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Housewives of NYC – Who Do I Loathe More Ramona or Kelly?

I haven’t been the greatest recapper of this show as sometimes I don’t get to watch it on the night, however it is one of my favourite reality TV shows.

Tonight was part one of the reunion episode and here are a few thoughts about it:

  • I love the way Andy Cohen from Bravo TV asks all the hard questions;
  • The Count told the the Countess that he had another woman by email, and she is clearly bitter about it, but then so would I;
  • I loved the way she cast doubt on whether the Count’s girlfriend was a princess, was she implying that people would only think it was ok he was shagging a black woman was if she was royalty. I found this surprising considering Lu Ann is part native american;
  • Both Bethenny and Jill have had boob job;
  • Alex was a victim of the GFC;
  • Kelly Killorin Bensimmon explained that she did not belt her boyfriend, she said he made it up, she even managed to cry – somehow I still did not care.  Also she got the tissue but did not use it as there were no tears or tear snot.
  • Kelly Killorin Bensimmon denies plagarising the owl design on the jewellery. I find her so insincere, and a tad manipulative. I loved the “My father’s a lawyer line and I never make any verbal agreements” line. I am not sure she is really telling the truth on this;
  • I wonder if Ramona was feeling uncomfortable when they showed her montage, I don’t find her very likeable she is always yelling and will use anything to win the fight;
  • Ramona fucking dumps on Lu Ann, and telling everyone that Lu Ann had asked a guy for his number three months before, which Lu Ann says in her book is a no no. But Ramona really showed a lack of sensitivity to Lu Ann’s marital problems and probable emotional fragility;
  • I agree with the viewers there was too much spruiking of their own products;
  • I kind of agree with Alex about her kids the night they were filmed it was past their bedtime;
  • Ramona’s I don’t want to eat in Brooklyn and the fact she may not be eating at 8.00pm as the reason she did not attend Simon and Alex’s housewarming was total crap;
  • Alex was right to call Bethenny out about her behind the back comments, still I think Bethenny has a high likeability factor; and
  • Loved, loved, loved that Lu Ann started the fight about Kelly not being a girl’s girl and then everyone else starts attacking her and Lu Ann just sits back.

In tonight’s episode Ramona has to win the most loathesome award, as she was just insulting and rude and never takes any responsibility for her behaviour.

Next week in part two of the reunion the fighting continues. I wonder if they speak to each other when they are not filming?


1 CG { 11.02.09 at 11:55 pm }

Ha! I love RHNYC as well – but can’t stand any of the other Housewives series – well, I can sometimes tolerate Orange County – but not the other ones.

GAWD!! this reunion show was SO catty!! Ha! I was trying to work on some work stuff while I had the show on the telly and when they started catfighting….jeesh!! … I had to turn the tv down at least twice cause it drove me nuts when they all started bitching and screaming at the same time!!

Lurrrvvvvedd how Lu Ann set up the attack on Kelly and then just sat back as you say. Too funny.

Kelly has got to be the most unlikeable personality on reality TV. Kelly is way worse than Ramona who is more of a caricature. I think I read somewhere that Kelly might not return next season? Not sure if that is right? I wouldn’t miss her for a second. I think they need someone who has a serious career but is still social… a Miranda character from SITC, for example.

I hope there is another season and I can’t get enough of Simon and Alex…they are so cringeworthy but so fun to watch at the same time. Weird!

But I do fear these gals are becoming too commercialised…with all the books and side deals, Bethenny with her own spin off, etc. It really takes away from the original concept.

Anyway, probably amongst my top 3-4 reality shows this year – the Apprentice Australia is now topping my list !! RR, where’s the recap, I’ve got lots to say!!!!!!!!!!! Haha. I know you are swamped.

Monday’s are such a full-on night…the networks need to spread the good shows around the schedule a bit more!

2 Reality Raver { 11.03.09 at 12:00 am }

CG – Recap of the apprentice will be up in about 15 minutes, trying to ensure it does not turn into War and Peace in length.

Commercialised that was the word I was looking for when blogging on NYC thanks you are so right that one episode where they were all showing their pet projects was very tedious.

I think Simon and Alex this season were the only people not flogging anything.

3 Reality Raver { 11.03.09 at 1:04 am }

CG – Agree I think Kelly has little to add to the show she is an emotional vacuum