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Reality Tidbits – Includes Australian Idol, Padma Lakshmi and Stan Walker

Toby Moulton from Australian Idol – Exit Interviews

here he blogs live on the Daily Telegraph responding to viewers questions.

Also here is Who Magazines interview where he suggests he would be still willing to continue on with his music.

Stan Walker Wants Seven Children

The Gold Coast has an article which indicates that 19 year old Australian Idol favourite Stan Walker is wanting to get married in the next three years and start having seven children.

He says that he is used to large families, but then adds his childhood was straight out of the movie Once Was Warriors,  which gave new meaning to the word dysfunction.

Maybe he should think about whether he would like to give his kids a different start in life to the one that he had.

Tabatha’s Takeover Salon Gets A Second Series

For fans of this show on Arena which showed its last episode last night, the good news is a second series is on the way. Tabatha Coffey who manages to be firm, and direct without being offensive is fabulous as she goes in and takes over ailing hair salons.

Padma Lakshmi To Guest Star on 30 Rock

Ace Show Biz says Top Chef host will be on the popular sitcom 30 Rock playing herself.

Interesting Article About How Bravo TV Made Themselves Again

The Wrap has an article about how Bravo TV (a lot of Arena shows are from them) turned themselves around and made themselves a successful TV organisation, based on quality reality TV shows.

Top Chef Tour Of New York

Michelle Rowe of the Australian has an article here about a Top Chef tour of New York.  It includes a stop at Nikki Cascone from season 4 who said she did not enjoy her time on the show.

“I hated the whole thing,” she tells me bluntly. “You are completely sequestered from your family, your business, there is no communication, no TV, no radio. They are unbelievably challenging circumstances.”

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