 at 11:38 pm }

You currently have “Tweet this Post” at the bottom of all the feed entries. Just add another line along a fashion of “Join in the comments and read other RR posts” with that being a link to the post itself.

Helps remind those using feed readers that there are comments and if other sites syndicate/rip-off your feed, you get a link back to your site all the same.

7 Reality Raver { 11.05.09 at 7:53 am }

Bella Vita – Yes they definitely need to stick with The Apprentice they are just finding their stride with it now. A second season would be great. My understanding as well is Fremantle was on a very tight production line.

Kyvyny – I think your idea is great I will try and remember to do it.