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Australian Idol – Top Three – Power Ballads

I know that I am not really into this season when I hear the news that the Australian Idol contestant’s will be singing three songs tonight. And my ‘enthusiasm’ continued to decline once Nathan Brake was eliminated.

It was obvious tonight as it has been on the other nights that they are pushing for a Stan Walker and Hayley Warner top two. To be fair they are probably the two with the most career potential post Idol.

A few thoughts on the episode:

  • How fucking short is Pete Wentz as  Andrew G is not that tall;
  • I also thought he kept on going off on tangents, but as Kel_Bels pointed out on Twitter maybe he just wanted to avoid having to talk about the performances;
  • I hope that the girl who was bawling at the news that Nathan was eliminated was related to him, as she was devastated;
  • Are they having all these guest judges so there is someone to sit between Jay Dee Springbett and the other judges?
  • Very disappointing that it was a power ballad show without Nathan Brake as he was this year’s power ballad specialist – well after Sabrina Batshon was eliminated he was;
  • And speaking of power ballads is Bittersweet Symphony one?
  • Would Stan Walker have stood out as much in other years when there was more talent?
  • I liked Stan’s songs Eye of the Tiger, It’s A Man’s World, and Amazing Grace, but I did not think it was as gush worthy as the judges did;
  • Hayley’s songs One by U2, New Sensation and Bittersweet Melody were all ok as well but there was no outstanding moments;
  • And little James Johnston was like the poor cousin on the show, with no love coming from the judges at all, however he did not deserve any as he sang a Toto song, and Extreme song (More Than Words), and a Foo Fighters one; and
  • I loved the way Andrew G kept on saying only two more weeks until the finale, I thought it was more of a mantra to himself to get through the next few episodes of the show.


1 KC { 11.09.09 at 12:42 am }

I almost cried when I heard Stan’s cover of Chris Tomlin’s version of Amazing Grace cause I felt like I could feel Stan’s emotions as well as my own. But that’s just me and cause I love the song 😀

My other favourite song was James’ More Than Words only cause I love it when he sings acoustic songs with his guitar 😀 And I’m biased as he’s my favourite.

Other than that a rather so-so night and a theme I hope Idol doesn’t do again…Power night is just so lame…There has to be a better genre to choose from.

And I feel bad but I did a little cheer when Nathan got out cause he never did it for me…I don’t know why

2 TDK { 11.09.09 at 11:24 am }

Stan all the way, again.

3 Laura { 11.15.09 at 8:16 pm }

Is James Johnston the Kris Allen of Australian Idol?